Characterization of DNA Methylation in Circulating Tumor Cells.


:Epigenetics contributes to molecular mechanisms leading to tumor cell transformation and systemic progression of cancer. However, the dynamics of epigenetic remodeling during metastasis remains unexplored. In this context, circulating tumor cells (CTCs) might enable a direct insight into epigenetic mechanisms relevant for metastasis by providing direct access to systemic cancer. CTCs can be used as prognostic markers in cancer patients and are regarded as potential metastatic precursor cells. However, despite substantial technical progress, the detection and molecular characterization of CTCs remain challenging, in particular the analysis of DNA methylation. As recent studies have started to address the epigenetic state of CTCs, we discuss here the potential of such investigations to elucidate mechanisms of metastasis and to develop tumor biomarkers.


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Pixberg CF,Schulz WA,Stoecklein NH,Neves RP




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  • mRNA Expression and DNA Methylation Analysis of Serotonin Receptor 2A (HTR2A) in the Human Schizophrenic Brain.

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  • Development of Tissue-Specific Age Predictors Using DNA Methylation Data.

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  • AMH: Could It Be Used as A Biomarker for Fertility and Superovulation in Domestic Animals?

    abstract::Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) is a reliable and easily detectable reproductive marker for the fertility competence of many farm animal species. AMH is also a good predictor of superovulation in cattle, sheep, and mares. In this review, we have summarized the recent findings related to AMH and its predictive reliability...


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  • A Pan-Genome Guided Metabolic Network Reconstruction of Five Propionibacterium Species Reveals Extensive Metabolic Diversity.

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  • Targeting MDM4 Splicing in Cancers.

    abstract::MDM4, an essential negative regulator of the P53 tumor suppressor, is frequently overexpressed in cancer cells that harbor a wild-type P53. By a mechanism based on alternative splicing, the MDM4 gene generates two mutually exclusive isoforms: MDM4-FL, which encodes the full-length MDM4 protein, and a shorter splice va...


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  • DNA Barcoding Reveals High Levels of Divergence among Mitochondrial Lineages of Brycon (Characiformes, Bryconidae).

    abstract::Brycon is an important group of Neotropical fish and the principal genus of the family Bryconidae, with 44 valid species that are found in some Central American rivers and practically all the major hydrographic basins of South America. These fish are medium to large in size, migratory, omnivorous, important seed dispe...


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  • Sparsity-Penalized Stacked Denoising Autoencoders for Imputing Single-Cell RNA-Seq Data.

    abstract::Single-cell RNA-seq (scRNA-seq) is quite prevalent in studying transcriptomes, but it suffers from excessive zeros, some of which are true, but others are false. False zeros, which can be seen as missing data, obstruct the downstream analysis of single-cell RNA-seq data. How to distinguish true zeros from false ones i...


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  • Genes Contributing to Domestication of Rice Seed Traits and Its Global Expansion.

    abstract::Asian rice (Oryza sativa) and African rice (Oryza glaberrima) are separately domesticated from their wild ancestors Oryza rufipogon and Oryza barthii, which are very sensitive to daylength. In the process of domestication, some traits that are favorable for the natural survival of wild rice such as seed dormancy and s...


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  • Transcriptome Analysis of Landrace Pig Subcutaneous Preadipocytes during Adipogenic Differentiation.

    abstract::Fat deposition in pigs, which significantly contributes to meat quality, fattening efficiency, reproductive performance, and immunity, is critically affected by preadipocyte adipogenic differentiation. We elucidated adipogenesis in pigs using transcriptome analysis. Preadipocytes from subcutaneous adipose tissue (SAT)...


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  • Genetic Differentiation in Hatchery and Stocked Populations of Sea Trout in the Southern Baltic: Selection Evidence at SNP Loci.

    abstract::The impacts and interactions between hatchery-bred fish and wild fish populations has been a topic of active investigation in recent decades. In some instances, the benefits of stocking can be overshadowed by negative effects such as genetic introgression with natural populations, loss of genetic diversity, and diluti...


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  • Duplicated dnmt3aa and dnmt3ab DNA Methyltransferase Genes Play Essential and Non-Overlapped Functions on Modulating Behavioral Control in Zebrafish.

    abstract::DNA methylation plays several roles in regulating neuronal proliferation, differentiation, and physiological functions. The major de novo methyltransferase, DNMT3, controls the DNA methylation pattern in neurons according to environmental stimulations and behavioral regulations. Previous studies demonstrated that knoc...


