Translational control of synaptic plasticity.


:Synapses, points of contact between axons and dendrites, are conduits for the flow of information in the circuitry of the central nervous system. The strength of synaptic transmission reflects the interconnectedness of the axons and dendrites at synapses; synaptic strength in turn is modified by the frequency with which the synapses are stimulated. This modulation of synaptic strength, or synaptic plasticity, probably forms the cellular basis for learning and memory. RNA metabolism, particularly translational control at or near the synapse, is one process that controls long-lasting synaptic plasticity and, by extension, memory formation and consolidation. In the present paper, I review some salient features of translational control of synaptic plasticity.


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  • Annexin 1 is secreted by the human prostate.

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  • Infusion of plasma-derived mannan-binding lectin (MBL) into MBL-deficient humans.

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  • Use of S1QELs and S3QELs to link mitochondrial sites of superoxide and hydrogen peroxide generation to physiological and pathological outcomes.

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  • Chloroplast lipid synthesis and lipid trafficking through ER-plastid membrane contact sites.

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  • Engineering pattern formation and morphogenesis.

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  • Single amino acid exchanges in FAD-binding domains of squalene epoxidase of Saccharomyces cerevisiae lead to either loss of functionality or terbinafine sensitivity.

    abstract::Squalene epoxidase (Erg1p) is an essential enzyme in the ergosterol biosynthesis pathway in yeast. For its enzymatic activity, Erg1p requires molecular oxygen, NAD(P)H and FAD. Amino acid analysis and sequence alignment with other squalene epoxidases revealed two highly conserved FAD-binding domains, FAD I and FAD II....

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  • How do microRNAs regulate gene expression?

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  • The mystery of intracellular developmental programmes and timers.

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  • Roles for the AAA+ motifs of DnaA in the initiation of DNA replication.

    abstract::The cell-cycle-co-ordinated initiation of chromosomal replication is highly regulated. The ordered assembly and conformational change of specific proteins at the replication origin are crucial to the process of replication initiation. In Escherichia coli, ATP-DnaA molecules form multimeric complexes with the chromosom...

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  • Chain reactions: molecular mechanisms of RBR ubiquitin ligases.

    abstract::Ubiquitination is a fundamental post-translational modification that regulates almost all aspects of cellular signalling and is ultimately catalysed by the action of E3 ubiquitin ligases. The RING-between-RING (RBR) family of E3 ligases encompasses 14 distinct human enzymes that are defined by a unique domain organisa...

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  • 3' Uridylation and the regulation of RNA function in the cytoplasm.

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  • The emerging molecular structure of the nitrogen cycle: an introduction to the proceedings of the 10th annual N-cycle meeting.

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  • Biomolecular complex viewed by dynamic nuclear polarization solid-state NMR spectroscopy.

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  • Critique of the demographic evidence for 'late-life non-senescence'.

    abstract::Although the Gompertz formula accurately describes observed mortality distributions over most of their extent, their 'tail' is much longer than that of a Gompertz curve fitted to the whole data set. A simple candidate explanation is that the longest-lived subset of any population will necessarily be enriched in indivi...

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  • Human mucin glycoproteins: varied structures predict diverse properties and specific functions.

    abstract::It has been clear for some time now that mucin glycoproteins have extensive, highly glycosylated tandem repeat domains. What is becoming increasingly apparent, however, is the diversity of unique sequences present on different mucins. Variations in mucin-unique sequences clearly result in major differences in physical...

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  • Oestrogens and their promiscuous receptors: confronting reality.

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  • Inspired by lipids: the Morton Lecture Award Presentation.

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  • The role of stem cells in vein graft remodelling.

    abstract::The vessel wall is a dynamic tissue that undergoes positive remodelling in response to altered mechanical stress. A typical example is vein graft remodelling, because veins do not develop arteriosclerosis until a vein segment is grafted on to arteries. In this process, it was observed that vascular endothelial and smo...

