ZnS quantum dots as pH probes for study of enzyme reaction kinetics.


:Water soluble ZnS quantum dots (QDs) modified by mercaptoacetic acid (MAA) were used to determinate proton concentration in aqueous solutions by fluorescence spectroscopic technique. The results showed that the fluorescence of the water-soluble QDs could be quenched by proton concentration and the fluorescence intensity of the water-soluble QDs decreased linearly as the pH varied from 4.5 to 7.0. Based on this phenomenon, a convenient, rapid and specific method to determine of enzyme reaction kinetics was proposed. The modified ZnS QDs were successfully used as pH probes in monitoring the hydrolysis of glycidyl butyrate catalyzed by porcine pancreatic lipase (PPL). The proposed method was found to improve stability, sensitivity and a monitoring range for determination proton concentration as compared to the already described analytical methods based on p-Nitrophenoxide (PNP).


Enzyme Microb Technol


Wu D,Chen Z




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2012-06-10 00:00:00














  • Direct cellobiose production from cellulose using sextuple beta-glucosidase gene deletion Neurospora crassa mutants.

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  • A new bi-modular endo-β-1,4-xylanase KRICT PX-3 from whole genome sequence of Paenibacillus terrae HPL-003.

    abstract::A new bi-modular, wide pH spectrum and highly active xylanase KRICT PX3 (JF320814) isolated from Paenibacillus terrae HPL-003 (KCTC11987BP) has been cloned and expressed in Escherichia coli. Purified recombinant xylanase KRICT PX-3 (1,620 bp, 540aa, NCBI accession number JF320814) showed highly active at 55°C in pH 4....

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  • Recovery of purified lactonic sophorolipids by spontaneous crystallization during the fermentation of sugarcane molasses with Candida albicans O-13-1.

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  • Application of a novel type impinging streams reactor in solid-liquid enzyme reactions and modeling of residence time distribution using GDB model.

    abstract::Solid-liquid enzyme reactions constitute important processes in biochemical industries. The isomerization of d-glucose to d-fructose, using the immobilized glucose isomerase (Sweetzyme T), as a typical example of solid-liquid catalyzed reactions has been carried out in one stage and multi-stage novel type of impinging...

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  • Dynamics of proteolysis and its influence on the accumulation of intracellular recombinant proteins.

    abstract::A method to quantify the impact of proteolysis on accumulation of recombinant proteins in E. coli is described. A much smaller intracellular concentration of staphylococcal protein A (SpA) (14.7 mg. g(-1)) compared to the fusion protein SpA-betagalactosidase (138 mg. g(-1)) is explained by a very high proteolysis rate...

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  • Trypsin inactivation by latex fabricated gold nanoparticles: A new strategy towards insect control.

    abstract::Before applying nanotechnologies in biomedical and environmental areas it is advised to study interactions of nanoparticles and other nanomaterials with biomacromolecule present in living system. Moreover there is scarcity of reports on interactions between nanoparticles and biomaterials. In present report a rapid, ec...

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  • Structural and functional consequences of replacement of His403 with Arg near the catalytic site of Anoxybacillus flavithermus cyclomaltodextrinase.

    abstract::The hydrolytic activity of a thermophilic cyclomaltodextrinase (CMD) from Anoxybacillus flavithermus ZNU-NGA and a representative single mutant were investigated against soluble substrates including α-, β- and γ-cyclomaltodestrines (CDs). Based on the occurrence of arginine (Arg) at position 403 in some homologue prot...

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  • Effects of non-ionic surfactants on the interactions between cellulases and tannic acid: a model system for cellulase-poly-phenol interactions.

    abstract::Addition of non-ionic surfactants (NIS) is known to accelerate enzymatic lignocellulose hydrolysis. The mechanism behind this accelerating effect is still not elucidated but has been hypothesized to originate from favorable NIS-lignin interactions which alleviate non-productive adsorption of cellulases to lignin. In t...

