Phase II trial of gemcitabine plus trastuzumab in metastatic breast cancer patients previously treated with chemotherapy: preliminary results.


:Preliminary results of a phase II study of gemcitabine plus trastuzumab in previously treated (up to 3 previous regimens) metastatic breast cancer patients are presented. Patients had histologically confirmed metastatic breast cancer, with 2+ or 3+ tumor HER2 expression. Treatment consisted of gemcitabine 1200 mg/m2 over 30 minutes intravenously on days 1 and 8 every 21 days, and trastuzumab 4 mg/kg over 90 minutes, followed by 2 mg/kg infused over 30 minutes weekly. Treatment was continued until disease progression or unacceptable toxicity occurred. Preliminary results are available on the first 38 patients enrolled. Median patient age was 53 years, 53% had estrogen receptor/progesterone receptor-positive disease, and HER2 staining was 2+ in 39% and 3+ in 61% of patients. There was a median of 3 previously administered (including adjuvant) chemotherapy regimens, and a median of 4.5 treatment cycles per patient has been administered so far. Twelve patients (32%) have had an objective partial response, with a median response duration of 8.6 months. Median time to disease progression is 6.7 months to date, with a median overall survival of 10.2 months. No unexpected toxicities or grade 4 nonhematologic toxicities have been observed; 2 patients developed grade 4 neutropenia and 1 patient had febrile neutropenia. Thus, gemcitabine/ trastuzumab resulted in an encouraging 32% response rate, given the heavily pretreated patient population. Tolerability was good overall, with no unexpected side effects observed.


Clin Breast Cancer


Clinical breast cancer


O'Shaughnessy J,Vukelja SJ,Marsland T,Kimmel G,Ratnam S,Pippen J





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  • Phase II, Multicenter, Single-arm Trial of Eribulin as First-line Therapy for Patients With Aggressive Taxane-pretreated HER2-Negative Metastatic Breast Cancer: The MERIBEL Study.

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  • Rationale and design of a phase III trial of adjuvant sequential epirubicin/ cyclophosphamide and taxane versus concurrent epirubicin/taxane in operable node-positive breast cancer.

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  • JAK2 and PD-L1 Amplification Enhance the Dynamic Expression of PD-L1 in Triple-negative Breast Cancer.

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  • The study of tamoxifen and raloxifene: preliminary enrollment data from a randomized breast cancer risk reduction trial.

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  • Prevalence of Ectopic Breast Tissue and Tumor: A 20-Year Single Center Experience.

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  • Predicting Brain Metastasis in Breast Cancer Patients: Stage Versus Biology.

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  • Case-Based Review and Clinical Guidance on the Use of Genomic Assays for Early-Stage Breast Cancer: Breast Cancer Therapy Expert Group (BCTEG).

    abstract::In addition to classical clinicopathologic factors, such as hormone receptor positivity, human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) status, and tumor size, grade, and lymph node status, a number of commercially available genomic tests may be used to help inform treatment decisions for early breast cancer patients...

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  • Pharmacodynamics of tubulin and tubulin-binding agents: extending their potential beyond taxanes.

    abstract::Chemotherapeutic agents that disrupt the assembly or disassembly of microtubules, including paclitaxel and docetaxel, are among the most commonly prescribed anticancer therapies. However, the utility of taxane-based therapy is limited principally by problems with formulation, slow administration, cumulative neurotoxic...

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