Chemical composition and antimicrobial activities of Perovskia artemisioides Boiss. essential oil.


:The Perovskia artemisioides Boiss. essential oil obtained by hydrodistillation method of flowers growing wild in the north of Iran. The study led to the identification of 29 compositions by a combination of HP-5 GC-FID and GC-MS analytical techniques. The constituents were identified in P. artemisioides essential oil with 1,8-cineole (29.9%), camphor (29.5%) and α-pinene (7.8%) as main constituents as well as δ-3-carene (5.1%), camphene (3.3%) and β-pinene (2.7%). The oil was identified by a much larger amount of monoterpenes (87.7%) and sesquiterpenes (6.3%). The results of antimicrobial activity exhibit that the extracted essential oil has presented a high inhibiting activity against five microbial strains up to 18 mm. Also, the MIC and MBC results displayed that Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and Salmonella typhi were inhibited by P. artemisioides essential oil. Therefore, determination of essential oils in this research showed a relatively similar pattern to those published for the other species of Perovskia.


Nat Prod Res


Natural product research


Hafez Ghoran S,Azadi B,Hussain H




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2016-09-01 00:00:00












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