Vitamin K supplementation during prophylactic use of cefoperazone in urologic surgery.


:Cefoperazone, an antibiotic commonly used for prophylaxis of infection, has been associated with hypoprothrombinemia and bleeding. To reduce the risk of bleeding, co-administration of vitamin K has been advised. We reassessed the need for vitamin K use in a retrospective analysis of 50 patients undergoing urologic procedures and who had received cefoperazone for three days to prevent infection. Eleven of 50 patients were given vitamin K because of liver or renal disease. Prothrombin time was not elevated in any of the 50 patients analyzed. We conclude that routine use of vitamin K with cefoperazone for perioperative prophylaxis of infection may be unwarranted in patients without identified risk for bleeding.






Rockoff SD,Blumenfrucht MJ,Irwin RJ Jr,Eng RH





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