A major gene influences variation in large HDL particles and their response to diet in baboons.


:Some baboons accumulate appreciable amounts of large apoE-rich HDLs (HDL(1)) which are similar to those reported in humans with several different dyslipoproteinemias. We estimated HDL(1) cholesterol concentrations by gradient gel electrophoresis of serum samples obtained from 634 pedigreed baboons fed with three diets differing in levels of fat and cholesterol. The HDL(1) trait was highly heritable on each diet (0.390< or =h(2)< or =0.528). Segregation analyses yielded significant evidence that a single major gene plus polygenes affected HDL(1) on a high-fat low-cholesterol diet. The major gene explained approximately 56% of total trait variance and 90% of the additive genetic variance in HDL(1) levels in these baboons. Bivariate one-locus segregation analyses indicated that this major gene exerts significant pleiotropic effects on a number of traditional HDL traits on all three diets, including HDL size distributions, and concentrations of HDL-C, apoAI, and apoE. Linkage analyses showed that this major gene was not located in chromosomal regions that contain six candidate genes whose protein products are important to HDL metabolism (LCAT, CETP, APOA1, APOE, ABCA1, LIPC). Our results suggest this major gene in baboons plays a pivotal role in HDL metabolism, but is unlikely to code for any of the proteins previously implicated in studies of human HDL(1).






Rainwater DL,Kammerer CM,Cox LA,Rogers J,Carey KD,Dyke B,Mahaney MC,McGill HC Jr,VandeBerg JL





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  • Pharmacological inhibition of BLT1 diminishes early abdominal aneurysm formation.

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  • Hyperimmunization of apo-E-deficient mice with homologous malondialdehyde low-density lipoprotein suppresses early atherogenesis.

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  • A normotriglyceridemic, low HDL-cholesterol phenotype is characterised by elevated oxidative stress and HDL particles with attenuated antioxidative activity.

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  • Vascular risk factors, vascular disease, lipids and lipid targets in patients with familial dysbetalipoproteinemia: a European cross-sectional study.

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  • Circulating cadmium concentration and risk of aortic aneurysms: A nested case-control study within the Malmö Diet and Cancer cohort.

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND AIMS:Diet and smoking expose the general population to cadmium (Cd), which is a toxic metal that accumulates in the arterial wall. In experimental studies, Cd causes reductions in proliferation of smooth muscle cells and cellular synthesis of procollagen. The aim of this study was to examine whether bloo...


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  • EGF mediates monocyte chemotaxis and macrophage proliferation and EGF receptor is expressed in atherosclerotic plaques.

    abstract::The recruitment of peripheral monocytes to the sub-endothelial space, their development into macrophages and subsequent proliferation are critical events during atherosclerosis. Receptors for epidermal growth factor (EGF) have been identified on cells of the myeloid lineage, but a role for them in atherogenesis has ye...


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  • Apolipoprotein E mimetic is more effective than apolipoprotein A-I mimetic in reducing lesion formation in older female apo E null mice.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The apolipoprotein E mimetic peptide Ac-hE18A-NH(2), capable of reducing plasma cholesterol and possessing anti-inflammatory properties, was compared with the well-studied anti-atherogenic apoA-I mimetic peptide 4F for reducing lesion formation in female apoE null mice with already existing lesions. METHODS ...


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  • Protein content and composition of human high density lipoprotein subfractions.

    abstract::High density lipoprotein (HDL) was fractionated by ion exchange column chromatography using a continuous NaCl gradient of 0.06--0.13 M. It was found that, on the basic C apoprotein content, HDL is comprised of 3 subfractions. All 3 subfractions contain apo A-I and apo A-II but the apo A-I/apo A-II ratio is different i...


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  • SR-PSOX at sites predisposed to atherosclerotic lesion formation mediates monocyte-endothelial cell adhesion.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The scavenger receptor SR-PSOX/CXCL16, which is identical to the chemokine CXCL16, is thought to be involved in atherogenesis. However, the presence and function of SR-PSOX/CXCL16 in the endothelium of atherosclerotic arteries has not been substantiated. METHODS AND RESULTS:In rabbit aorta immunocytochemistr...


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    abstract::Serum lipids, lipoprotein (a), plasminogen activator inhibitor and tissue plasminogen activator levels were measured in 260 subjects, constituting a cross-section sample of 30-60-year-old men and women. For Lp(a), there were positive correlations with age and cholesterol, but not with any of other measured parameters....


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  • Transcriptional regulation of the human sterol 27-hydroxylase gene (CYP27) and promoter mapping.

    abstract::Recent evidence suggests that sterol 27-hydroxylase may play a role in cholesterol homeostasis and affect atherogenesis. The major objective of the study was to map and characterize the sterol 27-hydroxylase (CYP27) promoter region. Here we show that CYP27 gene has a TATA-less promoter and transcription initiates at a...


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  • The association of adjusted Global AntiphosPholipid Syndrome Score (aGAPSS) with cardiovascular disease in subjects with antiphospholipid antibodies.

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND AIMS:Cardiovascular disease (CVD), including coronary artery disease and stroke/peripheral artery disease, is less commonly reported than venous thromboembolism in subjects with antiphospholipid antibodies (aPLs) and little is known about the association of CVD with adjusted Global AntiphosPholipid Syndr...


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    authors: Di Minno MND,Scalera A,Tufano A,Ambrosino P,Bettiol A,Silvestri E,Emmi G,Prisco D

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  • Postmenopausal estrogen and heart disease.

    abstract::A protective effect of estrogen is the most obvious reason for the substantial and consistent favored status of women vs. men with regard to coronary heart disease (CHD). This paper briefly reviews the history of studies of the estrogen-heart disease hypothesis, the reason why clinical trials of postmenopausal estroge...


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    authors: Barrett-Connor E

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  • Arteriosclerosis in the African elephant: Part 2. Medial sclerosis.

    abstract:SUMMARY:A type of spontaneous arteriosclerosis, described as medial sclerosis and quite distinct from atherosclerosis, was found in the aortas, coronary arteries and aortic branch arteries of free-living elephants (Loxodonta africana) in Uganda and Kenya. The lesions took the form of calcified fibrotic plaques in the i...


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  • Association of arterial stiffness and diabetes with triglycerides-to-HDL cholesterol ratio for Japanese men: the Nagasaki Islands Study.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Although many studies have reported that elevated serum triglycerides to high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (TG-HDL) ratios constitute a risk for insulin resistance and increased arterial stiffness, no study has clarified as yet the association, in terms of the TG-HDL ratio, between diabetes and increased a...


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