Comparing Perspectives of Patients, Caregivers, and Clinicians on Heart Failure Management.


BACKGROUND:Although substantial effort has been devoted to reducing readmissions among heart failure (HF) patients, little is known about factors identified by patients and caregivers that may contribute to readmissions. The goal of this study was to compare the perspectives of HF patients, their caregivers, and their care team on HF management and hospital admissions. Understanding these perspectives may lead to better strategies for improving care during the post-hospital transition and for reducing preventable readmissions. METHODS AND RESULTS:We performed freelisting, an anthropologic technique in which participants list items in response to a question, with hospitalized HF patients (n = 58), their caregivers (n = 32), and clinicians (n = 67). We asked about home HF management tasks, difficulties in managing HF, and perceived reasons for hospital admission. Results were analyzed with the use of Anthropac. Salience indices (measures of the most important words for defining the domain of interest) were calculated. Patients and clinicians described similar home HF management tasks, whereas caregivers described tasks related to activities of daily living. Clinicians cited socioeconomic factors as challenges to HF management, whereas patients and caregivers cited limited functional status and daily activities. When asked about reasons for hospitalization, patients and caregivers listed distressing symptoms and illness, whereas clinicians viewed patient behaviors to be primarily responsible for admission. CONCLUSIONS:These findings highlight that although some similarities exist, there are important differences among patients, caregivers, and clinicians in how they perceive the challenges of HF management and reasons for readmission. Understanding these differences may be critical to developing strategies to reduce readmissions.


J Card Fail


Ahmad FS,Barg FK,Bowles KH,Alexander M,Goldberg LR,French B,Kangovi S,Gallagher TR,Paciotti B,Kimmel SE




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  • Aldosterone antagonism improves endothelial-dependent vasorelaxation in heart failure via upregulation of endothelial nitric oxide synthase production.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Altering the renin-angiotensin aldosterone system improve mortality in heart failure (HF) in part through an improvement in nitric oxide (NO)-mediated endothelial function. This study examined if spironolactone affects endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) and NO-mediated vasorelaxation in HF. METHODS AN...

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  • Levels of circulating pro-angiogenic cells predict cardiovascular outcomes in patients with chronic heart failure.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Circulating pro-angiogenic cells (PACs) contribute to vascular and myocardial regeneration. A low level of PACs is associated with worse outcome in patients with coronary heart disease. However, little is known about PACs in heart failure (HF). METHODS AND RESULTS:Blood was sampled at baseline in 111 patien...

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  • Angiotensin receptor neprilysin inhibition in heart failure: mechanistic action and clinical impact.

    abstract::Heart failure (HF) is an increasingly common syndrome associated with high mortality and economic burden, and there has been a paucity over the past decade of new pharmacotherapies that improve outcomes. However, recent data from a large randomized controlled trial compared the novel agent LCZ696, a dual-acting angiot...

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  • Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance May Avoid Unnecessary Coronary Angiography in Patients With Unexplained Left Ventricular Systolic Dysfunction: A Retrospective Diagnostic Pilot Study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Coronary angiography (CA) is usually performed in patients with reduced left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) to search ischemic cardiomyopathy. Our aim was to examine the agreement between CA and cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) imaging among a cohort of patients with unexplained reduced LVEF, an...

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  • Body mass and survival in patients with chronic heart failure without cachexia: the importance of obesity.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Cachexia in chronic heart failure carries a poor prognosis, but little is known about the influence of body mass on the prognosis of noncachectic heart failure patients. METHODS:We studied 589 consecutive chronic heart failure patients followed for at least a year, in whom there were accurate baseline data ...

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  • Comorbid diabetes and end-of-life expenditures among Medicare beneficiaries with heart failure.

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  • Association between prehospital delay and subsequent clinical course in patients with/hospitalized for heart failure.

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