ERIC- and REP-PCR amplify non-repetitive fragments from the genome of Drechslera avenae and Stemphylium solani.


:In the present study, the homology relationships among fragments amplified by ERIC (Enterobacterial Repetitive Intergenic Consensus) and REP (Repetitive Extragenic Palindromic) primers in Drechslera avenae and Stemphylium solani causing leaf blotch and black spot of oats and leaf blight of cotton, respectively, were investigated by Southern hybridization followed by DNA sequencing. ERIC- and REP-PCR were performed for 24 isolates of D. avenae and 33 isolates of S. solani. The banding patterns obtained were transferred to nylon membranes and a total of 16 fragments, four ERIC and four REP bands from each fungus, used as probes. The hybridization and DNA sequencing revealed a low degree of similarity among the bands indicating that the regions amplified by these primers are not repetitive and that the primers anneal at random regions in the genomes of D. avenae and S. solani.


FEMS Microbiol Lett


Mehta A,Mehta YR,Rosato YB





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2002-05-21 00:00:00














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  • Adenylate kinase isoenzymes in Aspergillus nidulans.

    abstract::Adenylate kinase isoenzymes localised in the mitochondria and in the cytosol have been detected in extracts of glucose-grown Aspergillus nidulans using specific staining after electrophoresis on cellulose acetate. The isoenzymes have similar Km values for AMP, ADP and MgATP2- but may differ in the mechanism used for i...

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  • Transcriptional regulation of pentose utilisation systems in the Bacillus/Clostridium group of bacteria.

    abstract::In Bacillus subtilis, utilisation of xylose, arabinose and ribose is controlled by the transcriptional factors XylR, AraR and RbsR, respectively. Here we apply the comparative approach to the analysis of these regulons in the Bacillus/Clostridium group. Evolutionary variability of operon structures is demonstrated and...

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  • Inactivation of the petE gene encoding plastocyanin causes different photosynthetic responses in cyanobacterium Synechocystis PCC 6803 under light-dark photoperiod and continuous light conditions.

    abstract::Plastocyanin, encoded by the petE gene, can transfer electrons to photosystem I (PSI) and cytochrome c oxidase during photosynthetic and respiratory metabolism in cyanobacteria. We constructed a petE mutant of Synechocystis sp. strain PCC 6803 and investigated its phenotypic properties under different light conditions...

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