Applying Triple-Matrix Masking for Privacy Preserving Data Collection and Sharing in HIV Studies.


BACKGROUND:Many HIV research projects are plagued by the high missing rate of selfreported information during data collection. Also, due to the sensitive nature of the HIV research data, privacy protection is always a concern for data sharing in HIV studies. METHODS:This paper applies a data masking approach, called triple-matrix masking [1], to the context of HIV research for ensuring privacy protection during the process of data collection and data sharing. RESULTS:Using a set of generated HIV patient data, we show step by step how the data are randomly transformed (masked) before leaving the patients' individual data collection device (which ensures that nobody sees the actual data) and how the masked data are further transformed by a masking service provider and a data collector. We demonstrate that the masked data retain statistical utility of the original data, yielding the exactly same inference results in the planned logistic regression on the effect of age on the adherence to antiretroviral therapy and in the Cox proportional hazard model for the age effect on time to viral load suppression. CONCLUSION:Privacy-preserving data collection method may help resolve the privacy protection issue in HIV research. The individual sensitive data can be completely hidden while the same inference results can still be obtained from the masked data, with the use of common statistical analysis methods.


Curr HIV Res


Current HIV research


Pei Q,Chen S,Xiao Y,Wu SS




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  • Efficacy, tolerability and virological consequences of long-term use of unboosted atazanavir plus 2 NRTIs in HIV-infected patients.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Switch to unboosted atazanavir (ATV) is an attractive option due to convenience and tolerability in HIV-positive patients. With limited available data we investigated the determinants of long-term efficacy and the consequences of virological failure of unboosted atazanavir-based regimens. METHODS:Retrospective...

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  • Genotypic Methods for HIV Drug Resistance Monitoring: The Opportunities and Challenges Faced by China.

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  • 14-3-3 Protein in CSF reflects SIV-mediated pre-synaptic damage.

    abstract::HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders (HAND) remain prevalent despite effective combined anti-retroviral therapy (cART). Cognitive function has been shown to inversely correlate with decreased synaptic and dendritic density. In this study, macaques inoculated with SIV were examined over a 3-month course of infection...

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  • Plasma Membrane Proteomic Profile Discovers Macrophage-capping Protein Related to Latent HIV-1.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Due to the persistence of latent HIV-infected cellular reservoirs, HIV virus can not be eradicated completely. OBJECTIVE:To identify proteins related to HIV latency, we performed a subcellular proteomic study in HIV latent cell lines. METHODS:An established HIV-1 latent cell model (J-Lat Tat-GFP Clone A7 c...

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  • CD8+ cell noncytotoxic antiviral response in long-term HIV-1 infected former blood donors in China.

    abstract::Most of the HIV-infected long term survivors show strong CD8+ cell noncytotoxic antiviral response (CNAR) that plays as an important factor for maintaining the relative healthy state of infected individuals. HIV infected former blood donors (FBDs) in Anhui, China are the unique population that considered infected by t...

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  • Structural bases of the annealing of primer tRNA(3Lys) to the HIV-1 viral RNA.

    abstract::To promote the initiation of reverse transcription, the HIV-1 virus uses a host tRNA as a primer, tRNA(3Lys). The annealing of tRNA(3Lys) to the viral RNA requires the breaking of the 3D structure of the tRNA and RNA rearrangements, to form a stable initiation complex recognised by the reverse transcriptase. The annea...

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  • Detection of the active components of calf thymus nuclear proteins (TNP), histones that are binding with high affinity to HIV-1 envelope proteins and CD4 molecules.

    abstract::VGV-1, a clinical-grade formulation of bovine thymus nuclear protein (TNP) has been demonstrated to possess anti-viral activity in HIV-1 patients in five clinical trials, one of which was placebo controlled double-blinded. However, to date molecular mechanisms remain to be identified. Using surface plasmon resonance w...

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  • Emerging Trends in the Long-acting Antiretroviral Therapy: Current Status and Therapeutic Challenges.

    abstract::Antiretroviral drug therapy has significantly improved the prognosis and life expectancy of people living with HIV over the years. But this progress comes with an important caveat that antiretroviral regimens generally require adherence to life-long, daily dosing, to keep viral multiplication under check. Non-adherenc...

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  • Activation of the RNA-dependent protein kinase (PKR) of lymphocytes by regulatory RNAs: implications for immunomodulation in HIV infection.

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  • Profile of HIV-1 infected patients from an AIDS clinic in Beijing from 2007-2008.

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