Reassessment of the cancer mortality risk among Hiroshima atomic-bomb survivors using a new dosimetry system, ABS2000D, compared with ABS93D.


:The aim of the present study was to examine the excess relative risk for leukemia mortality and all cancers, except leukemia, among Hiroshima atomic-bomb survivors by applying ABS93D and ABS2000D. Particular attention was given to any difference in the neutron-dose estimates between the two dosimetry systems. The study subjects were 51,532 atomic-bomb survivors registered in a database of the Research Institute for Radiation Biology and Medicine of Hiroshima University (RIRBM). The results obtained by both dosimetry systems are similar: the excess relative risk per Sv for leukemia mortality and all cancers except leukemia is significantly higher compared to the control group. In addition, the difference in the excess relative risks between the two systems is not significant. Therefore, it is indicated that a modification of the neutron-dose estimates would not markedly change the conclusions about the cancer mortality risk.


J Radiat Res


Katayama H,Matsuura M,Endo S,Hoshi M,Ohtaki M,Hayakawa N





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2002-03-01 00:00:00












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