Ballistic Beloniformes attacking through Snell's Window.


:Needlefishes (Beloniformes) were observed employing a range of stalking and attacking behaviours to attack schools of bait fishes ranging from the use of tactics common to predatory fishes to a novel behaviour: the use of leaping, aerial attacks. These aerial attacks are suggested to serve two purposes: to extend the attack range of the needlefishes and to reduce their prey's potential for evasion. Furthermore, a third purpose is hypothesized that the needlefishes are taking advantage of Snell's Window, an optical effect which may mask their approach to their prey.


J Fish Biol


Journal of fish biology


Day RD,Mueller F,Carseldine L,Meyers-Cherry N,Tibbetts IR




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  • Effects of angling on post-release mortality, gonadal development and somatic condition of Australian bass Macquaria novemaculeata.

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  • Has habitat heterogeneity promoted phenotypic and ecological sub-structuring among a Coregonus lavaretus population in a large Scottish lake?

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  • Extreme homogeneity and low genetic diversity in Kryptolebias ocellatus from south-eastern Brazil suggest a recent foundation for this androdioecious fish population.

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  • Quantification of ovarian follicles in bluefin tuna Thunnus thynnus by two stereological methods.

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  • Habitat use of the European mudminnow Umbra krameri and association with other fish species in a disconnected Danube side arm.

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  • The onset of piscivory in a freshwater fish species: analysis of behavioural and physiological traits.

    abstract::The onset of piscivory in fish, resulting in a shift from zooplankton or invertebrate to fish prey, was studied on pikeperch (Sander lucioperca) larvae displaying and not displaying piscivorous behaviour at different ages (23, 30, 37, 44 and 52 days post-hatching) using behavioural (attack, capture and swimming activi...

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  • Effects of ethanol storage and lipid and urea extraction on δ15 N and δ13 C isotope ratios in a benthic elasmobranch, the bluespotted maskray Neotrygon kuhlii.

    abstract::Ethanol storage and lipid and urea extraction had no effect on bluespotted maskray Neotrygon kuhlii muscle δ13 C values whereas urea-removal and ethanol storage increased δ15 N values. Results presented here show a significant δ15 N increase post-urea removal and provide additional support for this approach in future ...

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  • An overview on the role of Hexanchiformes in marine ecosystems: biology, ecology and conservation status of a primitive order of modern sharks.

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  • Reproductive biology and implications for management of the spangled emperor Lethrinus nebulosus in the southern Arabian Gulf.

    abstract::The reproductive biology of the spangled emperor Lethrinus nebulosus in the southern Arabian Gulf was determined from the examination of 781 individuals collected between September 2008 and August 2009. There was no histological evidence of adult sex change, and sex ratios did not differ significantly from unity acros...

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  • Angular roughshark Oxynotus centrina (Squaliformes: Oxynotidae) in captivity feeding exclusively on elasmobranch eggs: an overlooked feeding niche or a matter of individual taste?

    abstract::A specimen of angular roughshark Oxynotus centrina has been kept successfully in captivity for the first time. Over a period of 24 months, the specimen preyed exclusively on the contents of elasmobranch egg cases, suggesting a specialized trophic niche. ...

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  • Assessment of digestive enzymes activity during the fry development of the endangered Caspian brown trout Salmo caspius.

    abstract::The study of digestive enzymes activity at Salmo caspius fry showed that enzymes were available at the moment of mouth opening on the first day post hatching (dph) and the activity of enzymes showed no significant difference from the hatching day 28 dph. An increased activity was seen between 32 and 43 dph and this ac...

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  • Molecular and karyotypic phylogeography in the Neotropical Hoplias malabaricus (Erythrinidae) fish in eastern Brazil.

    abstract::The sedentary, predatory characin Hoplias malabaricus has one of the widest distributions of freshwater fishes in South America and is characterized by seven karyomorphs (A-G) that occur in sympatric and allopatric populations. Karyotypical patterns of variation in wild populations have been interpreted as evidence of...

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  • Identification and characterization of polymorphic microsatellite loci in the blue shark Prionace glauca, and cross-amplification in other shark species.

    abstract::Two to 14 alleles were found to be segregating per locus (mean 5·2), with observed and expected heterozygosities ranging from 0·08 to 0·78 and 0·08 to 0·94, respectively. Cross-amplification of six of these microsatellite loci indicated that they are also polymorphic in three species of Carcharhiniformes and two speci...

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  • Variation of brown trout Salmo trutta young-of-the-year growth along environmental gradients in Europe.

