Biosynthesis of the mycotoxin tenuazonic acid by a fungal NRPS-PKS hybrid enzyme.


:Tenuazonic acid (TeA) is a well-known mycotoxin produced by various plant pathogenic fungi. However, its biosynthetic gene has been unknown to date. Here we identify the TeA biosynthetic gene from Magnaporthe oryzae by finding two TeA-inducing conditions of a low-producing strain. We demonstrate that TeA is synthesized from isoleucine and acetoacetyl-coenzyme A by TeA synthetase 1 (TAS1). TAS1 is a unique non-ribosomal peptide synthetase and polyketide synthase (NRPS-PKS) hybrid enzyme that begins with an NRPS module. In contrast to other NRPS/PKS hybrid enzymes, the PKS portion of TAS1 has only a ketosynthase (KS) domain and this domain is indispensable for TAS1 activity. Phylogenetic analysis classifies this KS domain as an independent clade close to type I PKS KS domain. We demonstrate that the TAS1 KS domain conducts the final cyclization step for TeA release. These results indicate that TAS1 is a unique type of NRPS-PKS hybrid enzyme.


Nat Commun


Nature communications


Yun CS,Motoyama T,Osada H




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2015-10-27 00:00:00










  • Artemisinin kills malaria parasites by damaging proteins and inhibiting the proteasome.

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  • Folding of Toll-like receptors by the HSP90 paralogue gp96 requires a substrate-specific cochaperone.

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  • Oxidation of difluorocarbene and subsequent trifluoromethoxylation.

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  • ABL1 regulates spindle orientation in adherent cells and mammalian skin.

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  • Phenylalkylammonium passivation enables perovskite light emitting diodes with record high-radiance operational lifetime: the chain length matters.

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  • Quantitative bounds on morphodynamics and implications for reading the sedimentary record.

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  • Mir20a/106a-WTX axis regulates RhoGDIa/CDC42 signaling and colon cancer progression.

    abstract::Wilms tumor gene on the X chromosome (WTX) is a putative tumor suppressor gene in Wilms tumor, but its expression and functions in other tumors are unclear. Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third leading cause of cancer-related deaths in women and the second leading cause in men in the United States. We demonstrated tha...

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  • All-optical design for inherently energy-conserving reversible gates and circuits.

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  • A programmable epidermal microfluidic valving system for wearable biofluid management and contextual biomarker analysis.

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  • Polarization curling and flux closures in multiferroic tunnel junctions.

    abstract::Formation of domain walls in ferroelectrics is not energetically favourable in low-dimensional systems. Instead, vortex-type structures are formed that are driven by depolarization fields occurring in such systems. Consequently, polarization vortices have only been experimentally found in systems in which these fields...

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  • Giant Raman gain in silicon nanocrystals.

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  • In vivo assessment of human brain oscillations during application of transcranial electric currents.

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  • Microfluidic multipoles theory and applications.

    abstract::Microfluidic multipoles (MFMs) have been realized experimentally and hold promise for "open-space" biological and chemical surface processing. Whereas convective flow can readily be predicted using hydraulic-electrical analogies, the design of advanced microfluidic multipole is constrained by the lack of simple, accur...

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  • Prophage-triggered membrane vesicle formation through peptidoglycan damage in Bacillus subtilis.

    abstract::Bacteria release membrane vesicles (MVs) that play important roles in various biological processes. However, the mechanisms of MV formation in Gram-positive bacteria are unclear, as these cells possess a single cytoplasmic membrane that is surrounded by a thick cell wall. Here we use live cell imaging and electron cry...

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  • Epidermal phospholipase Cδ1 regulates granulocyte counts and systemic interleukin-17 levels in mice.

    abstract::Phospholipase C is a key enzyme in phosphoinositide turnover. Although its functions have been extensively studied at the cellular level, many questions remain concerning its functions at the organ and individual animal levels. Here we demonstrate that mice lacking phospholipase Cδ1 develop granulocytosis associated w...

