Changes in the immunohistochemical localization of the glycine receptor in the superior olivary complex of adult circling mice.


:Circling mice is a mutant model of spontaneous deafness exhibiting degenerated spiral ganglion cells in the cochlea and loss of organ of Corti. The balance between glycinergic inhibition and glutamatergic excitation in the lateral superior olive (LSO) is essential for the detection of interaural level differences. Long term weakening of glycinergic synaptic inhibition in the LSO may lead to the downregulation of synaptic release of glycine in dorsal cochlear nucleus and downregulation of postsynaptic glycine receptor (GlyR) activity in the LSO, which may contribute to hearing loss. The present study utilized an immunohistochemical method to assess changes in GlyR immunoreactivity (IR) and the cell number in the superior olivary complex (SOC) of heterozygote (+/cir) and homozygote (cir/cir) circling mice. A significant decrease in the IR was observed in all nuclei of the SOC of homozygous mice. Loss of GlyR immunoreactive cells and a decrement in cell size was also observed in the homozygotes. A decrease in the GlyR IR in the neurons and neuropils, cell number and size of the cir/cir, may lead to profound changes in inhibitory transmission and the functional properties in the SOC nuclei. Therefore, the functional loss of inhibitory neurotransmitters in the brainstem may result in deafness of adult cir/cir mice.


Mol Med Rep


Yoo YB,Maskey D,Kim MJ




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2015-12-01 00:00:00












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  • Protective effect of Flt3L on organ structure during advanced multiorgan dysfunction syndrome in mice.

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