Long-term continuous allopregnanolone elevation causes memory decline and hippocampus shrinkage, in female wild-type B6 mice.


:Chronic stress in various forms increases the risk for cognitive dysfunction, dementia and Alzheimer's disease. While the pathogenesis behind these findings is unknown, growing evidence suggests that chronic increase in neurosteroid levels, such as allopregnanolone, is part of the mechanism. We treated wild-type C57BL/6J mice with allopregnanolone for 5months, using osmotic pumps. This treatment led to moderately increased levels of allopregnanolone, equivalent to that of mild chronic stress. After an interval of no treatment for 1month, female mice showed impaired learning and memory function in the Morris water maze (MWM) in combination with diminished hippocampus weight and increased cerebellum weight, both correlating to MWM performance. Male mice showed a minor reduction in memory function and no differences in brain structure. We conclude that chronic allopregnanolone elevation can lead to cognitive dysfunction and negative brain alterations. We suggest that allopregnanolone could play a key role in the pathogenesis of stress-induced cognitive disturbances and perhaps dementia.


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Hormones and behavior


Bengtsson SK,Johansson M,Bäckström T




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    abstract::Although previous research has indicated that hormone replacement therapy benefits memory in menopausal women, several recent studies have shown either detrimental or no effects of treatment. These inconsistencies emphasize the need to evaluate the role of ovarian hormones in protecting against age-related cognitive d...

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    abstract::Women's ovulation is perceivable with different senses. Already subtle face shape differences are enough to trigger men's preference for the ovulatory female. The aim of the present study is to investigate if men's testosterone level can be linked to their preference for the ovulatory female. Thirty-nine heterosexual ...

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  • Activation of ERβ modulates fear generalization through an effect on memory retrieval.

    abstract::Women are 60% more likely to suffer from an anxiety disorder than men. One hypothesis for this difference may be that females exhibit increased rates of fear generalization. Females generalize fear to a neutral context faster than males, a process driven, in part, by estrogens. In the current study, ovariectomized adu...

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  • Divorce in the socially monogamous zebra finch: Hormonal mechanisms and reproductive consequences.

    abstract::Up to 80% of all bird species are socially monogamous. Divorce (switching partners) or pair disruption (due to the death of a partner) has been associated with decreased reproductive success, suggesting social monogamy is a strategy that may maximize fitness via coordination between partners. Previous studies have dem...

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