New Boletaceae taxa from Guyana: Binderoboletus segoi gen. and sp. nov., Guyanaporus albipodus gen. and sp. nov., Singerocomus rubriflavus gen. and sp. nov., and a new combination for Xerocomus inundabilis.


:Binderoboletus segoi gen. and sp. nov., Guyanaporus albipodus gen. and sp. nov. and Singerocomus rubriflavus gen. and sp. nov. (Boletaceae, Boletales, Basidiomycota) are described from the Pakaraima Mountains and adjacent lowlands of Guyana. Xerocomus inundabilis, originally described from the central Brazilian Amazon and based solely on the type collection, is redescribed from numerous collections from Guyana and transferred into Singerocomus. These boletes occur in Neotropical forests dominated by ectomycorrhizal trees in the genera Dicymbe (Fabaceae subfam. Caesalpinioideae), Aldina (Fabaceae subfam. Papilionoideae) and Pakaraimaea (Dipterocarpaceae). Three of the species were repeatedly found in a multiyear sporocarp survey in Dicymbe corymbosa-monodominant forest. Macromorphological, micromorphological, habitat and multilocus DNA sequence data are provided for each species. A molecular phylogenetic analysis based on a large taxon set across the Boletaceae justifies erection of the new genera.






Henkel TW,Obase K,Husbands D,Uehling JK,Bonito G,Aime MC,Smith ME




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  • Siepmannia, a new genus in the Mucoraceae.

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  • Acid protease production in fungal root endophytes.

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  • Talaromyces rubrifaciens, a new species discovered from heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in China.

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  • A taxonomic revision of the genus Puccinia on Lycieae, a tribe of Solanaceae.

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    abstract::The B trichothecene toxin-producing clade (B clade) of Fusarium includes the etiological agents of Fusarium head blight, crown rot of wheat and barley and stem and ear rot of maize. B clade isolates also have been recovered from several wild and cultivated grasses, including Dactylis glomerata (orchard grass or cock's...


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  • Intragenomic nuclear RNA variation in a cryptic Amanita taxon.

    abstract::Amanita cf. lavendula collections in eastern North America, Mexico, and Costa Rica were found to consist of four cryptic taxa, one of which exhibited consistently unreadable nuclear rDNA ITS1-5.8S-ITS2 (fungal barcode) sequences after ITS1 base 130. This taxon is designated here as Amanita cf. lavendula taxon 1. ITS s...


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  • Phylogenetic and phenotypic characterization of Fomes fasciatus and Fomes fomentarius in the United States.

    abstract::The wood-decay fungi Fomes fasciatus and F. fomentarius share many morphological characters that historically have made species delimitation challenging. We examined morphological, molecular and physiological characters of basidiomata and pure cultures of F. fasciatus and F. fomentarius sampled from multiple plant hos...


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  • Molecular identification of Pilobolus species from Yellowstone National Park.

    abstract::Pilobolus, a widely distributed coprophilous fungus, grows on herbivore dung. Species of Pilobolus traditionally are described with imprecise morphological characteristics potentially leading to misidentification. In this study we used PCR analysis of taxonomically informative sequences to provide more consistent spec...


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  • New species of Laboulbenia from Ecuador, with evidence for host switch in the Laboulbeniales.

    abstract::Ten new species of Laboulbenia from Ecuador are described. These are L. barraganii, parasitic on Platamops sp. (Salpingidae); L. biformis, parasitic on Diploharpus rossii Moret (Carabidae); L. davidsonii, parasitic on Odontocheila spp. (Carabidae); L. gregaria, parasitic on Philonthus sp. (Staphylinidae); L. micrandra...


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  • New species of Cordana and epitypification of the genus.

    abstract::Two interesting fungi belonging to the genus Cordana have been isolated recently in Spain from plant debris. Both are proposed here as new species, described and illustrated. Cordana mercadiana sp. nov. produces 0-1-septate conidia, with a prominent basal scar. Cordana verruculosa sp. nov. differs from the other speci...


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