Mechanical origin of aftershocks.


:Aftershocks are the most striking evidence of earthquake interactions and the physical mechanisms at the origin of their occurrence are still intensively debated. Novel insights stem from recent results on the influence of the faulting style on the aftershock organisation in magnitude and time. Our study shows that the size of the aftershock zone depends on the fault geometry. We find that positive correlations among parameters controlling aftershock occurrence in time, energy and space are a stable feature of seismicity independently of magnitude range and geographic areas. We explain the ensemble of experimental findings by means of a description of the Earth Crust as an heterogeneous elastic medium coupled with a Maxwell viscoelastic asthenosphere. Our results show that heterogeneous stress distribution in an elastic layer combined with a coupling to a viscous flow are sufficient ingredients to describe the physics of aftershock triggering.


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Lippiello E,Giacco F,Marzocchi W,Godano C,de Arcangelis L




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2015-10-26 00:00:00










  • Origin of the improved mobility and photo-bias stability in a double-channel metal oxide transistor.

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  • Goos-Hänchen shift of partially coherent light fields in epsilon-near-zero metamaterials.

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  • Steady streaming as a method for drug delivery to the inner ear.

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  • Multiplex Strand Invasion Based Amplification (mSIBA) assay for detection of Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae.

    abstract::Nucleic acid amplification tests have become a common method for diagnosis of STIs due to their improved sensitivity over immunoassays and traditional culture-based methods. Isothermal nucleic acid amplification methods offer significant advantages over polymerase chain reaction (PCR) because they do not require sophi...

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  • Predicting Microstructural Void Nucleation in Discontinuous Fiber Composites through Coupled in-situ X-ray Tomography Experiments and Simulations.

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  • Lactate is a potent inhibitor of the capsaicin receptor TRPV1.

    abstract::Tissue ischemia results in an accumulation of lactate and local or systemic lactic acidosis. In nociceptive sensory neurons, lactate was reported to sensitize or activate the transient receptor potential ion channel TRPA1 and acid-sensing ion channels (ASICs). However, it is unclear how lactate modulates the TRPV1 reg...

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  • Rogdi Defines GABAergic Control of a Wake-promoting Dopaminergic Pathway to Sustain Sleep in Drosophila.

    abstract::Kohlschutter-Tönz syndrome (KTS) is a rare genetic disorder with neurological dysfunctions including seizure and intellectual impairment. Mutations at the Rogdi locus have been linked to development of KTS, yet the underlying mechanisms remain elusive. Here we demonstrate that a Drosophila homolog of Rogdi acts as a n...

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  • Development and characterization of a duplex PCR assay in Chinese sturgeon (Acipenser sinensis) for genetic analysis.

    abstract::Chinese sturgeon (Acipenser sinensis) has been listed as a critically endangered species on the IUCN Red List and is an endemic fish of China. Five sets of duplex polymerase chain reactions (PCR) assays were developed with 10 tetranucleotide microsatellites for Chinese sturgeon. The size of CS57, ZHX43, ZHX69, AS105, ...

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  • Feature integration in the mapping of multi-attribute visual stimuli to responses.

    abstract::In the human visual system, different attributes of an object, such as shape and color, are separately processed in different modules and then integrated to elicit a specific response. In this process, different attributes are thought to be temporarily "bound" together by focusing attention on the object; however, how...

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  • Magma reservoir dynamics at Toba caldera, Indonesia, recorded by oxygen isotope zoning in quartz.

    abstract::Quartz is a common phase in high-silica igneous rocks and is resistant to post-eruptive alteration, thus offering a reliable record of magmatic processes in silicic magma systems. Here we employ the 75 ka Toba super-eruption as a case study to show that quartz can resolve late-stage temporal changes in magmatic δ18O v...

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  • Predictive feedback to V1 dynamically updates with sensory input.

    abstract::Predictive coding theories propose that the brain creates internal models of the environment to predict upcoming sensory input. Hierarchical predictive coding models of vision postulate that higher visual areas generate predictions of sensory inputs and feed them back to early visual cortex. In V1, sensory inputs that...

