Strand bias structure in mouse DNA gives a glimpse of how chromatin structure affects gene expression.


BACKGROUND:On a single strand of genomic DNA the number of As is usually about equal to the number of Ts (and similarly for Gs and Cs), but deviations have been noted for transcribed regions and origins of replication. RESULTS:The mouse genome is shown to have a segmented structure defined by strand bias. Transcription is known to cause a strand bias and numerous analyses are presented to show that the strand bias in question is not caused by transcription. However, these strand bias segments influence the position of genes and their unspliced length. The position of genes within the strand bias structure affects the probability that a gene is switched on and its expression level. Transcription has a highly directional flow within this structure and the peak volume of transcription is around 20 kb from the A-rich/T-rich segment boundary on the T-rich side, directed away from the boundary. The A-rich/T-rich boundaries are SATB1 binding regions, whereas the T-rich/A-rich boundary regions are not. CONCLUSION:The direct cause of the strand bias structure may be DNA replication. The strand bias segments represent a further biological feature, the chromatin structure, which in turn influences the ease of transcription.


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BMC genomics


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  • Gene duplications in the E. coli genome: common themes among pathotypes.

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  • ArachnoServer: a database of protein toxins from spiders.

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  • A physical map of human Alu repeats cleavage by restriction endonucleases.

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  • Introduction to the proceedings of the Avian Genomics and Gene Ontology Annotation Workshop.

    abstract::The Avian Genomics Conference and Gene Ontology Annotation Workshop brought together researchers and students from around the world to present their latest research addressing the delivery of value from the billions of base-pairs of Archosaur sequence that have become available in the last few years. This editorial de...

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  • Microarray analysis of response of Salmonella during infection of HLA-B27- transfected human macrophage-like U937 cells.

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  • Yes, we can use it: a formal test on the accuracy of low-pass nanopore long-read sequencing for mitophylogenomics and barcoding research using the Caribbean spiny lobster Panulirus argus.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Whole mitogenomes or short fragments (i.e., 300-700 bp of the cox1 gene) are the markers of choice for revealing within- and among-species genealogies. Protocols for sequencing and assembling mitogenomes include 'primer walking' or 'long PCR' followed by Sanger sequencing or Illumina short-read low-coverage ...

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  • Pangenome analysis of Bifidobacterium longum and site-directed mutagenesis through by-pass of restriction-modification systems.

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  • Patterns of exon-intron architecture variation of genes in eukaryotic genomes.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The origin and importance of exon-intron architecture comprises one of the remaining mysteries of gene evolution. Several studies have investigated the variations of intron length, GC content, ordinal position in a gene and divergence. However, there is little study about the structural variation of exons an...

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  • Identification of QTL with large effect on seed weight in a selective population of soybean with genome-wide association and fixation index analyses.

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  • Dual RNA-seq transcriptional analysis of wheat roots colonized by Azospirillum brasilense reveals up-regulation of nutrient acquisition and cell cycle genes.

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  • Comparative analysis of mitochondrial genomes between the hau cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS) line and its iso-nuclear maintainer line in Brassica juncea to reveal the origin of the CMS-associated gene orf288.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Cytoplasmic male sterility (CMS) is not only important for exploiting heterosis in crop plants, but also as a model for investigating nuclear-cytoplasmic interaction. CMS may be caused by mutations, rearrangement or recombination in the mitochondrial genome. Understanding the mitochondrial genome is often th...

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  • Overlapping genes in the human and mouse genomes.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Increasing evidence suggests that overlapping genes are much more common in eukaryotic genomes than previously thought. In this study we identified and characterized the overlapping genes in a set of 13,484 pairs of human-mouse orthologous genes. RESULTS:About 10% of the genes under study are overlapping ge...

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  • Inferring linkage disequilibrium from non-random samples.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Linkage disequilibrium (LD) plays a fundamental role in population genetics and in the current surge of studies to screen for subtle genetic variants affecting complex traits. Methods widely implemented in LD analyses require samples to be randomly collected, which, however, are usually ignored and thus rais...

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  • Transcriptome profiling in fast versus slow-growing rainbow trout across seasonal gradients.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Circannual rhythms in vertebrates can influence a wide variety of physiological processes. Some notable examples include annual reproductive cycles and for poikilotherms, seasonal changes modulating growth. Increasing water temperature elevates growth rates in fishes, but increases in photoperiod regime can ...

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  • Transcriptomics of the late gestation ovine fetal brain: modeling the co-expression of immune marker genes.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Major changes in gene expression occur in the fetal brain to modulate the function of this organ postnatally. Thus, factors can alter the genomics of the fetal brain, predisposing to neurological disorders later in life. We hypothesized that the physiological dynamics of the immune system transcriptome of th...

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  • Waking the sleeping dragon: gene expression profiling reveals adaptive strategies of the hibernating reptile Pogona vitticeps.

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