Absence of Radial Spokes in Mouse Node Cilia Is Required for Rotational Movement but Confers Ultrastructural Instability as a Trade-Off.


:Determination of left-right asymmetry in mouse embryos is established by a leftward fluid flow that is generated by clockwise rotation of node cilia. How node cilia achieve stable unidirectional rotation has remained unknown, however. Here we show that brief exposure to the microtubule-stabilizing drug paclitaxel (Taxol) induces randomly directed rotation and changes the ultrastructure of node cilia. In vivo observations and a computer simulation revealed that a regular 9+0 arrangement of doublet microtubules is essential for stable unidirectional rotation of node cilia. The 9+2 motile cilia of the airway, which manifest planar beating, are resistant to Taxol treatment. However, the airway cilia of mice lacking the radial spoke head protein Rsph4a undergo rotational movement instead of planar beating, are prone to microtubule rearrangement, and are sensitive to Taxol. Our results suggest that the absence of radial spokes allows node cilia to rotate unidirectionally but, as a trade-off, renders them ultrastructurally fragile.


Dev Cell


Developmental cell


Shinohara K,Chen D,Nishida T,Misaki K,Yonemura S,Hamada H




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2015-10-26 00:00:00














  • A KRAB domain zinc finger protein in imprinting and disease.

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  • Signaling from Glia and Cholinergic Neurons Controls Nutrient-Dependent Production of an Insulin-like Peptide for Drosophila Body Growth.

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  • Picket and other fences in biological membranes.

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  • Asymmetric cell divisions: a view from plant development.

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  • Rab6 regulates transport and targeting of exocytotic carriers.

    abstract::Constitutive exocytosis delivers newly synthesized proteins, lipids, and other molecules from the Golgi apparatus to the cell surface. This process is mediated by vesicles, which bud off the trans-Golgi network, move along cytoskeletal filaments, and fuse with the plasma membrane. Here, we show that the small GTPase R...

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  • Foxf2 Is Required for Brain Pericyte Differentiation and Development and Maintenance of the Blood-Brain Barrier.

    abstract::Pericytes are critical for cerebrovascular maturation and development of the blood-brain barrier (BBB), but their role in maintenance of the adult BBB, and how CNS pericytes differ from those of other tissues, is less well understood. We show that the forkhead transcription factor Foxf2 is specifically expressed in pe...

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  • Live Visualization of ERK Activity in the Mouse Blastocyst Reveals Lineage-Specific Signaling Dynamics.

    abstract::FGF/ERK signaling is crucial for the patterning and proliferation of cell lineages that comprise the mouse blastocyst. However, ERK signaling dynamics have never been directly visualized in live embryos. To address whether differential signaling is associated with particular cell fates and states, we generated a targe...

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  • The transcriptional control of trunk neural crest induction, survival, and delamination.

    abstract::Trunk neural crest cells are generated at the border between the neural plate and nonneural ectoderm, where they initiate a distinct program of gene expression, undergo an epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT), and delaminate from the neuroepithelium. Here, we provide evidence that members of three families of trans...

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