JBP1 and JBP2 are two distinct thymidine hydroxylases involved in J biosynthesis in genomic DNA of African trypanosomes.


:Genomic DNA of African trypanosomes contains a hypermodified thymidine residue termed base J (beta-d-glucosyl-HOMedU). This modified base is localized primarily to repetitive DNA, namely the telomeres, and is implicated in the regulation of antigenic variation. The base is synthesized in a two-step pathway. Initially, a thymidine residue in DNA is hydroxylated by a thymidine hydroxylase (TH). This intermediate (HOMedU) is then glucosylated to form base J. Two proteins involved in J synthesis, JBP1 (J binding protein 1) and JBP2, contain a putative TH domain related to the family of Fe(2+)/2-oxoglutarate-dependent hydroxylases. We have previously shown that mutations in the TH domain of JBP1 kill its ability to stimulate J synthesis. Here we show that mutation of key residues in the TH domain of JBP2 ablate its ability to induce de novo J synthesis. While the individual JBP1 null and JBP2 null trypanosomes have reduced J levels, the deletion of both JBP1 and JBP2 generates a cell line that completely lacks base J but still contains glucosyl-transferase activity. Reintroduction of JBP2 in the J-null trypanosome stimulates HOMedU formation and site-specific synthesis of base J. We conclude that JBP2 and JBP1 are the TH enzymes involved in J biosynthesis.


Nucleic Acids Res


Nucleic acids research


Cliffe LJ,Kieft R,Southern T,Birkeland SR,Marshall M,Sweeney K,Sabatini R




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