Combinatorial Investigations of High Temperature CuNb Oxide Phases for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting.


:High-throughput combinatorial methods have been useful in identifying new oxide semiconductors with the potential to be applied to solar water splitting. Most of these techniques have been limited to producing and screening oxide phases formed at temperatures below approximately 550 °C. We report the development of a combinatorial approach to discover and optimize high temperature phases for photoelectrochemical water splitting. As a demonstration material, we chose to produce thin films of high temperature CuNb oxide phases by inkjet printing on two different substrates: fluorine-doped tin oxide and crystalline Si, which required different sample pyrolysis procedures. The selection of pyrolysis parameters, such as temperature/time programs, and the use of oxidizing, nonreactive or reducing atmospheres determines the composition of the thin film materials and their photoelectrochemical performance. XPS, XRD, and SEM analyses were used to determine the composition and oxidation states within the copper niobium oxide phases and to then guide the production of target Cu(1+)Nb(5+)-oxide phases. The charge carrier dynamics of the thin films produced by the inkjet printing are compared with pure CuNbO3 microcrystalline material obtained from inorganic bulk synthesis.


ACS Comb Sci


Skorupska K,Maggard PA,Eichberger R,Schwarzburg K,Shahbazi P,Zoellner B,Parkinson BA




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2015-12-14 00:00:00












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  • An Integrated Microfluidic Processor for DNA-Encoded Combinatorial Library Functional Screening.

    abstract::DNA-encoded synthesis is rekindling interest in combinatorial compound libraries for drug discovery and in technology for automated and quantitative library screening. Here, we disclose a microfluidic circuit that enables functional screens of DNA-encoded compound beads. The device carries out library bead distributio...

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  • Combinatorial Strategies for Synthesis and Characterization of Alloy Microstructures over Large Compositional Ranges.

    abstract::The exploration of new alloys with desirable properties has been a long-standing challenge in materials science because of the complex relationship between composition and microstructure. In this Research Article, we demonstrate a combinatorial strategy for the exploration of composition dependence of microstructure. ...

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  • Microgradient-heaters as tools for high-throughput experimentation.

    abstract::A microgradient-heater (MGH) was developed, and its feasibility as a tool for high-throughput materials science experimentation was tested. The MGH is derived from microhot plate (MHP) systems and allows combinatorial thermal processing on the micronano scale. The temperature gradient is adjustable by the substrate ma...

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  • Facile Synthesis of Azaarene-Substituted Hydroxycoumarins Possessing High Biological Activities via Three-Component C(sp(3))-H Functionalization.

    abstract::An unprecedented three-component C(sp(3))-H functionalization of 2-alkylazaarenes with aryl aldehydes and 4-hydroxycoumarins was realized, providing azaarene-substituted 3-benzyl-4-hydroxycoumarins in good to excellent yields. These new target compounds displayed broad-spectrum antibacterial activities, providing a ne...

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