Immunoregulation of dermatophytosis.


:Dermatophytoses are superficial infections caused by a group of fungi, the dermatophytes, which invade keratinized tissue of skin, hair, and nails in humans and animals. The importance of normal immune function in resistance to dermatophytoses is substantiated by an increased susceptibility to chronic infection seen in patients with impaired immunological responses. Humoral and cell-mediated immunities are both elicited during the infection. However, specific antibodies to dermatophytes do not seem to play a major role in protective immunity. On the other hand, the development of cell-mediated immunity during the infection is critical in eliciting resistance to the disease. For instance, resolution of the disease in both naturally and experimentally infected humans and animals correlates with the development of delayed-type hypersensitivity (DTH), whereas persistence of infection is frequently accompanied by poor in vitro blastogenic response and absent DTH. Furthermore, in experimentally infected mice, immunity to dermatophyte infection can be achieved by adoptive transfer of lymphoid cells, but not by serum, of infected donors. The present review includes an overview of published work and current research on the cellular events implicated in immunity to dermatophytosis. The role of humoral factors in such immunoregulation is also discussed.


Crit Rev Microbiol


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  • Enteroaggregative Escherichia coli heat-stable enterotoxin 1 (EAST1): a new toxin with an old twist.

    abstract::Enteroaggregative Escherichia coli heat-stable enterotoxin 1 (EAST1) is a small protein that was first detected more than a decade ago in an enteroaggregative E. coli (EAEC) strain isolated from the stools of a diarrheic child. The EAST1 gene, astA, is not solely present in EAEC, but also in other categories of diarrh...

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  • Algal lectins as promising biomolecules for biomedical research.

    abstract::Lectins are natural bioactive ubiquitous proteins or glycoproteins of non-immune response that bind reversibly to glycans of glycoproteins, glycolipids and polysaccharides possessing at least one non-catalytic domain causing agglutination. Some of them consist of several carbohydrate-binding domains which endow them w...

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  • Animal studies of toxic shock syndrome.

    abstract::Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) was first described in 1978 and since that year over 2990 cases have been reported to the Communicable Disease Center. The estimated case-fatality rate is 5.6%. The disease is characterized by fever, hypotension, rash, desquamation, and involvement of at least three other organ systems. Appr...

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  • The rise and spread of mcr plasmid-mediated polymyxin resistance.

    abstract::Polymyxins are important lipopeptide antibiotics that serve as the last-line defense against multidrug-resistant (MDR) Gram-negative bacterial infections. Worryingly, the clinical utility of polymyxins is currently facing a serious threat with the global dissemination of mcr, plasmid-mediated polymyxin resistance. The...

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  • Family Spirosomaceae: gram-negative ring-forming aerobic bacteria.

    abstract::The bacteria having a unique ring-like morphology first isolated from nasal mucus by Weibel in 1887 were classified as a new genus Spirosoma by Migula in 1894. However, because these bacteria were not completely described for taxonomic purposes and their cultures were no longer available, the genus was deleted from th...

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  • Pseudomonas lipases: molecular genetics and potential industrial applications.

    abstract::Lipases are esterases able to hydrolyze water-insoluble esters such as long-chain triglycerides. These enzymes also catalyze the formation of esters (esterification) and the exchange of ester bonds (transesterification) when present in nonaqueous media. Lipases display a high degree of specificity and enantioselectivi...

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  • Microbiology of fresh and restructured lamb meat: a review.

    abstract::Microbiology of meats has been a subject of great concern in food science and public health in recent years. Although many articles have been devoted to the microbiology of beef, pork, and poultry meats, much less has been written about microbiology of lamb meat and even less on restructured lamb meat. This article pr...

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  • Calcium and microorganisms.

    abstract::This review followed from experiments suggesting that some fungi do not require calcium. It was found that many studies of a calcium requirement in microorganisms had assumed specificity for chelation agents such as EGTA and A23187, which the reagents did not possess. Early studies still cited today often preceded the...

