Squamous metaplasia on the breast implant capsule.


:The development of squamous metaplasia or carcinoma is a rare occurrence in the setting of a ruptured or leaking silicone breast implant capsule. However, the oncogenic process in such a context is yet another intriguing example of how chronic inflammation plays an integral role in the tumorigenic process. Recent papers have shed light on how inflammation involving M2-tpe macrophages, lymphocytes, and other inflammatory cells at first provide the cytokines necessary to fend off an inciting foreign-body attack such as silicone from a ruptured or leaking implant. Although such a response is beneficial in keeping infection or foreign material in check, there are instances when the response may be exaggerated. It is thought that the extent and length of the response, the balance between pro-inflammatory/ anti-apoptotic and anti-inflammatory/pro-apoptotic, as well as genetic factors play important roles in determining the final result of an inflammatory insult.


Int J Surg Pathol


Alikhan MB,Nassar A,Mansoor I




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  • Evanescence of Endometrial Carcinomas in Hysterectomy Specimens: Observations on the "Vanishing Cancer" Phenomenon.

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  • Lymphoplasmacyte-Rich Meningioma With Atypical Angiomatous Feature and an Increased Deposition of IgG4-Positive Plasma Cells: An Unusual Case Report.

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  • Dysplasia in Chronic Ulcerative Colitis: A Molecular Approach to Its Differential Diagnosis.

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  • Warthin Tumor-Like Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma.

    abstract::Mucoepidermoid carcinoma (MEC) shows a wide morphologic spectrum, including epithelium with oncocytic or squamous metaplastic changes overlying a prominent cystic architecture, as well as tumor-associated lymphoid tissue. We illustrate a case of MEC of the parotid in a 17-year-old female, in which all these features o...

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  • Giardia Is Often Overlooked on Histopathologic Examination: A High-Volume, Single-Institution Experience.

    abstract:AIMS. GIARDIA:is sometimes missed by the pathologist, and we sought to determine how often this occurs at our institution-a large tertiary care center with a subspecialty gastrointestinal pathology service and what certain clinical and histologic clues can be used to flag cases with a higher likelihood of infection, ta...

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  • Immunohistochemical analysis of expressions of RB1, CDK4, HSP90, cPLA2G4A, and CHMP2B is helpful in distinction between myxofibrosarcoma and myxoid liposarcoma.

    abstract::The role and diagnostic efficacy of gene and protein products RB1, CDK4, CHMP2B, HSP90, and cPLA2G4A, all previously shown to be involved in tumor genesis and cell proliferation, were examined by immunohistochemical techniques in 32 cases of myxofibrosarcomas and 29 myxoid liposarcomas (all diagnosis had been confirme...

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  • Ductal adenocarcinoma of the pancreas with huge cystic degeneration: a lesion to be distinguished from pseudocyst and mucinous cystadenocarcinoma.

    abstract::Cystic neoplasms of the pancreas are rare and often mistaken for pseudocyst by imaging studies and macroscopic examination. We describe an unusual tumor of the pancreas composed of a mural nodule of anaplastic carcinoma arising from a huge ductal adenocarcinoma undergoing cystic degeneration. The cyst measured 27 x 13...

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  • Pseudomembranes in rectal prolapse: a report of two cases.

    abstract::Pseudomembranes in colonic biopsies are normally associated with antibiotic related pseudomembranous colitis. Although pseudomembranes have rarely been reported in other conditions, their presence in rectal prolapse has not been previously reported. ...

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  • A case of clear cell meningioma with tyrosine-rich crystals.

    abstract::We present a case of clear cell meningioma with unusual clinical and pathologic features. The patient was a 54-year-old man who underwent laminectomy and durotomy for an intradural tumor in the lumbar spinal canal. Sections showed a predominance of dense collagenous tissue with irregularly shaped and irregularly sized...

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  • UbcH10 expression in benign, hyperplastic, and malignant endometrial curetted materials: a tissue microarray study.

    abstract::The aim of this study was to investigate the role of UbcH10 expression in the differential diagnosis of benign, hyperplastic, and malignant endometrial tissues and also the relationship of UbcH10 with the clinicopathologic parameters of malignant cases. A tissue microarray was performed for 81 endometrial curettage bi...

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  • Abundant hepatic Gaucher-like cells following chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantation for hematologic malignancy: report of two cases.

    abstract::Cells with a resemblance to Gaucher cells, sometimes called pseudo-Gaucher cells, are seen in the bone marrow of some patients with hematologic malignancy or anemia. These cells are derived from cells of the monocytic lineage but do not show the characteristic inclusions of true Gaucher cells when examined by electron...

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