SMARTWheel: From concept to clinical practice.


:Wheelchair prescription is complex with thousands of choices and options. Theoretically, a higher quality or innovative wheelchair that is appropriately matched to the user and their unique needs will increase participation. It is well accepted that there is an alarmingly high incidence of carpal tunnel syndrome, and rotator cuff injuries among manual wheelchair users. Since the initial conceptualization, the SMART(Wheel) was intended to better understand the physiological and physical effects of wheelchair propulsion on the body. Initially, little was known about wheelchair propulsion and the SMART(Wheel) transformed the nascent field of wheelchair propulsion biomechanics. Although still an important area of clinical research, the SMART(Wheel) has been critical to the study of the relationship between the type of wheelchair, set-up, activity, technique, anatomy, and physiology and repetitive strain injury. There has been growing evidence that the wheelchair-user interaction explains a substantial portion of the risk of developing a degenerative injury and on community participation. A noteworthy contribution of this work was the release of the clinical practice guideline, entitled, Preservation of Upper Limb Function Following Spinal Cord Injury in 2005. The SMART(Wheel) has been used by other scientists in areas that were not originally envisioned to be applications. It has been used to support the design of tools for developing a trail mapping rating and description system. It has also supported the design of accessible pedestrian walkways standards, accessible playground surfaces, and to evaluate carpets for wheelchair accessibility. It is likely that there are more new areas of exploration to emerge. This article describes the evolution of the SMART(Wheel) as new technologies became available and its applications in the field of wheelchair biomechanics and clinical service delivery.


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  • The effect of a vibratory lumber orthosis on walking velocity in patients with Parkinson's disease.

    abstract::This paper explores the use of biofeedback to improve gait in Parkinson's disease (PD) and, in particular, reports on the design and testing of a new vibratory orthosis. The orthosis causes a rhythmic vibratory stimulus to be applied to one or other side of the lumbar region. The stimulus is synchronized with stepping...

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    authors: Ghoseiri K,Forogh B,Sanjari MA,Bavi A

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  • Long term comparison of some shock attenuating insoles.

    abstract::The effect of one years general use on the performance of four shock attenuating insoles is reported. Testing was carried out using the JP Biomechanics Shock Meter on twelve volunteers on a timed oval course at eight intervals during the year. The results show that two of the insoles perform well (Viscolas and PPT) al...

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  • Standing balance in people with trans-tibial amputation due to vascular causes: A literature review.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Balance is an important variable to consider during the rehabilitation process of individuals with trans-tibial amputation. Limited evidence exists on the balance abilities of people with trans-tibial amputation due to vascular causes. OBJECTIVE:The purpose of this article is to review literature and determ...

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    authors: Seth M,Lamberg E

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  • Psoriasis and the effect of prosthetic fitting.

    abstract::This contribution presents the case histories of two patients who underwent limb amputation. One patient suffered from psoriasis prior to the surgery and the second developed psoriatic lesions post surgery. Both patients were provided with a prosthesis and despite the multiple cutaneous complications of the psoriasis ...

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  • Measurement of maximal end-weight-bearing in lower limb amputees.

    abstract::Modern sockets for lower limb amputees utilize total contact and distribute some weight on the stump end. Its tolerance to bear weight varies but is better after joint disarticulation, however, systematic measures have been missing. Different levels, indications, shapes etc. were analysed with 102 measurements in 69 p...

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  • Effectiveness of prosthetic rehabilitation of children with limb deficiencies present at birth.

    abstract::This study was performed to investigate the efficacy of prosthetic rehabilitation in children with congenital malformations, also to determine whether there were any factors related to family history and pregnancy which could have affected the formation of such deficiencies. Twenty-five (25) limb deficient children we...

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  • Sensory feedback add-on for upper-limb prostheses.

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND AIM:Sensory feedback systems have been of great interest in upper-limb prosthetics. Despite tremendous research, there are no commercial modality-matched feedback systems. This article aims to introduce the first detachable and feedback add-on option that can be attached to in-use prostheses. TECHNIQUE:...

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  • Melorheostosis--an unusual cause of amputation.

    abstract::A 24-year-old female developed, in infancy, progressive right upper and lower limb muscle and soft tissue contractures and had a diagnosis of melorheostosis made on X-ray and pathological specimens. At the age of 11 years she began to have pain in the right hip and lower limb and this later became the dominant feature...

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    authors: Graham LE,Parke RC

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  • Bondgraph modelling and simulation of the dynamic behaviour of above-knee prostheses.

    abstract::A mathematical model was used to investigate the dynamic behaviour of an above-knee (AK) prosthesis in the swing phase and to analyse the influence of mass and mass distribution on the maximal stump load and the required energy. The model consists of a bondgraph model of the prosthesis and a "walking" model which pred...

