Effectiveness of motivational interviewing on lifestyle modification and health outcomes of clients at risk or diagnosed with cardiovascular diseases: A systematic review.


BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE:Clinically, there is an increasing trend in using motivational interviewing as a counseling method to help clients with cardiovascular diseases to modify their unhealthy lifestyle in order to decrease the risk of disease occurrence. As motivational interviewing has gained increased attention, research has been conducted to examine its effectiveness. This review attempts to identify the best available evidence related to the effectiveness of motivational interviewing on lifestyle modification, physiological and psychological outcomes for clients at risk of developing or with established cardiovascular diseases. DESIGN:Systematic review of studies incorporating motivational interviewing in modifying lifestyles, improving physiological and psychological outcomes for clients at risk of or diagnosed with cardiovascular diseases. DATA SOURCES:Major English and Chinese electronic databases were searched to identify citations that reported the effectiveness of motivational interviewing. The searched databases included MEDLINE, British Nursing Index, CINAHL Plus, PsycINFO, SCOPUS, CJN, CBM, HyRead, WanFang Data, Digital Dissertation Consortium, and so on. REVIEW METHOD:Two reviewers independently assessed the relevance of citations based on the inclusion criteria. Full texts of potential citations were retrieved for more detailed review. Critical appraisal was conducted by using the standardized critical appraisal checklist for randomized and quasi-randomized controlled studies from the Joanna Briggs Institute - Meta Analysis of Statistics Assessment and Review Instrument (JBI-MAStaRI). RESULTS:After eligibility screening, 14 articles describing 9 studies satisfied the inclusion criteria and were included in the analysis. Only certain outcomes in certain studies were pooled for meta-analysis because of the large variability of the studies included, other findings were presented in narrative form. For lifestyle modification, the review showed that motivational interviewing could be more effective than usual care on altering smoking habits. For physiological outcomes, the review showed that motivational interviewing positively improved client's systolic and diastolic blood pressures but the result was not significant. For psychological outcomes, the review showed that motivational interviewing might have favorable effect on improving clients' depression. For other outcomes, the review showed that motivational interviewing did not differ from usual care or usual care was even more effective. CONCLUSIONS:The review showed that motivational interviewing might have favorable effects on changing clients' smoking habits, depression, and three SF-36 domains. For the other outcomes, most of the results were inconclusive. Further studies should be performed to identify the optimal format and frequency of motivational interviewing. Primary research on the effectiveness of motivational interviewing on increasing clients' motivation and their actual changes in healthy behavior is also recommended.


Int J Nurs Stud


Lee WW,Choi KC,Yum RW,Yu DS,Chair SY




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