Blastocystis hominis: phylogenetic affinities determined by rRNA sequence comparison.


:In 1912 Blastocystis hominis was identified as a new species and classified as a yeast (Brumpt 1912). In the early 1920s several groups confirmed its classification as a yeast, specifically a member of the genus Schizosaccharomyces (discussed by Zierdt et al. 1967). Apart from an occasional case report, the classification of B. hominis and its role as a harmless intestinal yeast was not questioned for another 50 years. Then, Zierdt (1967) suggested that it should be classified in the phylum Protozoa, subphylum Sporozoa, and that it should be considered as a potential pathogen. The likely role of B. hominis as a human pathogen has recently become more firmly established (Garcia et al. 1984; Sheehan et al. 1986) and its classification has been changed. Although the classification of B. hominis as a protozoon was assumed widely, classification as a sporozoon was not accepted, and the most recent definitive classification of the Protozoa did not even list B. hominis (Lee et al. 1985). Then, based essentially on a review of the known characteristics of the organism, it was recently reclassified into the subphylum Sarcodina (Zierdt 1988). Clearly, the phylogeny of this emerging human pathogen needs definitive analysis (Mehlhorn 1988).


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Johnson AM,Thanou A,Boreham PF,Baverstock PR




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  • Production of a monoclonal antibody against a mannose-binding protein of Acanthamoeba culbertsoni and its localization.

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  • Brachymeria lasus: effects of nutrient level on in vitro larval growth of a chalcid insect parasite.

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  • Sex dichotomy in the course of experimental latent toxoplasmosis.

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  • Cryptosporidium parvum and Enterocytozoon bieneusi in American Mustangs and Chincoteague ponies.

    abstract::The prevalence of Cryptosporidium and microsporidia in feral horses, which have minimal contact with livestock and humans, is not currently known. We report the findings of a study on Cryptosporidium and microsporidia in 34 Mustangs and 50 Chincoteague ponies in the USA. Fecal samples were screened for presence of Cry...

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  • Orientobilharzia turkestanicum is a member of Schistosoma genus based on phylogenetic analysis using ribosomal DNA sequences.

    abstract::In the present study, samples representing Orientobilharzia turkestanicum from cattle, sheep, cashmere goat and goat in Heilongjiang Province, China, were characterized and grouped genetically by sequences of internal transcribed spacer (ITS, including ITS-1 and ITS2) and 28S ribosomal DNA (28S rDNA). The ITS and 28S ...

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  • Involvement of the Leishmania donovani virulence factor A2 in protection against heat and oxidative stress.

    abstract::Leishmania is an obligate intracellular protozoan parasite that infects cells of the reticulo-endothelial system. Host defences against Leishmania include fever and oxidant production, and the parasite has developed a number of defence mechanisms to neutralize the host response. The Leishmania donovani A2 family of pr...

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  • Trypanosoma cruzi: a considerable phylogenetic divergence indicates that the agent of Chagas disease is indigenous to the native fauna of the United States.

    abstract::Thirty U.S. Trypanosoma cruzi stocks isolated mainly from wild mammals were characterized by multilocus enzyme electrophoresis at 22 genetic loci and random amplification of polymorphic DNA for 10 primers. Two main phylogenetic clusters, separated by large genetic distances, were discriminated by both methods, corresp...

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  • Paragonimus ohirai: identification of nucleolar organizer regions (NORs) and silver nitrate staining pattern in spermatogenesis.

    abstract::The identification of nucleolus organizer regions (NORs) and the qualitative description of silver nitrate staining patterns in spermatogenesis of Paragonimus ohirai are herein reported. The NORs of P. ohirai are located on the short arm of chromosome 4 and are associated with a large amount of constitutive heterochro...

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  • Trypanosoma rhodesiense: mitochondrial proteins of bloodstream and procyclic trypomastigotes.

    abstract::One- and two-dimensional gel electrophoresis of the solubilized mitochondrial proteins of bloodstream and procyclic trypomastigote Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense and radiolabeling of proteins in the presence of cycloheximide were used to identify proteins synthesized in the trypanosome mitochondrion. The proteins whic...