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  • Conversion of cysteine to 3-mercaptopyruvic acid by bacterial aminotransferases.

    abstract::3-Mercaptopyruvate (3MPy), a structural analog of 3-mercaptopropionic acid, is a precursor compound for biosynthesis of polythioesters in bacteria. The cost-effectiveness and sustainability of the whole process could be greatly improved by using the cysteine degradation pathway for an intracellular supply of 3MPy. Tra...

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  • Sucrose hydrolysis by thermostable immobilized inulinases from aspergillus ficuum.

    abstract::The possibility of using thermostable inulinases from Aspergillus ficuum in place of invertase for sucrose hydrolysis was explored. The commercial inulinases preparation was immobilized onto porous glass beads by covalent coupling using activation by a silane reagent and glutaraldehyde before adding the enzyme. The im...

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  • Oxygen derepresses deacetoxycephalosporin C synthase and increases the conversion of penicillin N to cephamycin C in Streptomyces clavuligerus.

    abstract::When dissolved oxygen (DO) was maintained at saturation level during batch fermentations of Streptomyces clavuligerus (NRRL 3585), the accumulation of the intermediate penicillin N was lowered while formation of the end product cephamycin C was increased relative to fermentations without DO control. The specific activ...

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  • Cloning and characterization of a novel phenylalanine ammonia-lyase gene from Inonotus baumii.

    abstract::Phenylalanine ammonia-lyase (PAL) gene plays an important role in the synthesis of flavones, lignin, and other bioactive compounds in living organisms. Inonotus baumii, the only known flavone-producing filamentous fungus, is of great importance in the investigation of flavone metabolic pathways. To study the function ...

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  • Stabilization of Penicillium occitanis cellulases by spray drying in presence of Maltodextrin.

    abstract::The stabilization of fungal cellulases by spray drying, the thermal stability of Penicillium occitanis cellulases and the effect of some additives were studied. We observed that CMCase activity presents a good stability at 50 degrees C, even after 60 h of incubation. On the other hand, beta-glucosidase activity was mo...

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  • Biosensors for process control.

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  • Enhanced lipase-catalyzed synthesis of sugar fatty acid esters using supersaturated sugar solution in ionic liquids.

    abstract::A solvent-mediated method (SMM) was used to prepare supersaturated sugar solutions in hydrophobic and mixture of hydrophilic/hydrophobic ionic liquids (ILs), namely, [Bmim][Tf2N] and [Bmim][TfO]/[Bmim][Tf2N], respectively. In this method, sugars were first solubilized in a mixture of organic solvent and water (i.e. me...

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  • Enhanced detection of RNA by MMLV reverse transcriptase coupled with thermostable DNA polymerase and DNA/RNA helicase.

    abstract::Detection of mRNA is a valuable method for monitoring the specific gene expression. In this study, we devised a novel cDNA synthesis method using three enzymes, the genetically engineered thermostable variant of reverse transcriptase (RT), MM4 (E286R/E302K/L435R/D524A) from Moloney murine leukemia virus (MMLV), the ge...

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  • Estimation of the kinetic constants and elucidation of trends in growth and erythromycin production in batch and continuous cultures of Saccharopolyspora erythraea using curve-fitting techniques.

    abstract::The kinetics of erythromycin production were dependent on the identity of the growth rate-limiting nutrient during batch cultures of Saccharopolyspora erythraea. Semilogarithmic linear regression provided a single estimate of growth rate during the exponential phase, but partial cubic spline curve fit derivatives prov...

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  • A new pH indicator dye-based method for rapid and efficient screening of l-asparaginase producing microorganisms.

    abstract::l-asparaginase is a pharmaceutically and industrially important enzyme as it has potential to treat different cancers and inhibit acrylamide formation in fried and baked food products. In the present study, an attempt was made to screen for new and novel l-asparaginase producers using a widely applied phenol red and b...

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  • Biosynthesis of the fatty acid isopropyl esters by engineered Escherichia coli.

    abstract::The fatty acid methyl esters and fatty acid ethyl esters are known as biodiesels which are considered to be renewable, nontoxic and biodegradable biofuels. However, the conventional biodiesels show a high crystallization temperature which is one of the most critical obstacles against the widespread biodiesel usage. Th...