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  • Signalling mechanisms mediating Zn2+-induced TRPM2 channel activation and cell death in microglial cells.

    abstract::Excessive Zn2+ causes brain damage via promoting ROS generation. Here we investigated the role of ROS-sensitive TRPM2 channel in H2O2/Zn2+-induced Ca2+ signalling and cell death in microglial cells. H2O2/Zn2+ induced concentration-dependent increases in cytosolic Ca2+ concentration ([Ca2+]c), which was inhibited by PJ...

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  • Cytotoxic and mutagenic potential of solutions exposed to cold atmospheric plasma.

    abstract::The exposure of aqueous solutions to atmospheric plasmas results in the generation of relatively long-lived secondary products such as hydrogen peroxide which are biologically active and have demonstrated anti-microbial and cytotoxic activity. The use of plasma-activated solutions in applications such as microbial dec...

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  • Classification of Tandem Mass Spectra for Identification of N- and O-linked Glycopeptides.

    abstract::Analysis of intact glycopeptides by mass spectrometry is essential to determining the microheterogeneity of protein glycosylation. Higher-energy collisional dissociation (HCD) fragmentation of glycopeptides generates mono- or disaccharide ions called oxonium ions that carry information about the structure of the fragm...

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  • Structural and functional studies of a noncanonical Dicer from Entamoeba histolytica.

    abstract::RNaseIII proteins are dsRNA-specific endonucleases involved in many important biological processes, such as small RNA processing and maturation in eukaryotes. Various small RNAs have been identified in a protozoan parasite Entamoeba histolytica. EhRNaseIII is the only RNaseIII endonuclease domain (RIIID)-containing pr...

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  • Clinical Utility of Intraoperative Tympanomastoidectomy Assessment Using a Surgical Microscope Integrated with an Optical Coherence Tomography.

    abstract::Significant technical and optical advances are required for intraoperative optical coherence tomography (OCT) to be utilized during otological surgeries. Integrating OCT with surgical microscopy makes it possible to evaluate soft tissue in real-time and at a high resolution. Herein, we describe an augmented-reality, i...

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  • Oral epithelial cell sheets engraftment for esophageal strictures after endoscopic submucosal dissection of squamous cell carcinoma and airplane transportation.

    abstract::Endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) permits en bloc removal of superficial oesophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC). However, post-procedure stricture is common after ESD for widespread tumours, and multiple endoscopic balloon dilation (EBD) procedures are required. We aimed to evaluate the safety and effectivene...

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    authors: Yamaguchi N,Isomoto H,Kobayashi S,Kanai N,Kanetaka K,Sakai Y,Kasai Y,Takagi R,Ohki T,Fukuda H,Kanda T,Nagai K,Asahina I,Nakao K,Yamato M,Okano T,Eguchi S

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  • Low serum total CO2 and its association with mortality in patients being followed up in the nephrology outpatients clinic.

    abstract::Large-scale studies have not been conducted to assess whether serum hypobicarbonatemia increases the risk for kidney function deterioration and mortality among East-Asians. We aimed to determine the association between serum total CO2 (TCO2) concentrations measured at the first outpatient visit and clinical outcomes. ...

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    authors: Yoo KD,An JN,Kim YC,Lee J,Joo KW,Oh YK,Kim YS,Lim CS,Oh S,Lee JP

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  • Enhancing Specific Energy and Power in Asymmetric Supercapacitors - A Synergetic Strategy based on the Use of Redox Additive Electrolytes.

    abstract::The strategy of using redox additive electrolyte in combination with multiwall carbon nanotubes/metal oxide composites leads to a substantial improvements in the specific energy and power of asymmetric supercapacitors (ASCs). When the pure electrolyte is optimally modified with a redox additive viz., KI, ~105% increas...

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    authors: Singh A,Chandra A

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  • Benchmarking of Whole Exome Sequencing and Ad Hoc Designed Panels for Genetic Testing of Hereditary Cancer.

    abstract::Next generation sequencing panels have been developed for hereditary cancer, although there is some debate about their cost-effectiveness compared to exome sequencing. The performance of two panels is compared to exome sequencing. Twenty-four patients were selected: ten with identified mutations (control set) and four...

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    authors: Feliubadaló L,Tonda R,Gausachs M,Trotta JR,Castellanos E,López-Doriga A,Teulé À,Tornero E,Del Valle J,Gel B,Gut M,Pineda M,González S,Menéndez M,Navarro M,Capellá G,Gut I,Serra E,Brunet J,Beltran S,Lázaro C

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  • Tailoring of silica-based nanoporous pod by spermidine multi-activity.

    abstract::Ubiquitous in nature, polyamines (PAs) are a class of low-molecular aliphatic amines critically involved in cell growth, survival and differentiation. The polycation behavior is validated as a successful strategy in delivery systems to enhance oligonucleotide loading and cellular uptake. In this study, the chemical fe...

