Hodgkin's lymphoma associated T-cells exhibit a transcription factor profile consistent with distinct lymphoid compartments.


BACKGROUND:Hodgkin's lymphoma (HL) is characterised by an ineffective immune response that is predominantly mediated by CD4+ T-cells. AIMS:To analyse the expression of the key regulatory T-cell transcription factors (TFs) in the T-cells of HL involved tissues in order to assess the nature of the T(H) immune response in HL. METHODS AND RESULTS:By immunohistochemistry, GATA3 was strongly and T-bet exclusively expressed in a subset of interfollicular lymphocytes in the reactive lymphoid tissues. In classical HL (CHL), which is generally located in the interfollicular zones, a predominance of T-bet+ T-cells and lesser amounts of GATA3+ and c-Maf+ T-cells was found, concordant with the pattern of the normal interfollicular compartment. In reactive lymphoid tissues, c-Maf was observed mostly in T-lymphocytes within the germinal centres (GCs). Nodular lymphocyte predominance type of Hodgkin's lymphoma (NLPHL) and progressively transformed germinal centres cases, showed a majority of c-Maf+ T-cells, consistent with the pattern in normal GCs. NLPHL cases uniformly showed c-Maf+/CD57+ T-cell rosettes around the neoplastic cells; these rosettes were absent in "paragranuloma-type" T-cell/histiocyte rich B-cell lymphoma. CONCLUSIONS:T-cell TF expression profiles of the reactive T-cells in both subtypes of HL are in accordance with the expression profile observed in the distinct lymphoid compartments.


J Clin Pathol


Atayar C,van den Berg A,Blokzijl T,Boot M,Gascoyne RD,Visser L,Poppema S




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