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  • Trypanosoma cruzi reinfections provoke synergistic effect and cardiac beta-adrenergic receptors' dysfunction in the acute phase of experimental Chagas' disease.

    abstract::Cardiac beta-adrenergic receptors' function was studied in the acute phase of Chagas' disease in mice reinfected with Trypanosoma cruzi Tulahuen strain (Tul) and with parasites isolated from an infected patient (SGO-Z12). Genetic characterization of SGO-Z12 isolates demonstrated that it belongs to the zimodeme Z12, on...

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  • Morphological and quantitative aspects of nodule formation in hemolymph of the blowfly Chrysomya megacephala (Fabricius, 1794).

    abstract::Insects manifest effective immune responses that include both cellular and humoral components. Morphological and quantitative aspects of cellular and humoral cooperation during nodule formation in Chrysomya megacephala hemolymph against Saccharomyces cerevisae yeast cells were demonstrated for the first time. The anal...

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    abstract::The kinetics of specific immunoglobulin M, A and IgG subclasses against Echinostoma caproni (Trematoda: Echinostomatidae) were analyzed in serum and intestinal fluid of two host species (Wistar rats and ICR mice) in which the course of the infection markedly differs. In rats, the worms were rapidly expelled, whereas E...

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  • Giardia intestinalis: conservation of the variant-specific surface protein VSP417-1 (TSA417) and identification of a divergent homologue encoded at a duplicated locus in genetic group II isolates.

    abstract::The stability of the gene encoding TSA417, a 72-kDa variant-specific surface protein (VSP) produced by trophozoites of Giardia intestinalis isolate WB-C6, was investigated in isolates of similar (Assemblage A / Group I) or distinct (Assemblage A / Group II) genotype. Using primers specific for the WB-C6 tsa417 gene, D...

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  • Schistosoma mansoni: L-glutamate-induced contractions in isolated muscle fibers; evidence for a glutamate transporter.

    abstract::Schistosoma mansoni muscle fibers contract in response to L-glutamate in a dose-dependent manner (10(-6)-10(-3) M). L-aspartate and D-aspartate are likewise effective in eliciting contraction of the fibers. Mammalian glutamate receptor agonists produce little or no contraction at concentrations as high as 1 mM. In add...

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  • Course of Brugia malayi infection in C57BL/6J NOS2 +/+ and -/- mice.

    abstract::Previous results from our laboratory using pharmacological approaches suggested a role for nitric oxide (NO) in the host defense against the human filarial parasite, Brugia malayi. We sought to determine whether a complementary genetic approach, using mice homozygous for a targeted mutation in the gene encoding induci...

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  • Trichinella spiralis: differential effect of host bile on the in vitro invasion of infective larvae into epithelial cells.

    abstract::The differential effect of fox and pig bile and its corresponding low molecular weight fraction (LMW) was investigated on the in vitro invasion of MDCK-AA7 epithelial cell monolayers by Trichinella spiralis muscle larvae. Seven invasion experiments were performed and a total of 274 cell monolayers were examined. Fox a...

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  • Short- and long-term effects of orally administered azithromycin on Trypanosoma brucei brucei-infected mice.

    abstract::Human African trypanosomosis (HAT) and animal African trypanosomosis (AAT) are diseases of economic importance in humans and animals that affect more than 36 African countries. The currently available trypanocidal drugs are associated with side effects, and the parasites are continually developing resistance. Thus, ef...

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  • Calpain-like: A Ca(2+) dependent cystein protease in Entamoeba histolytica cell death.

    abstract::Entamoeba histolytica programmed cell death (PCD) induced by G418 is characterized by the release of important amounts of intracellular calcium from reservoirs. Nevertheless, no typical caspases have been detected in the parasite, the PCD phenotype is inhibited by the cysteine protease inhibitor E-64. These results st...

