Surgical procedures for melanoma in public and private New South Wales hospitals, 2001-2002.


BACKGROUND:Evidence suggests that there is considerable variation in the types of procedures used to treat cancer. This variation may result in suboptimal or cost-ineffective care. The present study examined the variation in surgical treatment of melanoma before the establishment of a Melanoma Network that could promote more uniform high-quality care in New South Wales (NSW). The variations in the use of surgical procedures for melanoma by NSW Area Health Service of patient residence were examined. METHODS:Data in the Health Information Exchange of NSW Health collected on procedures carried out on patients with a diagnosis of melanoma in NSW public and private hospitals from 1 July 2001 to 30 June 2002 were examined. Data were aggregated by Area Health Services of patient residence. These data were compared with the numbers of new cases of melanoma notified to the NSW Central Cancer Registry in the same areas in 2001-2002. Excision of skin lesions, skin grafting and numbers and types of lymph node procedures were examined. RESULTS:During the study period, the Central Cancer Registry reported that there were 3085 notifications of melanoma, whereas hospital inpatient data recorded that 6864 procedures were carried out for patients with a melanoma diagnosis in NSW public and private hospitals. Sixty-seven per cent of procedures were carried out in private hospitals. A total of 852 skin grafting procedures were recorded. Of these, 60% were carried out in private hospitals. The average proportion of skin grafts associated with excisions in NSW was 30% (range, 0-53%). Eight hundred and fifty-eight lymph node procedures were recorded for 747 NSW residents. These were biopsies, excisions or both. Forty per cent were carried out in private hospitals. The average proportion of new cases of melanoma associated with a lymph node procedure in NSW was 28% (range, 0-47%). CONCLUSION:Most of the inpatient procedures for patients with melanoma were carried out in private hospitals. The proportions of new cases that underwent skin grafting after excision, or underwent lymph node dissection, varied more than fivefold from one Area Health Service to another. This may indicate variations in casemix, variations in clinical practice or both.


ANZ J Surg


ANZ journal of surgery


Barton MB,Gabriel GS,Frommer MS,Holt PE,Thompson JF




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