Dysbiosis signature of fecal microbiota in colorectal cancer patients.


:The human gut microbiota is a complex system that is essential to the health of the host. Increasing evidence suggests that the gut microbiota may play an important role in the pathogenesis of colorectal cancer (CRC). In this study, we used pyrosequencing of the 16S rRNA gene V3 region to characterize the fecal microbiota of 19 patients with CRC and 20 healthy control subjects. The results revealed striking differences in fecal microbial population patterns between these two groups. Partial least-squares discriminant analysis showed that 17 phylotypes closely related to Bacteroides were enriched in the gut microbiota of CRC patients, whereas nine operational taxonomic units, represented by the butyrate-producing genera Faecalibacterium and Roseburia, were significantly less abundant. A positive correlation was observed between the abundance of Bacteroides species and CRC disease status (R = 0.462, P = 0.046 < 0.5). In addition, 16 genera were significantly more abundant in CRC samples than in controls, including potentially pathogenic Fusobacterium and Campylobacter species at genus level. The dysbiosis of fecal microbiota, characterized by the enrichment of potential pathogens and the decrease in butyrate-producing members, may therefore represent a specific microbial signature of CRC. A greater understanding of the dynamics of the fecal microbiota may assist in the development of novel fecal microbiome-related diagnostic tools for CRC.


Microb Ecol


Microbial ecology


Wu N,Yang X,Zhang R,Li J,Xiao X,Hu Y,Chen Y,Yang F,Lu N,Wang Z,Luan C,Liu Y,Wang B,Xiang C,Wang Y,Zhao F,Gao GF,Wang S,Li L,Zhang H,Zhu B




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  • Regulation of Hydrolytic Enzyme Activity in Aquatic Microbial Communities Hosted by Carnivorous Pitcher Plants.

    abstract::Carnivorous pitcher plants Sarracenia purpurea host diverse eukaryotic and bacterial communities which aid in insect prey digestion, but little is known about the functional processes mediated by the microbial communities. This study aimed to connect pitcher community diversity with functional nutrient transformation ...

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  • Simultaneous consumption of bacteria and dissolved organic matter byTetrahymena pyriformis.

    abstract::The addition of ciliated protozoa to aquatic microcosms and bench-scale sewage treatment plants increases decomposition rates. This is surprising, inasmuch as protozoa consume bacteria, which are the primary decomposers. One possible mechanism of the increase in decomposition rate is the direct consumption of dissolve...

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  • Moving Waves of Bacterial Populations and Total Organic Carbon along Roots of Wheat.

    abstract::> Abstract To determine if spatial variation in soluble carbon sources along the root coincides with different trophic groups of bacteria, copiotrophic and oligotrophic bacteria were enumerated from bulk soil and rhizosphere samples at 2 cm intervals along wheat roots 2, 3, and 4 weeks after planting. There was a mode...

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