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  • Toxoplasma gondii aspartic protease 1 is not essential in tachyzoites.

    abstract::Aspartic proteases are important virulence factors for pathogens and are recognized as attractive drug targets. Seven aspartic proteases (ASPs) have been identified in Toxoplasma gondii genome. Bioinformatics and phylogenetic analyses regroup them into five monophyletic groups. Among them, TgASP1, a coccidian specific...

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  • MicroRNA expression profiling of dibenzalacetone (DBA) treated intracellular amastigotes of Leishmania donovani.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Among different leishmanial infections, visceral leishmaniasis (VL) if not treated is the most severe form with high mortality rates. In India, it is caused by the protozoan parasite Leishmania donovani. The therapy of visceral leishmaniasis is limited due to high toxicity, resistance to existing drugs and i...

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  • Effect of lead in water on the absorption of copper, iron, manganese and zinc by sheep (Ovis aries) infected with sheep tapeworm (Moniezia expansa).

    abstract::The sheep tapeworm (Moniezia expansa) and its host Ovis aries were analyzed by inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES) for their copper, iron, manganese, zinc and lead levels. Element concentrations in cestode parasites were compared to those in various organs (liver, kidney, and muscle) of ...

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  • Schistosoma japonicum scFv-IL18 fusion DNA ameliorates hepatic fibrosis in schistosomiasis-infected mice via improving local concentration of IL-18 in liver.

    abstract::The pathogenesis of chronic schistosomiasis is caused by irritation of the schistosome eggs trapped in liver that induce delayed hypersensitive reactions from the surrounding tissues, leading to the formation of inflammatory granuloma and subsequent fibrosis. A Schistosoma japonicum (S. japonicum) single-chain fragmen...

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  • Plasmodium yoelii: resistance to disease is linked to the mtv-7 locus in BALB/c mice.

    abstract::We have identified congenic mouse strains that differ dramatically in resistance to infection with the murine malaria parasite Plasmodium yoelii 17X. After infection, BALB/c mice develop severe anemia and a high degree of parasitemia which sometimes results in death. The mtv-7 congenic strain BALB.D2.mlsa, however, de...

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  • Susceptibility of Brazilian isolates of Trypanosoma evansi to suramin sodium: test in experimentally infected mice.

    abstract::This study aimed to evaluate the susceptibility of Brazilian isolates of Trypanosoma evansi to suramin sodium. For this purpose, three isolates of T. evansi (LPV-2005, LPV-2009 and LPV-2010) and seventy mice were used, with the animals divided in 10 groups (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I and J) with seven animals each grou...

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  • Comparison of in vitro viability methods for Cryptosporidium oocysts.

    abstract::The water-borne protozoan parasite Cryptosporidium parvum forms oocysts that can persist for long periods of time in the environment, even though the sporozoites inside the oocysts may no longer be viable, making it difficult to assess the associated risk of infection. In this study, we compared the ability of various...

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  • Pfmdr1 Asn1042Asp and Asp1246Tyr polymorphisms, thought to be associated with chloroquine resistance, are present in chloroquine-resistant and -sensitive Brazilian field isolates of Plasmodium falciparum.

    abstract::Parasite resistance to antimalarial drugs, particularly chloroquine, is the most disturbing problem of malaria chemotherapy. There is evidence that the codon 86Tyr polymorphism of the Pfmdr1 gene is associated with chloroquine resistance in West African Plasmodium falciparum. The association of this and four other cod...

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  • Identification and expression analysis of the Steinernema carpocapsae elastase-like serine protease gene during the parasitic stage.

    abstract::A cDNA encoding elastase was isolated from Steinernema carpocapsae by suppression subtractive hybridization and rapid amplification of 5' cDNA ends. The predicted protein contained a 19-aa signal peptide, a 44-aa N-terminal propeptide, and a 264-aa mature protein with a predicted molecular mass of 28,949 Da and a theo...

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