Clinicopathological prognostic factors and impact of surgical treatment of mass-forming intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma.


:The clinicopathological characteristics relevant to prognosis after surgical treatment of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma (ICC) remain unclear. In this study, the clinicopathological features of 19 patients with mass-forming ICC, the most common form of the disease, were reviewed to analyze prognostic determinants. Two or more segmentectomies of the liver with systematic lymphadenectomy were performed in 18 patients. Resection of the extrahepatic bile duct was performed in 14 patients, and reconstruction of the portal vein was accomplished in 5 patients. Stage IVA or IVB tumors were seen in 13 patients, and lymph node (LN) metastasis was present in 14 patients. The estimated 5-year survival rate after surgery for mass-forming ICC was 28%, with median survival time of 18 months. In univariate analysis, five variables were determined to be significantly correlated with poor survival of patients with mass-forming ICC after surgery. These variables include mass-forming ICC with periductal infiltration, perineural invasion, portal vein invasion, presence of intrahepatic metastasis, and two or more LN metastases. Survival rates of 5 patients without LN metastasis and 6 patients with a single LN metastasis were 80% and 33% at 5 years, respectively, while 8 patients with two or more LN metastasis failed to survive beyond 2 years. Multivariate analysis revealed the presence of intrahepatic metastasis to be an independent prognostic factor of poor survival. Hepatectomy with resection of the extrahepatic bile duct and systematic lymphadenectomy yields a good chance for prolonged survival for patients with mass-forming ICC when the lesion is singular and LN metastasis is limited to a regional LN. Because the presence of intrahepatic metastasis was closely related to a poor prognosis in patients with mass-forming ICC, efficacious chemotherapy would be needed to control development of the lesion.


World J Surg


World journal of surgery


Suzuki S,Sakaguchi T,Yokoi Y,Okamoto K,Kurachi K,Tsuchiya Y,Okumura T,Konno H,Baba S,Nakamura S





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