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  • The immediate effect of patellar tendon strap on weight-bearing asymmetry during squatting in patients with unilateral knee osteoarthritis: A pilot study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Knee osteoarthritis has commonly been associated with a symptom of pain resulting in an inter-limb weight-bearing asymmetry during functional tasks. Patellar tendon strap is one of the non-pharmacologic interventions to alleviate knee pain. OBJECTIVES:To investigate the immediate effect of a patellar tendon...

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  • Principal structural testing of trans-tibial prosthetic assemblies: specimen preparation.

    abstract::A simple alignment apparatus and the method of transferring the offset test load to the prosthetic assembly through an aligned mandrel for the principal structural tests in accordance with ISO 10328 is presented. The new alignment apparatus was used to prepare test specimens consisting of traditional laminated prosthe...

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  • A new directly moulded patellar-tendon-bearing socket.

    abstract::Silicone rubbers and casting tapes individually have previously been used in the manufacture of sockets (Swanson, 1972; Sweitzer, 1973; Ruder, 1977; Graves, 1980; Aqualite, 1982). The authors believe that the present combination of these materials to manufacture a directly moulded socket with a complete silicone rubbe...

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    authors: Boot DA,Young NJ

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  • Rotational moulding in the production of prostheses.

    abstract::This paper discusses the place of rotational moulding in the provision of prosthetic shanks and shank sections. It covers the selection of thermoplastic material, the moulding conditions and their automation in a machine process, and the development of a suitable range of moulds. Also covered is the question of interf...

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    authors: Coombs AG,Lawrence RB,Davies RM

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  • Significance of recumbent curvature in prediction of in-orthosis correction for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis.

    abstract:BACKGROUND::Prediction of in-orthosis curvature at pre-orthosis stage is valuable for the treatment planning for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, while the position of spinal curvature assessment that is effective for this prediction is still unknown. OBJECTIVES::To compare the spinal curvatures in different body posi...

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    authors: He C,To MK,Chan CK,Wong MS

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  • Development of clinical guidelines for the prescription of orthoses in patients with neurological disorders in The Netherlands.

    abstract::The objective of this study was to develop guidelines for the prescription of ankle-foot, knee, wrist-hand and elbow orthoses for patients with neurological disorders. The study is part of a more comprehensive study focusing on the development of clinical guidelines for the prescription of these orthoses in a wider pa...

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    authors: Hijmans JM,Geertzen JH

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  • Contact dermatitis to cobalt chloride with an unusual mechanism.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Contact dermatitis is a frequent inflammatory skin disease. A suspected diagnosis is based on clinical symptoms, a plausible contact to allergens and a suitable history of dermatitis. Therefore, careful diagnosis by patch testing is of great importance because the patch testing is important to find out which...

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    authors: Arslan S,Aksan S,Ucar R,Caliskaner AZ

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  • Multifunctional above-knee prosthesis for stairs' walking.

    abstract::The multifunctional above-knee prosthesis WLP-7R (Waseda Leg Prosthesis - type 7 Refined) described in this study allows amputees to descend and ascend stairs with no external power sources. With the hydraulic circuit mounted in the shank, the ankle joint and the knee joint mutually conterbalance during stance phase i...

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    authors: Koganezawa K,Fujimoto H,Kato I

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  • Knee disarticulation versus above-knee amputation.

    abstract::If below-knee amputation is impossible, knee disarticulation should be considered before above-knee amputation, regardless of age and etiology. Knee disarticulation which leaves the femur and patella untoched offers many advantages. The surgical technique is simple and non-traumatic since no bone or muscle tissue is t...

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    authors: Baumgartner RF

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  • The i-LIMB hand and the DMC plus hand compared: a case report.

    abstract::The i-LIMB hand is a novel upper limb myoelectric prosthetic hand with several joints in the fingers and thumb. This study aimed to determine whether this new device had more functionality than a more conventional myoelectric prosthetic hand with only a single joint between the thumb and two fingers. Therefore, a 45-y...

    journal_title:Prosthetics and orthotics international

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    authors: Otr OV,Reinders-Messelink HA,Bongers RM,Bouwsema H,Van Der Sluis CK

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  • Carbon fibre reinforced plastic knee-ankle-foot orthosis with a partially flexible thigh cuff: a modification for comfort while sitting on a toilet seat.

    abstract::At the request of a polio survivor, a partially flexible thigh cuff made of leather and canvas for a carbon KAFO was devised to allow the wearer to feel more comfortable while sitting on a toilet seat. The original, acrylic resin, thigh cuff was partially excised to make an opening (15x10 cm), which was stuffed with r...

    journal_title:Prosthetics and orthotics international

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    authors: Hachisuka K,Arai K,Arai M

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  • Measuring foam model shapes with a contact digitizer.