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  • Characterization of specificity of subtilisin Carlsberg towards peptide T by high-performance liquid chromatography and electrospray mass spectrometry.

    abstract::Peptide T has a sequence (Ala-Ser-Thr-Thr-Thr-Asn-Tyr-Thr) belonging to HIV envelope that is involved in the interaction with CD(4) receptor of T lymphocytes. Research of protease activities towards this peptide is very relevant for AIDS therapy. Characterization of specificity of subtilisin Carlsberg towards this ver...

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  • Growth of 'Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus' in a host-free microbial culture is associated with microbial community composition.

    abstract::'Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus' ('Ca. L. asiaticus'), the suspected causative agent of citrus greening disease, is one of many phloem-restricted plant pathogens that have not been isolated and grown in an axenic culture. In this study, infected Asian citrus psyllids were used to prepare a host-free source of 'Ca. ...

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  • RNA interference with carbon catabolite repression in Trichoderma koningii for enhancing cellulase production.

    abstract::The cellulase and xylanase genes of filamentous Trichoderma fungi exist under carbon catabolite repression mediated by the regulator carbon catabolite repressor (CREI). Our objective was to find the role of CREI in a cellulase-hyperproducing mutant of Trichoderma koningii, and address whether enzyme production can be ...

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  • Measurement of hybridoma cell number, viability, and morphology using fully automated image analysis.

    abstract::A novel automated image analysis method is described for characterizing the viability and morphology of animal cells from suspension cultures. With the aid of the exclusion dye Trypan Blue, the total and viable cell counts and the percentage of dead cells present are found. The area, perimeter, equivalent diameter, an...

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  • Overexpression of NAD kinases improves the L-isoleucine biosynthesis in Corynebacterium glutamicum ssp. lactofermentum.

    abstract::NADPH is the key cofactor in L-isoleucine (Ile) biosynthetic pathway. To increase the Ile biosynthesis in Corynebacterium glutamicum ssp. lactofermentum JHI3-156, NADPH supply needs to be enhanced. Here NAD kinase, the key enzyme for the de novo biosynthesis of NADP(+) and NADPH, were cloned and expressed in JHI3-156,...

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    authors: Shi F,Huan X,Wang X,Ning J

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  • Factors relevant to the production of (R)-(+)-glycidol (2,3-epoxy-1-propanol) from racemic glycidol by enantioselective oxidation with Acetobacter pasteurianus ATCC 12874.

    abstract::Acetobacter pasteurianus oxidizes glycidol with high activity, comparable to the oxidation of ethanol. The organism has a preference for the S-enantiomer, and the kinetic resolution process obeys a simple relationship, indicating an enantiomeric ratio (E) of 19. The compound is converted into glycidic acid, although a...

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    authors: Geerlof A,Jongejan JA,van Dooren TJ,Racemakers-Franken PC,van den Tweel WJ,Duine JA

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  • Production of resveratrol from p-coumaric acid in recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiae expressing 4-coumarate:coenzyme A ligase and stilbene synthase genes.

    abstract::Resveratrol is a well-known polyphenol present in red wine and exerts antioxidative and anti-carcinogenic effects on the human body. To produce resveratrol in a food-grade yeast, the 4-coumarate:coenzyme A ligase gene (4CL1) from Arabidopsis thaliana and stilbene synthase gene (STS) from Arachis hypogaea were cloned a...

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  • Effect of intense pulsed light on the deactivation of lipase: Enzyme-deactivation kinetics and tertiary structural changes by fragmentation.

    abstract::The effect of intense pulsed light (IPL) irradiation on Chromobacterium viscosum lipase was investigated with a primary focus on catalytic activity and molecular structure. During IPL irradiation, lipase activity decreased significantly with increasing pulse fluence (Fp) and exposure time (te). IPL-induced deactivatio...

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