Nickel allergy--prevalence in a population of Swedish youths from patch test and questionnaire data.


BACKGROUND:The prevalence of body piercing and orthodontic treatment has increased during recent decades. Such changes in lifestyle may influence the occurrence of nickel allergy. OBJECTIVES:The aim of this study was to describe the prevalence of nickel allergy in a Swedish youth population. METHODS:In a cross-sectional survey, 6095 adolescents answered a questionnaire on their lifestyle and medical history, and 4439 consented to patch testing for contact allergy. Patch test results were adjusted for dropouts by a missing value analysis. RESULTS:The prevalence of self-reported dermatitis from contact with metal items was 14.8%. Patch testing showed nickel sensitization in 9.9% of the subjects, and in significantly more girls than boys, 13.3% versus 2.5%, respectively. Taking the dropout into account, the estimated true prevalence of nickel sensitivity evaluated by test reading at D4 is 11.8% in girls and 1.6% in boys. CONCLUSIONS:The prevalence of nickel sensitization was higher for girls and slightly lower for boys compared with previous Swedish data. Self-reported information on metal dermatitis as an estimate of nickel allergy has low validity. When possible, missing value analysis should be performed to account for dropouts.


Contact Dermatitis


Contact dermatitis


Fors R,Persson M,Bergström E,Stenlund H,Stymne B,Stenberg B




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