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  • The immunology of mycobacterial infections.

    abstract::Mycobacteria are endowed with substances that profoundly affect the immune system. Leprosy and tuberculosis exemplify broad spectra of useful and detrimental immune responses of mycobacterial infections that range from intense potentiation to severe specific adn nonspecific suppression of humoral and cellular immune e...

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  • Antimicrobial activity of eugenol and essential oils containing eugenol: A mechanistic viewpoint.

    abstract::Eugenol is a hydroxyphenyl propene, naturally occurring in the essential oils of several plants belonging to the Lamiaceae, Lauraceae, Myrtaceae, and Myristicaceae families. It is one of the major constituents of clove (Syzygium aromaticum (L.) Merr. & L.M. Perry, Myrtaceae) oil and is largely used in both foods and c...

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    authors: Marchese A,Barbieri R,Coppo E,Orhan IE,Daglia M,Nabavi SF,Izadi M,Abdollahi M,Nabavi SM,Ajami M

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  • Contradictory roles for antibody and complement in the interaction of Brucella abortus with its host.

    abstract::The ability of serum complement to kill bacteria has been linked to host resistance to Gram-negative bacteria. A mechanism for killing extracellular organisms during early invasion, following release from infected phagocytic cells, or during bacteremia would contribute to a host's ability to resist disease. In fact, t...

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  • Implication of virulence factors in Escherichia coil O157:H7 pathogenesis.

    abstract::Since the first documented outbreak of hemorrhagic colitis caused by Escherichia coli O157:H7 in 1982, numerous publications have demonstrated or proposed putative components implicated in the pathogenesis of this gastrointestinal infection. Indeed, Escherichia coli O157:H7 pathogenesis is linked to several potential ...

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  • IdeR in mycobacteria: from target recognition to physiological function.

    abstract::In mycobacteria, iron dependent transcription regulator (IdeR) regulates transcription of genes in response to iron levels. The IdeR regulated genes have been investigated mostly in M. tuberculosis, M. smegmatis, and in few of the other related species. Recent advances in crystal structure solution and computational a...

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  • Emerging phytopathogen Macrophomina phaseolina: biology, economic importance and current diagnostic trends.

    abstract::Macrophomina phaseolina (Tassi) Goid. is an important phytopathogenic fungus, infecting a large number of plant species and surviving for up to 15 years in the soil as a saprophyte. Although considerable research related to the biology and ecology of Macrophomina has been conducted, it continues to cause huge economic...

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  • Recent advances on topical antimicrobials for skin and soft tissue infections and their safety concerns.

    abstract::Antimicrobial resistance of disease-related microorganisms is considered a worldwide prevalent and serious issue which increases the failure of treatment outcomes and leads to high mortality. Considering that the increased resistance to systemic antimicrobial therapy often needs of the use of more toxic agents, topica...

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  • Pheromones among the procaryotes.

    abstract::A pheromone is a chemical excreted by an organism into the environment that acts to elicit a specific response from other organisms of the same species. The importance of pheromones in the life cycle of various species of mammals, insects, and fungi is well known. In the past decade, it has become apparent that pherom...

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  • Verifying compliance to the biological and toxin weapons convention.

    abstract::There are difficult technical problems inherent in verifying compliance to the Biological Weapons and Toxin Convention (BWC) that are making it difficult to reach international agreement on a verification protocol. A compliance regime will most likely involve the formation of an Organization for the Prevention of Biol...

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  • Tuberculosis: the return of an old enemy.

    abstract::Tuberculosis is an ancient human scourge that continues to be an important public health problem worldwide. The increasing number of multidrug-resistant (MDR) M. tuberculosis isolates from both AIDS and non-AIDS patients is an ominous trend that threatens tuberculosis eradication programs both in the U.S. and overseas...

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  • Programmed cell death in prokaryotes.

    abstract::Programmed cell death (PCD), also referred to as apoptosis, is a cellular "suicide" mechanism, based on information from its own internal metabolism, environment, developmental history, and genome. This system was described in eukaryotes continuously along evolution, through amoebae, nematodes, insects, and animals. P...

