Exploring the use of storybooks to reach mothers of preschoolers with nutrition and physical activity messages.


OBJECTIVE:To assess perceptions stay-at-home mothers have about their preschoolers' eating and physical activity behaviors and to explore the feasibility of using storybooks in home-based nutrition and activity programming. METHODS:Focus groups were conducted with 24 mothers, intercept interviews were conducted with 30 parents, and a storybook prototype was developed and pretested in 8 preschool classrooms. RESULTS:Mothers acknowledged picky eating as an issue and were less likely to identify issues with physical activity, but they were interested in information on gross motor development. Mothers strongly supported storybooks as a modality to convey and reinforce health messages at home. The storybook prototype was well liked by parents, teachers, and preschoolers. CONCLUSIONS AND IMPLICATIONS:Storybooks are a practical method to reach mothers and preschoolers and have the potential to elicit changes in eating and activity behaviors. Understanding mothers' perceptions of healthy eating and physical activity is essential to ensure that storybook messages resonate with this audience.


J Nutr Educ Behav


Bellows L,Spaeth A,Lee V,Anderson J




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