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  • Disentangling adaptive evolutionary radiations and the role of diet in promoting diversification on islands.

    abstract::Although the initial formulation of modern concepts of adaptive radiation arose from consideration of the fossil data, rigorous attempts to identify this phenomenon in the fossil record are largely uncommon. Here I focus on direct evidence of the diet (through tooth-wear patterns) and ecologically-relevant traits of o...

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  • The Resilience of Life to Astrophysical Events.

    abstract::Much attention has been given in the literature to the effects of astrophysical events on human and land-based life. However, little has been discussed on the resilience of life itself. Here we instead explore the statistics of events that completely sterilise an Earth-like planet with planet radii in the range 0.5-1....

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  • Photocatalytic dye degradation and antimicrobial activities of Pure and Ag-doped ZnO using Cannabis sativa leaf extract.

    abstract::A facile green route has been employed for the synthesis of ZnO and Ag-doped ZnO using Cannabis sativa as a reducing and stabilizing agent. The as-synthesized nanoparticles were characterized and tested for photocatalytic dye degradation and antimicrobial activity. The results suggested that nanoparticles have shown a...

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  • Rearrangement of Actin Microfilaments in the Development of Olfactory Receptor Cells in Fish.

    abstract::At present, it remains poorly understood how the olfactory neuron migrates through the thick neuroepithelium during its maturation from a stem cell and how it develops a specific sensitivity to environmental odorants after maturation. We investigated the cytochemical features associated with the development of olfacto...

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  • On the evolving nature of c/a ratio in a hexagonal close-packed epsilon martensite phase in transformative high entropy alloys.

    abstract::Activation of different slip systems in hexagonal close packed (h.c.p.) metals depends primarily on the c/a ratio, which is an intrinsic property that can be altered through alloying addition. In conventional h.c.p. alloys where there is no diffusion-less phase transformation and associated transformation volume chang...

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  • Chaotic, informational and synchronous behaviour of multiplex networks.

    abstract::The understanding of the relationship between topology and behaviour in interconnected networks would allow to charac- terise and predict behaviour in many real complex networks since both are usually not simultaneously known. Most previous studies have focused on the relationship between topology and synchronisation....

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    authors: Baptista MS,Szmoski RM,Pereira RF,Pinto SE

    更新日期:2016-03-04 00:00:00

  • iTRAQ-based quantitative proteomic analysis reveals alterations in the metabolism of Actinidia arguta.

    abstract::Actinidia arguta 'Tianyuanhong' is a new kiwifruit variety with an all-red pericarp and pulp, in contrast to the all-green pulp of A. arguta 'Yongfengyihao'. Transcriptome profile analysis of fruit color has been reported, however, the metabolic mechanisms producing red flesh remain unknown, and it is unclear why the ...

    journal_title:Scientific reports

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    authors: Lin M,Fang J,Qi X,Li Y,Chen J,Sun L,Zhong Y

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  • Efficient Blood-Brain Barrier Opening in Primates with Neuronavigation-Guided Ultrasound and Real-Time Acoustic Mapping.

    abstract::Brain diseases including neurological disorders and tumors remain under treated due to the challenge to access the brain, and blood-brain barrier (BBB) restricting drug delivery which, also profoundly limits the development of pharmacological treatment. Focused ultrasound (FUS) with microbubbles is the sole method to ...

    journal_title:Scientific reports

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    authors: Wu SY,Aurup C,Sanchez CS,Grondin J,Zheng W,Kamimura H,Ferrera VP,Konofagou EE

    更新日期:2018-05-22 00:00:00

  • Regional nutrient decrease drove redox stabilisation and metazoan diversification in the late Ediacaran Nama Group, Namibia.

    abstract::The late Ediacaran witnessed an increase in metazoan diversity and ecological complexity, marking the inception of the Cambrian Explosion. To constrain the drivers of this diversification, we combine redox and nutrient data for two shelf transects, with an inventory of biotic diversity and distribution from the Nama G...

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