Characterisation of murine cytomegalovirus myocarditis: cellular infiltration of the heart and virus persistence.


:Myocarditis triggered by a viral infection has integral viral and immunological aspects associated with the pathogenesis of disease. The present study was performed to analyse the cellular inflammatory response in the heart and cytomegalovirus replication during the development of myocarditis in vivo. We examined murine cytomegalovirus in an animal model of myocarditis using both susceptible BALB/c and resistant C57BL/6 mice. The heart infiltrating cells of BALB/c mice were found to comprise predominantly CD8+ T cells, with other cells of the CD4+ T cell, macrophage, B cell and neutrophil phenotype. Infectious MCMV titres in the heart were low and replicative virus could not be isolated beyond the first week post-infection (p.i.). Direct viral lysis of myocytes in vitro and apoptosis of cardiac cells in vivo was observed. Furthermore, viral DNA was detected in the heart of both mouse strains throughout the development of chronic disease. Viral gB RNA was detected during the first 35 days p.i. However, viral transcript for ie1 RNA but not gB RNA was found in the heart during the late stage of disease, suggesting latent viral infection of the heart. Our findings suggest that maintenance of the chronic phase of myocarditis involving post-viral immunological responses can occur in the presence of little infectious virus replication in the heart.


J Mol Cell Cardiol


Lenzo JC,Fairweather D,Cull V,Shellam GR,James Lawson CM





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  • Quantifying antiarrhythmic drug blocking during action potentials in guinea-pig papillary muscle.

    abstract::This report examines the blocking effects that several antiarrhythmic drugs have on rapid upstroke velocities of action potentials recorded from guinea-pig papillary muscle. A mathematical analysis is developed, that measures an effective "blocking rate' that acts during the action potential with the purpose being to ...

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  • Maturational differences in bioenergetic state and purine formation during "supply" and "demand" ischemia.

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    abstract::Connexin40 (Cx40) and connexin45 (Cx45) are involved in both cardiac morphogenesis and propagation of electrical activity. We found that Cx40/Cx45 double deficiency (Cx40(-/-)/Cx45(+/-)) causes a variety of cardiac defects leading to high mortality during embryonic development and at birth. The majority of Cx40(-/-)/C...

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  • Regulation of the endothelin-1 transmembrane signaling pathway: the potential role of agonist-induced desensitization in the coronary artery of the rapid ventricular pacing-overdrive dog model of heart failure.

    abstract::This study examined the potential role of ET-1 and the contribution of protein kinase C (PKC) in the desensitization of the ET-1 transmembrane signaling pathway in the left circumflex coronary artery (CCA) of a dog model of congestive heart failure (CHF). In the CCA of the rapid ventricular pacing-overdrive dog model ...

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  • Stimulation of DNA synthesis by PDGF in the newt cardiac myocyte.

    abstract::The adult newt cardiac ventricular myocyte has been successfully placed in cell culture and has been shown to undergo in vitro DNA synthesis. Although several growth factors have been reported to increase DNA synthesis in cardiac myocytes in vitro, PDGF has not been reported to do so, but has been shown to be active i...

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  • Taurine depletion caused by knocking out the taurine transporter gene leads to cardiomyopathy with cardiac atrophy.

    abstract::The sulfur-containing beta-amino acid, taurine, is the most abundant free amino acid in cardiac and skeletal muscle. Although its physiological function has not been established, it is thought to play an important role in ion movement, calcium handling, osmoregulation and cytoprotection. To begin examining the physiol...

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  • Adenosine receptor blockade enhances isoproterenol-induced increases in cardiac interstitial adenosine.

    abstract::The failure of adenosine receptor antagonists to consistently attenuate metabolic coronary vasodilation suggests that adenosine is not a primary regulator of functional hyperemia. An alternative hypothesis, however, is that metabolic stimulation of the heart in the presence of an adenosine receptor antagonist results ...

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  • Enrichment of G protein alpha-subunit mRNAS in the AV-conducting system of the mammalian heart.

    abstract::We investigated the expression pattern of the heterotrimeric G proteins Gs alpha, Gi alpha-2 and Go alpha in rat and guinea-pig heart by in situ hybridization. Cryosections were hybridized with single-stranded 35S-cRNA probes complementary to subtype-specific sequences of the respective mRNAs. Hybridization signals we...

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