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND AIM:It is difficult to measure foam model shapes using contact digitizers because the stylus contact tends to get stuck in the soft foam. The aim of this paper is to describe a technique to overcome this challenge and to assess its effect on digitizer error. TECHNIQUE:A controlled laboratory study was c...

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    authors: Sanders JE,Severance MR

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  • Development and measurement properties of the Orthotics and Prosthetics Users' Survey (OPUS): a comprehensive set of clinical outcome instruments.

    abstract::The need to measure and evaluate orthotics and prosthetics (O&P) practice has received growing recognition in the past several years. Reliable and valid self-report instruments are needed that can help facilities evaluate patient outcomes. The objective of this project was to develop a set of self-report instruments t...

    journal_title:Prosthetics and orthotics international

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    authors: Heinemann AW,Bode RK,O'Reilly C

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  • A field evaluation of arm prostheses for unilateral amputees.

    abstract::A post-clinical investigation has been carried out among 42 unilateral amputees who lost their hand due to an accident. The investigation was directed at two main topics of interest. Firstly the amputee, the problems he has to cope with, and the role the prosthesis plays in his life; and secondly the prosthesis, its u...

    journal_title:Prosthetics and orthotics international

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    authors: van Lunteren A,van Lunteren-Gerritsen GH,Stassen HG,Zuithoff MJ

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  • Function after through-knee compared with below-knee and above-knee amputation.

    abstract::Fifty-nine amputees, 24 below-knee (BK), 17 through-knee (TK) and 18 above-knee (AK) who had prosthetic replacements, were evaluated using a questionnaire which provided a quantitative and qualitative assessment scale for the prosthetic function. The ability to apply or don the prosthesis was noted in 100% of the BK, ...

    journal_title:Prosthetics and orthotics international

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    authors: Hagberg E,Berlin OK,Renström P

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  • Importance of neurological evaluation before reverse shoulder arthroplasty in patients with previous poliomyelitis.

    abstract::We present a case report of a patient, affected by post-polio syndrome and cuff tear arthropathy of his right shoulder, who underwent reverse shoulder arthroplasty. A previous radial deficiency was unmasked in the post-operative follow-up, with passive elbow bending when the forearm was put in an antigravitational pos...

    journal_title:Prosthetics and orthotics international

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    authors: Castoldi F,Lollino N,Caranzano F,Assom M

    更新日期:2009-06-01 00:00:00

  • A study of 200 cases of congenital limb deficiencies.

    abstract::An analysis of 200 patients with congenital limb deficiency who attended the Artificial Limb Centre, Pune from January 1984 to April 1990 is presented. This group is representative of the congenital limb deficient population of the country. The commonest deficiencies were transverse phalangeal total/partial deficiency...

    journal_title:Prosthetics and orthotics international

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    authors: Jain SK

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  • The physical effect of lumbar spinal supports.

    abstract::A study has been performed to investigate the physical effects of lumbar spinal supports. Two groups were studied, a group of normal male subjects and a group of male low back pain patients. Five different spinal supports were investigated and their effects upon the skin temperature, spinal movements and intra-abdomin...

    journal_title:Prosthetics and orthotics international

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    authors: Grew ND,Deane G

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  • Laterality, gender and age differences in estimated frequency and actual registration of people with congenital upper limb absences.

    abstract::Initial analyses from a survey of people with unilateral upper limb congenital absence registered with the Cambridge Disablement Services Centre (DSC) indicated differences related to laterality and gender. A postal survey of all DSCs in the UK was conducted and support for these findings was provided from the analysi...

    journal_title:Prosthetics and orthotics international

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    authors: Fraser CM

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  • Pedorthic management of the diabetic foot.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Conservative pedorthic management of the diabetic foot has been shown to be an effective method to prevent ulcers, amputations, and re-amputations. This article exhibits why and how pedorthics plays such an important role via modalities such as footwear, shoe modifications, custom foot orthoses, and partial ...

    journal_title:Prosthetics and orthotics international

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    authors: Janisse D,Janisse E

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  • Manufacturing custom-contoured wheelchair seating: A state-of-the-art review.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Custom-contoured wheelchair seating lowers risk of pressure injury and postural deterioration while custom-contoured wheelchair seating lowers risk of pressure injury and postural deterioration while increasing the stability and functional activity of the wheelchair occupant. Producing custom-contoured seati...

    journal_title:Prosthetics and orthotics international

    pub_type: 杂志文章,评审


    authors: Nace S,Tiernan J,Ní Annaidh A

    更新日期:2019-08-01 00:00:00