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  • Genomic tools to profile antibiotic mode of action.

    abstract::The increasing emergence of antimicrobial multiresistant bacteria is of great concern to public health. While these bacteria are becoming an ever more prominent cause of nosocomial and community-acquired infections worldwide, the antibiotic discovery pipeline has been stalled in the last few years with very few effort...

    journal_title:Critical reviews in microbiology

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    authors: Cardona ST,Selin C,Gislason AS

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  • Steering soil microbiome to enhance soil system resilience.

    abstract::Pathogens in soil play a tremendous role in soil health and subsequent food production. Soil-borne pathogens can cause serious losses to global harvest and are considered as a difficult problem to manage worldwide. The emergence of soil disease is largely dependent on the pathogen-host-environment complex, which can b...

    journal_title:Critical reviews in microbiology

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    authors: Wang L,Li X

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  • The proteasome of the differently-diverged eukaryote Giardia lamblia and its role in remodeling of the microtubule-based cytoskeleton.

    abstract::Giardia lamblia is the causative agent of the diarrheal disease giardiasis, against which only a limited number of drugs are currently available. Increasing reports of resistance to these drugs makes it necessary to identify new cellular targets for designing the next generation of anti-giardial drugs. Towards this go...

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  • The role of viral infections in the development of autoimmune diseases.

    abstract::The exact aetiology of most autoimmune diseases remains unknown, nonetheless, several factors contributing to the induction or exacerbation of autoimmune reactions have been suggested. These include the genetic profile and lifestyle of the affected individual in addition to environmental triggers such as bacterial, pa...

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  • Mycopesticide production by fermentation: potential and challenges.

    abstract::The agriculture industry is in need of novel biopesticides and development of large-scale production of mycopesticide, either fungal cells themselves or cell-free fungal components. The identification of a fungal strain with pesticide activity, and its improvement, is the primary step in developing infective propagule...

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  • Metal nanoparticles: The protective nanoshield against virus infection.

    abstract::Re-emergence of resistance in different pathogens including viruses are the major cause of human disease and death, which is posing a serious challenge to the medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological sectors. Though many efforts have been made to develop drug and vaccines against re-emerging viruses, researchers a...

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  • Brucella, nitrogen and virulence.

    abstract::The brucellae are α-Proteobacteria causing brucellosis, an important zoonosis. Although multiplying in endoplasmic reticulum-derived vacuoles, they cause no cell death, suggesting subtle but efficient use of host resources. Brucellae are amino-acid prototrophs able to grow with ammonium or use glutamate as the sole ca...

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  • Synergy between essential oil components and antibiotics: a review.

    abstract::With the increase in antibiotic-resistant bacteria and the lack of new antibiotics being brought onto the market, alternative strategies need to be found to cope with infections resulting from drug-resistant bacteria. A possible solution may be to combine existing antibiotics with phytochemicals to enhance the efficac...

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  • The genetic basis of resistance to 5-fluorocytosine in Candida species and Cryptococcus neoformans.

    abstract::In terms of genetically determined susceptibility to the clinical antifungal agent 5-fluorocytosine (5-FC), Candida albicans may be homozygous sensitive (FCY/FCY), homozygous resistant (fcy/fcy), or heterozygous (fcy/FCY). Although heterozygotes are only slightly resistant, they occur at significant frequency among cl...

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  • From papyrus to compact disc: the microbial deterioration of documentary heritage.

    abstract::Highly significant evidence of the intellectual and cultural efforts of the human race is contained in documents. They take many forms, from papyri through paper to modern magnetic media and optical records. These items are mainly made of organic materials many of which contain polymers, which span from cellulose and ...

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  • STb and AIDA-I: the missing link?

    abstract::Escherichia coli enterotoxigenic strains produce one or more toxins which action result in production of diarrhea in animals including Man. One of these toxins, STb, has been mainly associated with colibacillosis in swine. Although highly prevalent in pigs with diarrhea, a relation between STb and disease was arduous ...

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