Vesicle degradation in dendrites of magnocellular neurones of the rat supraoptic nucleus.


:The magnocellular neurones of the supraoptic nucleus (SON) and paraventricular nucleus release neuropeptide from their axon terminals and also from their dendrites. In the axon terminals, swellings known as Herring bodies are responsible for the degradation of aged, unreleased large dense-cored vesicles (LDCVs) by lysosomes. Dendrites of magnocellular neurones also contain a large number of LDCVs but specialised areas of vesicle degradation have yet to be discovered. Using immunofluorescence labelling for lysosomes in vasopressin-enhanced green fluorescent protein (vasopressin-eGFP) transgenic rats, we found that lysosomes are preferentially located in the centre of the dendrites where there was a high density of vasopressin-eGFP expression. These data suggest that there are local "hot spots", but not specific compartments for vesicle degradation in magnocellular dendrites.


Neurosci Lett


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Monteiro O,Wiegand UK,Ludwig M




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