Cloning and functional comparison of a high-affinity K+ transporter gene PhaHKT1 of salt-tolerant and salt-sensitive reed plants.


:To understand the mechanisms of ion homeostasis in salt-tolerant and salt-sensitive plants, cDNAs for a high-affinity K(+) transporter PhaHKT1 were isolated from salt-sensitive (Utsunomiya) and salt-tolerant (Nanpi, Enchi) reed plants. A cDNA of Utsunomiya (PhaHKT1-u) contained two insertions in the region corresponding to the first and second introns of the PhaHKT1 gene, which resulted in a sequence 141 amino acid residues shorter than that of Nanpi. Expression of PhaHKT1 mRNA was detected in the roots of Nanpi and Enchi plants under K(+) starvation conditions and also under Na(+) treatment conditions, whereas it was only slightly detected in the roots of Utsunomiya plants under each of these conditions. In the upper parts, PhaHKT1 expression was detected in the Utsunomiya plants, and two signals were obtained in the Nanpi and Enchi plants under all and K(+) starvation conditions, respectively. Yeasts expressing the PhaHKT1 of Nanpi (PhaHKT1-n) or the PhaHKT1 of Enchi (PhaHKT1-e) grew better in the presence of NaCl than yeast expressing PhaHKT1-u. Furthermore, yeast expressing a chimeric cDNA containing the 5' region of the Utsunomiya gene and the 3' region of the Nanpi gene had partial salt tolerance, and yeast expressing a chimeric cDNA containing the 5' region of the Nanpi gene and the 3' region of the Utsunomiya gene had a reduced ability to take up ions. These results suggest that PhaHKT1 plays an important role in the acquisition of K(+) and maintenance of ion balance under saline conditions.


J Exp Bot


Takahashi R,Liu S,Takano T




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  • Soluble methionine enhances accumulation of a 15 kDa zein, a methionine-rich storage protein, in transgenic alfalfa but not in transgenic tobacco plants.

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    abstract::The disruption of K(+) transport and accumulation is symptomatic of NH(4)(+) toxicity in plants. In this study, the influence of K(+) supply (0.02-40 mM) and nitrogen source (10 mM NH(4)(+) or NO(3)(-)) on root plasma membrane K(+) fluxes and cytosolic K(+) pools, plant growth, and whole-plant K(+) distribution in the...

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  • KNOX protein KNAT1 regulates fruitlet abscission in litchi by repressing ethylene biosynthetic genes.

    abstract::Abscission is triggered by multiple environmental and developmental cues, including endogenous plant hormones. KNOTTED-LIKE HOMEOBOX (KNOX) transcription factors (TFs) play an important role in controlling abscission in plants. However, the underlying molecular mechanism of KNOX TFs in abscission is largely unknown. H...

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  • Variation in the shoot calcium content of angiosperms.

    abstract::This study describes the variation in the mean relative shoot Ca content within the angiosperms at the ordinal level. Data were derived from studies in the literature in which the shoot Ca content of two or more species had been compared, and from a hydroponic experiment in which plants were selected to represent the ...

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