Cross-talk between pathogen recognizing Toll-like receptors and immunoglobulin Fc receptors in immunity.


:The individual role of pathogen-binding Toll-like receptors (TLRs) and antibody-binding Fc receptors (FcRs) during pathogenic infections has been studied extensively. However, combined activation of these different receptor classes has received little attention, even though they are triggered simultaneously when immune cells bind antibody-opsonized pathogens. In the last few years, it has become evident that joined activation of TLRs and FcRs substantially tailors inflammatory immune responses, which is an efficient and controlled mechanism of the host to act upon invading pathogens. In this review, we discuss the mechanisms of cross-talk between different TLRs and FcRs and the resulting inflammatory immune responses. Furthermore, we propose how chronic activation via this cross-talk might be detrimental in inflammatory (auto) immune diseases. We conclude with the potential exploitation of the interplay between TLRs and FcRs for monoclonal antibody therapy to target tumors. Future interests in this field of research include establishing a more detailed and mechanistic understanding of the mode of action of TLR and FcR cross-talk and exploration of its physiological importance in health and disease. This may furthermore open up novel therapeutic options for intervention in inflammatory diseases or cancer.


Immunol Rev


Immunological reviews


van Egmond M,Vidarsson G,Bakema JE




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