Human cytomegalovirus encoded microRNAs: hitting targets.


:Human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) infection is of particular concern in immunodeficient individuals notably transplant recipients, leading to increased morbidity and mortality. HCMV is predicted to encode multiple microRNAs (miRNAs) and several have been characterized in vitro. Furthermore, these miRNAs have been shown to target human and viral mRNAs. Pathways involved in human cellular targets have key roles in vesicle trafficking, immune evasion and cell cycle control. This demonstration of viral miRNA targets provides novel insights into viral pathogenesis. This review details the evidence for the existence of HCMV-encoded miRNA and their targets. HCMV miRNA in blood and other tissues is a potential diagnostic tool and blocking the effects of specific HCMV-encoded miRNA with sequence specific antagomirs is a potential new therapy.


Ng KR,Li JY,Gleadle JM




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  • Risk factors for West Nile virus infection and disease in populations and individuals.

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  • Direct acting antivirals are associated with more liver stiffness regression than pegylated interferon therapy in chronic hepatitis C patients.

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  • Macrolide-resistant Streptococcus pyogenes: prevalence and treatment strategies.

    abstract::Although penicillin remains the first-choice treatment for Streptococcus pyogenes infection, macrolides are important alternatives for allergic patients and lincosamides are recommended together with β-lactams in invasive infections. S. pyogenes may exhibit macrolide resistance because of active efflux (mef genes) or ...

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  • Lopinavir plus ritonavir: a novel protease inhibitor combination for HIV infections.

    abstract::Lopinavir is a protease inhibitor (PI) for the treatment of HIV infection that was specifically designed to overcome the shortcomings of earlier agents in this class. It is the only PI coformulated with ritonavir, whose pharmacological boosting effect results in a highly potent, well-tolerated, clinically effective an...

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  • Micafungin: a therapeutic review.

    abstract::In recent decades, the incidence of aspergillosis, candidiasis and clinically important deep mycoses has been increasing, with advances in transplantation medicine and anticancer chemotherapy. Micafungin (FK463, Fujisawa Healthcare) has been developed as a novel type of antifungal agent, which inhibits 1,3-beta-D-gluc...

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  • TB diagnostic tests: how do we figure out their costs?

    abstract::Tuberculosis continues to be a major global health problem. Lack of accurate, rapid and cost-effective diagnostic tests poses a huge obstacle to global TB control. While several new diagnostic tools are being developed and evaluated for TB, it is important that new tools are introduced for widespread use only after ca...

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  • An updated approach to healthcare-associated meningitis.

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  • Risk factors and prophylaxis against invasive fungal disease for haematology and stem cell transplant recipients: an evolving field.

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  • Antibiotics in the first hour: is there new evidence?

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  • Predicting bacteremia by procalcitonin levels in patients evaluated for sepsis in the emergency department.

    abstract::Evaluation of: Riedel S, Melendez JH, An AT, Rosenbaum JE, Zenilman JM. Procalcitonin as a marker for the detection of bacteremia and sepsis in the emergency department. Am. J. Clin. Pathol. 135(2), 182-189 (2011). In a recent report, Riedel et al. proposed a procalcitonin cutoff of 0.1 ng/ml to rule out bacteremia in...

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  • The effect of antivirals on COVID-19: a systematic review.

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  • Treatment of invasive candidiasis: between guidelines and daily clinical practice.

    abstract::Invasive candidiasis, including candidemia (IC/C), is a major cause of morbidity and mortality among hospitalized patients. While incidence is higher in intensive care units, the majority of cases of candidemia are documented in medical wards. Although Candida albicans is still the most frequently isolated species, IC...

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  • Etiology, diagnosis and management of chronic rhinosinusitis.

    abstract::Chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) is a common health care problem, yet many aspects of this diagnosis remain poorly understood. Its etiology is often debated and remains a significant area of research. The diagnosis of CRS is based on subjective symptoms, duration of symptoms and objective evidence of inflammation. Each of...

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  • Syphilis incidence in men who have sex with men with human immunodeficiency virus comorbidity and the importance of integrating sexually transmitted infection prevention into HIV care.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Syphilis continues to be a growing epidemic among men who have sex with men (MSM), particularly for those living with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). In 2016, MSM accounted for 80% of primary and secondary syphilis diagnoses in men in the United States; almost half of who were also HIV-infected. Th...

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