Surprising sequential effects on MMN.


:The mismatch negativity (MMN) is conceptualized as a confidence-weighted error signal elicited when a deviation violates the predicted next-state based on regularity. The mechanisms underpinning its generation remain contentious. Smaller MMN response is a robust finding in schizophrenia and reduced amplitude may implicate impairment in prediction-error signalling. An enriched understanding of factors that influence MMN size in healthy people is a prerequisite for translating the relevance of reduced MMN in schizophrenia. This paper features two studies designed to explore factors that impact MMN in healthy individuals. Study 1 confirms that MMN amplitude does not faithfully reflect transition statistics and is susceptible to order-driven bias. In study 2, we demonstrate that an order-driven bias remains despite repeated encounters with sound sequences. These data demonstrate that factors that impact on MMN size in non-clinical groups are not fully understood and that some mechanisms driving relevance filtering are likely influenced by 'top-down' expectations.


Biol Psychol


Biological psychology


Frost JD,Winkler I,Provost A,Todd J




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  • How to withhold or replace a prepotent response: An analysis of the underlying control processes and their temporal dynamics.

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  • Tool perception suppresses 10-12Hz μ rhythm of EEG over the somatosensory area.

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  • Reactive gaze laterality in schizophrenic patients.

    abstract::Reflective lateral eye movements (LEMs) in response to questions of different categories are indicative of differential hemispheric reactivity. These LEMs were studied in schizophrenic patients and normal subjects, in response to 24 questions (12 visual-emotional and 12 verbal-neutral). Two categories of saccades were...

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  • Multisensory integration in orienting behavior: Pupil size, microsaccades, and saccades.

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  • Long-term academic stress increases the late component of error processing: an ERP study.

    abstract::Exposure to long-term stress has a variety of consequences on the brain and cognition. Few studies have examined the influence of long-term stress on event related potential (ERP) indices of error processing. The current study investigated how long-term academic stress modulates the error related negativity (Ne or ERN...

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  • The influence of attachment styles on autonomic correlates of perspective-taking.

    abstract::This study examined the effects of attachment styles on physiological responses during a perspective-taking task. Sixty-eight participants were selected according to attachment styles. Physiological responses were assessed using skin conductance responses (SCRs) in the three attachment groups (secure, insecure-anxious...

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    abstract::Human behavior is influenced by three core personality systems: approach, avoidance, and supervisory control. The supervisory control system is inversely related to impulsivity. Although past research has related some aspects of impulsivity to frontal hemispheric asymmetry, impulsivity as a multi-faceted construct has...

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  • Brain potentials in affective picture processing: covariation with autonomic arousal and affective report.

    abstract::Emotionally arousing picture stimuli evoked scalp-recorded event-related potentials. A late, slow positive voltage change was observed, which was significantly larger for affective than neutral stimuli. This positive shift began 200-300 ms after picture onset, reached its maximum amplitude approximately 1 s after pict...

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  • Cognitive reappraisal fails when attempting to reduce the appetitive value of food: an ERP study.

    abstract::This event-related potential (ERP) study investigated neural correlates of cognitive reappraisal during the exposure to food cues. Thirty-three healthy, normal-weight women viewed images of high-caloric food and non-food items after an overnight fast. The participants were instructed to either passively look at the pi...

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