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  • Endogenous DNA Double-Strand Breaks during DNA Transactions: Emerging Insights and Methods for Genome-Wide Profiling.

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  • The Genome of the Northern Sea Otter (Enhydra lutris kenyoni).

    abstract::The northern sea otter inhabits coastal waters of the northern Pacific Ocean and is the largest member of the Mustelidae family. DNA sequencing methods that utilize microfluidic partitioned and non-partitioned library construction were used to establish the sea otter genome. The final assembly provided 2.426 Gbp of hi...


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  • Cord Blood DNA Methylation Biomarkers for Predicting Neurodevelopmental Outcomes.

    abstract::Adverse environmental exposures in pregnancy can significantly alter the development of the fetus resulting in impaired child neurodevelopment. Such exposures can lead to epigenetic alterations like DNA methylation, which may be a marker of poor cognitive, motor and behavioral outcomes in the infant. Here we review st...


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  • Comparative Analysis of Cotton Small RNAs and Their Target Genes in Response to Salt Stress.

    abstract::Small RNAs play an important role in regulating plant responses to abiotic stress. Depending on the method of salt application, whether sudden or gradual, plants may experience either salt shock or salt stress, respectively. In this study, small RNA expression in response to salt shock and long-term salt stress in par...


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  • Genome-Wide Profiling of Enterotoxigenic Staphylococcus aureus Strains Used for the Production of Naturally Contaminated Cheeses.

    abstract::Staphylococcus aureus is a major human pathogen and an important cause of livestock infections. More than 20 staphylococcal enterotoxins with emetic activity can be produced by specific strains responsible for staphylococcal food poisoning, one of the most common food-borne diseases. Whole genome sequencing provides a...


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  • Diverse Roles of MAX1 Homologues in Rice.

    abstract::Cytochrome P450 enzymes encoded by MORE AXILLARY GROWTH1 (MAX1)-like genes produce most of the structural diversity of strigolactones during the final steps of strigolactone biosynthesis. The diverse copies of MAX1 in Oryza sativa provide a resource to investigate why plants produce such a wide range of strigolactones...


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  • Assessing Metagenomic Signals Recovered from Lyuba, a 42,000-Year-Old Permafrost-Preserved Woolly Mammoth Calf.

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  • Patterns, Mechanisms and Genetics of Speciation in Reptiles and Amphibians.

    abstract::In this contribution, the aspects of reptile and amphibian speciation that emerged from research performed over the past decade are reviewed. First, this study assesses how patterns and processes of speciation depend on knowing the taxonomy of the group in question, and discuss how integrative taxonomy has contributed...


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  • The Global Hepatitis B Virus Genotype Distribution Approximated from Available Genotyping Data.

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  • The Role of Salmonella Genomic Island 4 in Metal Tolerance of Salmonella enterica Serovar I 4,[5],12:i:- Pork Outbreak Isolate USDA15WA-1.

    abstract::Multidrug-resistant (MDR; resistance to >3 antimicrobial classes) Salmonella enterica serovar I 4,[5],12:i:- strains were linked to a 2015 foodborne outbreak from pork. Strain USDA15WA-1, associated with the outbreak, harbors an MDR module and the metal tolerance element Salmonella Genomic Island 4 (SGI-4). Characteri...


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  • Convergent Evolution of the Seed Shattering Trait.

    abstract::Loss of seed shattering is a key trait in crop domestication, particularly for grain crops. For wild plants, seed shattering is a crucial mechanism to achieve greater fitness, although in the agricultural context, this mechanism reduces harvesting efficiency, especially under dry conditions. Loss of seed shattering wa...


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  • miR-101b Regulates Lipid Deposition and Metabolism of Primary Hepatocytes in Teleost Yellow Catfish Pelteobagrus fulvidraco.

    abstract::Excessive fat deposition in the hepatocytes, associated with excess dietary fat intake, was related to the occurrence of fatty livers in fish. miR-101b plays the important roles in controlling lipid metabolism, but the underlying mechanism at the post-transcriptional level remains unclear. The purpose of this study is...


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  • Shedding the Light on Litopenaeus vannamei Differential Muscle and Hepatopancreas Immune Responses in White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) Exposure.

    abstract::White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) is one of the main threats to farming Litopenaeus vannamei, the most important crustacean commercialized in aquaculture worldwide. Here, we performed RNA-seq analyses in hepatopancreas and muscle from WSSV-negative (healthy) and WSSV-positive (unhealthy) L. vannamei, previously exposed...


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    authors: Santos CA,Andrade SCS,Fernandes JMO,Freitas PD

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