Family Access to a Dentist Study (FADS): A multi-center randomized controlled trial.


INTRODUCTION:Many low-income parent/caregivers do not understand the importance of cavity-free primary (baby) teeth and the chronic nature of dental caries (tooth decay). As a consequence, dental preventive and treatment utilization is low even when children are screened in schools and referred for care. This study aims to test a referral letter and Dental Information Guide (DIG) designed using the Common-Sense Model of Self-Regulation (CSM) framework to improve caregivers' illness perception of dental caries and increase utilization of care by children with restorative dental needs. METHODS:A multi-site randomized controlled trial with caregivers of Kindergarten to 4th grade children in urban Ohio and rural Washington State will compare five arms: (1) CSM referral letter alone; (2) CSM referral letter+DIG; (3) reduced CSM referral letter alone; (4) reduced CSM referral letter+DIG; and (5) standard (control) referral. At baseline, children will be screened at school to determine restorative dental needs. If in need of treatment, caregivers will be randomized to study arms and an intervention packet will be sent home. The primary outcome will be dental care based on a change in oral health status by clinical examination 7 months post-screening (ICDAS sealant codes 1 and 2; restoration codes 3-8; extraction). Enrollment commenced summer 2015 with results in summer 2016. CONCLUSION:This study uses the CSM framework to develop and test behavioral interventions to increase dental utilization among low-income caregivers. If effective this simple intervention has broad applicability in clinical and community-based settings.


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Nelson S,Riedy C,Albert JM,Lee W,Slusar MB,Curtan S,Ferretti G,Cunha-Cruz J,Milgrom P




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  • Design and methods of the Gentle Cardiac Rehabilitation Study--A behavioral study of tai chi exercise for patients not attending cardiac rehabilitation.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Cardiac rehabilitation (CR) programs reduce overall and cardiovascular mortality in patients with a history of acute coronary events or revascularization procedures, but only 30% of patients enroll in CR and attrition rates reach up to 60%. Tai chi, a mind-body practice based on light/moderate aerobic exer...

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  • Competing events in patients with malignant disease who are at risk for recurrent venous thromboembolism.

    abstract::Patients with malignant disease enrolled in trials of thrombotic disorders may experience competing events such as death. The occurrence of a competing event may prevent the thrombotic event from being observed. Standard survival analysis techniques ignore competing risks, resulting in possible bias and distorted infe...

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