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  • Consistent role of weak and strong interactions in high- and low-diversity trophic food webs.

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  • A tied Fermi liquid to Luttinger liquid model for nonlinear transport in conducting polymers.

    abstract::Organic conjugated polymers demonstrate great potential in transistors, solar cells and light-emitting diodes, whose performances are fundamentally governed by charge transport. However, the morphology-property relationships and the underpinning charge transport mechanisms remain unclear. Particularly, whether the non...

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  • Spatial expression analyses of the putative oncogene ciRS-7 in cancer reshape the microRNA sponge theory.

    abstract::Circular RNAs (circRNAs) have recently gained substantial attention in the cancer research field where most, including the putative oncogene ciRS-7 (CDR1as), have been proposed to function as competitive endogenous RNAs (ceRNAs) by sponging specific microRNAs. Here, we report the first spatially resolved cellular expr...

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  • Low-carbon pathways for the booming express delivery sector in China.

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  • Electric eels use high-voltage to track fast-moving prey.

    abstract::Electric eels (Electrophorus electricus) are legendary for their ability to incapacitate fish, humans, and horses with hundreds of volts of electricity. The function of this output as a weapon has been obvious for centuries but its potential role for electroreception has been overlooked. Here it is shown that electric...

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  • Common and rare variants associating with serum levels of creatine kinase and lactate dehydrogenase.

    abstract::Creatine kinase (CK) and lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) are widely used markers of tissue damage. To search for sequence variants influencing serum levels of CK and LDH, 28.3 million sequence variants identified through whole-genome sequencing of 2,636 Icelanders were imputed into 63,159 and 98,585 people with CK and LDH...

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    authors: Kristjansson RP,Oddsson A,Helgason H,Sveinbjornsson G,Arnadottir GA,Jensson BO,Jonasdottir A,Jonasdottir A,Bragi Walters G,Sulem G,Oskarsdottir A,Benonisdottir S,Davidsson OB,Masson G,Magnusson OT,Holm H,Sigurdardottir O

    更新日期:2016-02-03 00:00:00

  • Genome-wide association study implicates NDST3 in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

    abstract::Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are major psychiatric disorders with high heritability and overlapping genetic variance. Here we perform a genome-wide association study in an ethnically homogeneous cohort of 904 schizophrenia cases and 1,640 controls drawn from the Ashkenazi Jewish population. We identify a novel g...

    journal_title:Nature communications

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Lencz T,Guha S,Liu C,Rosenfeld J,Mukherjee S,DeRosse P,John M,Cheng L,Zhang C,Badner JA,Ikeda M,Iwata N,Cichon S,Rietschel M,Nöthen MM,Cheng AT,Hodgkinson C,Yuan Q,Kane JM,Lee AT,Pisanté A,Gregersen PK,Pe'er I

    更新日期:2013-01-01 00:00:00

  • Rapid changes in the electrical state of the 1999 Izmit earthquake rupture zone.

    abstract::Crustal fluids exist near fault zones, but their relation to the processes that generate earthquakes, including slow-slip events, is unclear. Fault-zone fluids are characterized by low electrical resistivity. Here we investigate the time-dependent crustal resistivity in the rupture area of the 1999 Mw 7.6 Izmit earthq...

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    authors: Honkura Y,Oshiman N,Matsushima M,Barış S,Kemal Tunçer M,Bülent Tank S,Celik C,Ciftçi ET

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  • A role for actin flexibility in thin filament-mediated contractile regulation and myopathy.

    abstract::Striated muscle contraction is regulated by the translocation of troponin-tropomyosin strands over the thin filament surface. Relaxation relies partly on highly-favorable, conformation-dependent electrostatic contacts between actin and tropomyosin, which position tropomyosin such that it impedes actomyosin association...

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  • Efficient and tuneable photoluminescent boehmite hybrid nanoplates lacking metal activator centres for single-phase white LEDs.

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