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  • Understanding the yeast host cell response to recombinant membrane protein production.

    abstract::Membrane proteins are drug targets for a wide range of diseases. Having access to appropriate samples for further research underpins the pharmaceutical industry's strategy for developing new drugs. This is typically achieved by synthesizing a protein of interest in host cells that can be cultured on a large scale, all...

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  • Anticipating mechanisms of resistance to PI3K inhibition in breast cancer: a challenge in the era of precision medicine.

    abstract::Frequent subversion of the PI3K (phosphoinositide 3-kinase) pathway during neoplastic transformation contributes to several hallmarks of cancer that result in a competitive advantage for cancer cells. Deregulation of this pathway can be the result of genomic alterations such as PIK3CA mutation, PTEN (phosphatase and t...

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    authors: Leroy C,Amante RJ,Bentires-Alj M

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  • Further insights into peroxisomal lipid breakdown via alpha- and beta-oxidation.

    abstract::Mammalian peroxisomes degrade fatty carboxylates via two pathways, beta-oxidation and, as shown more recently, alpha-oxidation. The latter process consists of an activation step, followed by a hydroxylation at position 2 and cleavage of the 2-hydroxyacyl-CoA, generating formyl-CoA (precursor of formate/CO(2)) and, in ...

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  • Early events in spontaneous neutrophil apoptosis.

    abstract::Neutrophils are very abundant, short-lived leucocytes and their death by apoptosis is central to homoeostasis and the resolution of inflammation, yet the trigger for apoptosis is still a topic of debate. Depolarization of the mitochondrial membrane has been supposed to initiate neutrophil spontaneous apoptosis, as neu...

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  • A model for the aberrant DNA methylomes in aging cells and cancer cells.

    abstract::DNA methylation at the fifth position of cytosine is a major epigenetic mark conserved in plants and mammals. Genome-wide DNA methylation patterns are dynamically controlled by integrated activities of establishment, maintenance, and removal. In both plants and mammals, a pattern of global DNA hypomethylation coupled ...

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  • Deciphering non-alcoholic fatty liver disease through metabolomics.

    abstract::Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is one of the most common liver disorders in industrialized countries. NAFLD develops in the absence of alcohol abuse and encompasses a wide spectrum of disorders ranging from benign fatty liver to non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). NASH often leads to fibrosis, cirrhosis a...

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  • Collagen polymorphisms of the intervertebral disc.

    abstract::The mechanical function and the collagen phenotype of the disc are complex, each a hybrid of elements of ligament and cartilage. In detail, the collagen properties are unique. Collagens I and II provide the bulk of the tissue fabric interwoven in opposing radial concentration gradients. From analysis of isolated cross...

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  • Endosomal cholesterol traffic: vesicular and non-vesicular mechanisms meet.

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  • Ligand migration and escape pathways in haem proteins.

    abstract::Biophysical techniques developed during the last three decades have provided an increasingly detailed description of the internal processes associated with ligand capture and release by haem proteins. Myoglobin has long been the paradigm for these studies. More recently, cytochrome P450cam (the camphor-metabolizing cy...

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  • Enzymes of yeast polyphosphate metabolism: structure, enzymology and biological roles.

    abstract::Inorganic polyphosphate (polyP) is found in all living organisms. The known polyP functions in eukaryotes range from osmoregulation and virulence in parasitic protozoa to modulating blood coagulation, inflammation, bone mineralization and cellular signalling in mammals. However mechanisms of regulation and even the id...

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  • Comparative study of the molecular variation between 'central' and 'peripheral' MUPs and significance for behavioural signalling.

    abstract::MUPs (major urinary proteins) play an important role in chemical signalling in rodents and possibly other animals. In the house mouse (Mus musculus domesticus) MUPs in urine and other bodily fluids trigger a range of behavioural responses that are only partially understood. There are at least 21 Mup genes in the C57BL...

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