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  • Potamotrygon marquesi, a new species of neotropical freshwater stingray (Potamotrygonidae) from the Brazilian Amazon Basin.

    abstract::Potamotrygon marquesi, sp. nov., is described and compared with other species of Potamotrygon occurring in the Amazon Basin. The identity of this new species is supported by an extensive external and internal morphological study including coloration pattern, squamation, skeleton and ventral lateral-line canals. Morpho...

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  • Morphological and histochemical characterisation of the mucosa of the digestive tract in matrinxã Brycon amazonicus (Teleostei: Characiformes).

    abstract::This study describes anatomical, histological and histochemical features of the digestive tract mucosal layer of the matrinxã Brycon amazonicus, an omnivorous freshwater fish endemic from the Amazon basin. This species presents short thick oesophagus with longitudinal folds, that allow the passage of large food items....

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  • An annotated checklist of the fish fauna of the river systems draining the Kahuzi-Biega National Park (Upper Congo: Eastern DR Congo).

    abstract::The Kahuzi-Biega National Park (KBNP), situated mainly in the Eastern Highlands Ecoregion of the Upper Congo basin, is drained by the Lowa and Ulindi rivers, and some western affluents of Lake Kivu. In this study, the first list of the fish diversity of these systems is provided based on museum collections and complem...

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  • Energy pathways associated with sustained spermatozoon motility in the endangered Siberian sturgeon Acipenser baerii.

    abstract::Sturgeon spermatozoa are unique for their sustained motility. We investigated the relative importance of bioenergetic pathways in the energy supply of Siberian sturgeon Acipenser baerii spermatozoa during motile and immotile states. Spermatozoon motility and oxygen consumption rate (OCR) were analysed following exposu...

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  • Comparing anadromous brown trout Salmo trutta in small, neighbouring catchments across contrasting landscapes: What is the role of environment in determining life-history characteristics?

    abstract::Study of anadromous brown trout Salmo trutta in Orkney, U.K., burns (small streams) with a common-garden sea in Scapa Flow supports the key role of nutrient availability in fresh water, independent of day length, as a determinant of smolt age, with a systematic increase in mean smolt age from 1 to 3 years related inve...

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  • Size-dependent reproductive success of wild zebrafish Danio rerio in the laboratory.

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  • Spatial distribution of nominally herbivorous fishes across environmental gradients on Brazilian rocky reefs.

    abstract::Assemblages of roving herbivores were consistently different between eastern, warmer, sheltered sites and western, colder, more wave-exposed sites. At eastern sites, detritivorous-herbivorous species dominated while omnivores had the highest biomass and were dominant at western sites. Macroalgivores did not show any t...

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  • Assessing the sensitivity of habitats to fishing: from seabed maps to sensitivity maps.

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  • Vulnerability to longline fisheries of three hammerhead shark Sphyrna species in the south-western and equatorial Atlantic Ocean.

    abstract::Catch and effort data from 29 418 longline sets from Brazilian tuna longline vessels operating in the south-western and equatorial Atlantic Ocean between 2004 and 2011 were analysed to investigate the distribution, catch rate and size of three species of hammerhead sharks (Sphyrna lewini, Sphyrna mokarran and Sphyrna ...

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  • Effect of Flavobacterium columnare inoculation, antibiotic treatments and resident bacteria on rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss eyed egg survival and external membrane structure.

    abstract::This study was conducted to evaluate the potential pathogenicity of the bacterium Flavobacterium columnare on rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss eyed eggs. Survival to hatching was unaffected by the inclusion in the incubation water of either 300 colony-forming units (CFU) ml(-1) or 3000 CFU ml(-1) of F. columnare at e...

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  • Institutional development of freshwater fish stocking in Mexico.

    abstract::By using freshwater fish stocking information from the Mexican government, this work described the current situation of the national stocking and its associated fishery policy. There is a lack of effective freshwater stocking programmes as a result of limited fisheries management, unharmonized fisheries regulations an...

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  • The DNA barcoding of Mediterranean combtooth blennies suggests the paraphyly of some taxa (Perciformes, Blenniidae).

    abstract::A dataset including novel and publicly available mtDNA COI sequences of 14 Mediterranean combtooth blenny species belonging to nine genera was assembled in order to provide a reference dataset for DNA barcoding studies. Some inconsistencies in the current taxonomy of some genera were observed. In particular, the monop...

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  • Precision and accuracy of Dahl-Lea back-calculated smolt lengths from adult scales of Atlantic salmon Salmo salar.

    abstract::Using tagged and recaptured Atlantic salmon Salmo salar (n = 106) the present analysis shows that the most commonly applied linear back-calculation method for estimating past length, the Dahl-Lea method, resulted in overestimation of the length of large smolts and underestimation of small smolts. A correction equation...

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