Simulation for team training and assessment: case studies of online training with virtual worlds.


:Individuals in clinical training programs concerned with critical medical care must learn to manage clinical cases effectively as a member of a team. However, practice on live patients is often unpredictable and frequently repetitive. The widely substituted alternative for real patients-high-fidelity, manikin-based simulators (human patient simulator)-are expensive and require trainees to be in the same place at the same time, whereas online computer-based simulations, or virtual worlds, allow simultaneous participation from different locations. Here we present three virtual world studies for team training and assessment in acute-care medicine: (1) training emergency department (ED) teams to manage individual trauma cases; (2) prehospital and in-hospital disaster preparedness training; (3) training ED and hospital staff to manage mass casualties after chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, or explosive incidents. The research team created realistic virtual victims of trauma (6 cases), nerve toxin exposure (10 cases), and blast trauma (10 cases); the latter two groups were supported by rules-based, pathophysiologic models of asphyxia and hypovolemia. Evaluation of these virtual world simulation exercises shows that trainees find them to be adequately realistic to "suspend disbelief," and they quickly learn to use Internet voice communication and user interface to navigate their online character/avatar to work effectively in a critical care team. Our findings demonstrate that these virtual ED environments fulfill their promise of providing repeated practice opportunities in dispersed locations with uncommon, life-threatening trauma cases in a safe, reproducible, flexible setting.


World J Surg


World journal of surgery


LeRoy Heinrichs W,Youngblood P,Harter PM,Dev P




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  • Trauma evaluation of patients with chest injury in the 2008 earthquake of Wenchuan, Sechuan, China.

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  • Mirizzi syndrome: ten years experience from a teaching hospital in Riyadh.

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  • Cervical pharyngoesophageal and laryngotracheal injuries.

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  • Expression of pepsinogen C in gynecomastias and male breast carcinomas.

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  • Serum hyaluronate level for predicting subclinical liver dysfunction after hepatectomy.

    abstract::The serum hyaluronate (HA) level reflects sinusoidal endothelial cell function correlated with liver function. We have reviewed multiple liver function indicators from 37 patients who underwent hepatectomy for various liver diseases. The serum HA level was well correlated with the indocyanine green retention rate at 1...

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  • Differentiated thyroid cancer presenting with distant metastases: a population analysis over two decades.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC) with distant metastases at presentation is uncommon; the prognosis of patients with this condition is more favorable than for other cancers. Demographic, clinical, and pathologic characteristics are described at a population level; factors associated with long-term disease...

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  • Surgical management of malignant islet cell tumors.

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  • Bloodless liver resection using the monopolar floating ball plus ligasure diathermy: preliminary results of 16 liver resections.

    abstract::Blood loss during liver transection and ischemia-reperfusion injury associated with hepatic inflow occlusion are significant drawbacks during liver surgery. Sixteen patients underwent liver resection using the Monopolar Floating Ball (FB) plus LigaSure (LS) diathermy without occlusion of the hepatoduodenal ligament (g...

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  • Long-term results of hemostatic gastric suture in the treatment of esophagogastric varices.

    abstract::Portal azygos disconnection, using vein ligatures and a circumferential hemostatic suture of the gastric wall at the level of the upper pole, is a simple and a rapid technique that effectively controls bleeding from esophagogastric varices. Its low mortality rate in emergency cases or poor-risk patients can be of grea...

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  • Indications for early postoperative intraperitoneal chemotherapy of advanced gastric cancer: results of a prospective randomized trial.

    abstract::Previous analysis of this prospective randomized trial and meta-analysis of published randomized trials of adjuvant intraperitoneal chemotherapy demonstrated improved survival in patients with advanced gastric cancer. Simple criteria applicable at the time of surgery for patient selection were sought in this analysis....

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  • Long-term result of total versus partial fundoplication after esophagomyotomy for primary esophageal motor disorders.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The selection of the type of fundoplication or the necessity for an added fundoplication after esophagomyotomy (Heller's operation) for the treatment of achalasia remains controversial. The present retrospective study was designed to compare the long-term results of total and partial fundoplication on the my...

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  • Laparoscopic cholecystectomy for gallbladder disease in patients with severe cardiovascular disease.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Cardiovascular disease (CVD) and gallstones are reported to be strongly associated because both diseases are frequently part of a metabolic syndrome. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy (LC) has become the standard treatment for gallbladder disease around the world. Cardiovascular disease is considered as an absolu...

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  • A Double-Blinded Randomized Clinical Study on the Therapeutic Effect of Gastrografin in Prolonged Postoperative Ileus After Elective Colorectal Surgery.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Postoperative ileus is a common problem with significant clinical and economic consequences. We hypothesized that Gastrografin may have therapeutic utility by accelerating the recovery of postoperative ileus after colorectal surgery. The aim of this trial was to study the impact of oral Gastrografin administ...

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  • Implementation Analysis of a Perioperative Patient Safety Program in Guatemala.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The implementation of programs to improve patient safety remains challenging in low- and middle-income countries. The goal of our study was to define the barriers and facilitators to implementation of a perioperative patient safety program in Guatemala. MATERIAL AND METHODS:We conducted semi-structured inte...

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  • Nonoperative management of intraabdominal hypertension and abdominal compartment syndrome.

    abstract::Intraabdominal hypertension (IAH) and abdominal compartment syndrome (ACS) have detrimental effects on all organ systems and are associated with significant morbidity and mortality. In recent years, the diagnosis and management of these syndromes has evolved tremendously, and the importance of comprehensive strategies...

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