Mechanism of the anti-hypertensive property of the naturally occurring phenolic, malabaricone C in DOCA-salt rats.


:In this study, we studied whether chronic oral administration of the natural antioxidant, malabaricone C (mal C) can reduce blood pressure (BP) and attenuate cardio-vascular remodeling in deoxycorticosterone acetate (DOCA)-salt hypertensive rats. The dose of mal C for its anti-hypertensive action was optimized by measuring the systolic BP (SBP). DOCA-salt rats showed very high SBP, associated with organ hypertrophy, collagen depositions, and inflammatory infiltrations in cardiac and aortic sections, reduced plasma total antioxidant status and NO level, and increased levels of TBARS, PGI2 as well as vasoconstrictors (AVP, Big ET, and ET-1). DOCA-salt also reduced smooth muscle- and endothelium-dependent vascular relaxation in rats. Mal C reversed all these changes of the DOCA-salt rats and improved their vascular reactivity. Mal C exerts anti-hypertensive property in DOCA-salt rats by reducing oxidative stress and organ hypertrophy, and improving endothelial and vascular functions. Given that mal C has appreciable natural abundance and is non-toxic to rodents, further studies would help in establishing its medicinal potential against hypertension.


Free Radic Res


Free radical research


Rathee JS,Patro BS,Brown L,Chattopadhyay S




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  • Qualitative analysis of phospholipids and their oxidised derivatives - used techniques and examples of their applications related to lipidomic research and food analysis.

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