A disintegrating minor planet transiting a white dwarf.


:Most stars become white dwarfs after they have exhausted their nuclear fuel (the Sun will be one such). Between one-quarter and one-half of white dwarfs have elements heavier than helium in their atmospheres, even though these elements ought to sink rapidly into the stellar interiors (unless they are occasionally replenished). The abundance ratios of heavy elements in the atmospheres of white dwarfs are similar to the ratios in rocky bodies in the Solar System. This fact, together with the existence of warm, dusty debris disks surrounding about four per cent of white dwarfs, suggests that rocky debris from the planetary systems of white-dwarf progenitors occasionally pollutes the atmospheres of the stars. The total accreted mass of this debris is sometimes comparable to the mass of large asteroids in the Solar System. However, rocky, disintegrating bodies around a white dwarf have not yet been observed. Here we report observations of a white dwarf--WD 1145+017--being transited by at least one, and probably several, disintegrating planetesimals, with periods ranging from 4.5 hours to 4.9 hours. The strongest transit signals occur every 4.5 hours and exhibit varying depths (blocking up to 40 per cent of the star's brightness) and asymmetric profiles, indicative of a small object with a cometary tail of dusty effluent material. The star has a dusty debris disk, and the star's spectrum shows prominent lines from heavy elements such as magnesium, aluminium, silicon, calcium, iron, and nickel. This system provides further evidence that the pollution of white dwarfs by heavy elements might originate from disrupted rocky bodies such as asteroids and minor planets.






Vanderburg A,Johnson JA,Rappaport S,Bieryla A,Irwin J,Lewis JA,Kipping D,Brown WR,Dufour P,Ciardi DR,Angus R,Schaefer L,Latham DW,Charbonneau D,Beichman C,Eastman J,McCrady N,Wittenmyer RA,Wright JT




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  • Birds have paedomorphic dinosaur skulls.

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  • Genetic wiring maps of single-cell protein states reveal an off-switch for GPCR signalling.

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    abstract::p60src, the transforming protein of Rous sarcoma virus (RSV), is a protein kinase that has a strict specificity for tyrosine. The phosphorylation of cellular proteins by p60src (ref. 4) results in transformation. Recently, Barker and Dayhoff discovered that residues 259-485 of p60src have 22% sequence identity with re...


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  • Bone marrow cells give rise to distinct cell clones within the thymus.

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  • Violation of the incompressibility of liquid by simple shear flow.

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  • Terminal pattern elements in Drosophila embryo induced by the torso-like protein.

    abstract::The genes torso (tor) and torso-like (tsl) are two of the Drosophila maternal group genes implicated in a receptor tyrosine kinase signalling pathway that specifies terminal cell fate (reviewed in ref. 3). Loss-of-function mutations in these loci cause an identical phenotype in which pattern elements from the anterior...


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    更新日期:2012-08-16 00:00:00

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    更新日期:2018-06-01 00:00:00

  • Crucial role for the Nalp3 inflammasome in the immunostimulatory properties of aluminium adjuvants.

    abstract::Aluminium adjuvants, typically referred to as 'alum', are the most commonly used adjuvants in human and animal vaccines worldwide, yet the mechanism underlying the stimulation of the immune system by alum remains unknown. Toll-like receptors are critical in sensing infections and are therefore common targets of variou...


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    abstract::For plants, the sensing of light in the environment is as important as vision is for animals. Fluctuations in light can be crucial to competition and survival. One way plants sense light is through the phytochromes, a small family of diverse photochromic protein photoreceptors whose origins have been traced to the pho...


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  • Androgenetic haploid embryonic stem cells produce live transgenic mice.

    abstract::Haploids and double haploids are important resources for studying recessive traits and have large impacts on crop breeding, but natural haploids are rare in animals. Mammalian haploids are restricted to germline cells and are occasionally found in tumours with massive chromosome loss. Recent success in establishing ha...


    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Li W,Shuai L,Wan H,Dong M,Wang M,Sang L,Feng C,Luo GZ,Li T,Li X,Wang L,Zheng QY,Sheng C,Wu HJ,Liu Z,Liu L,Wang L,Wang XJ,Zhao XY,Zhou Q

    更新日期:2012-10-18 00:00:00