Surprising sequential effects on MMN.


:The mismatch negativity (MMN) is conceptualized as a confidence-weighted error signal elicited when a deviation violates the predicted next-state based on regularity. The mechanisms underpinning its generation remain contentious. Smaller MMN response is a robust finding in schizophrenia and reduced amplitude may implicate impairment in prediction-error signalling. An enriched understanding of factors that influence MMN size in healthy people is a prerequisite for translating the relevance of reduced MMN in schizophrenia. This paper features two studies designed to explore factors that impact MMN in healthy individuals. Study 1 confirms that MMN amplitude does not faithfully reflect transition statistics and is susceptible to order-driven bias. In study 2, we demonstrate that an order-driven bias remains despite repeated encounters with sound sequences. These data demonstrate that factors that impact on MMN size in non-clinical groups are not fully understood and that some mechanisms driving relevance filtering are likely influenced by 'top-down' expectations.


Biol Psychol


Biological psychology


Frost JD,Winkler I,Provost A,Todd J




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  • Stimulus probability and motor response in young and old adults: an ERP study.

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  • Psychophysiological stress effects from the combination of night-shift work and noise.

    abstract::The influence of night-shift work and noise on arousal and stress reactions have, to date, been investigated separately. The aim of this study was to compare their psychophysiological effects in combination. Twenty-four male student subjects continuously performed ten hours of visual display tasks per 24 h under highl...

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  • "Initial-" and "change-orienting reactions": an analysis based on visual single-trial event-related potentials.

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  • High cardiac vagal control protects against future depressive symptoms under conditions of high social support.

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  • Mackintosh, pearce-hall and time: An EEG study on Inhibition of return.

    abstract::We investigated whether the temporal dynamics of attention could be used to reconcile exploitative and explorative attentional learning theories. Participants trained on a categorisation task where some stimuli were predictive (P) of the correct response while others were non-predictive (NP). These stimuli were then u...

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  • Cognitive reappraisal fails when attempting to reduce the appetitive value of food: an ERP study.

    abstract::This event-related potential (ERP) study investigated neural correlates of cognitive reappraisal during the exposure to food cues. Thirty-three healthy, normal-weight women viewed images of high-caloric food and non-food items after an overnight fast. The participants were instructed to either passively look at the pi...

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