A numerical simulation of mechanical heart valve closure fluid dynamics.


:A computational fluid dynamics model for the analysis of the bileaflet mechanical heart valve closure process is presented. The objective of the study is to demonstrate the ability of the numerical model to simulate the leaflet motion during the closing phase in order to investigate the closure fluid dynamics and to evaluate the effect of alterations in the leaflet tip geometry. The model has been applied to six different combinations of the leaflet tip geometry and the gap width between the leaflet tip and the housing. The results show that the negative pressure quickly develops on the atrial side of the leaflet tip. The pressure becomes more negative as the leaflet closure progresses and the lowest pressure is reached before the leaflet comes to a stop in the closed position. The flow dynamics at the instant of valve closure is strongly dependent on the leaflet velocity during the closing phase. Decrease of the tip velocity by a factor of three in the last four degrees of leaflet motion leads to a 50% reduction in the negative pressure magnitude.


J Biomech


Journal of biomechanics


Lai YG,Chandran KB,Lemmon J





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2002-07-01 00:00:00














  • In vivo porcine left atrial wall stress: Effect of ventricular tachypacing on spatial and temporal stress distribution.

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  • Patterns in the knee flexion-extension moment profile during stair ascent and descent in patients with total knee arthroplasty.

    abstract::The aim of this study was to investigate the prevalence of abnormal knee biomechanical patterns in 40 patients with a modern TKA prosthesis, compared to 40 matched control participants when ascending and descending stairs. Fewer patients were able to ascend (65%) or descend stairs (53%) unassisted than controls (83%)....

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  • Understanding stress concentration about a nutrient foramen.

    abstract::We investigated the microstructural basis of a reduced stress concentration around the primary nutrient foramen of the equine third metacarpus. We quantified the spatial variations of compositional parameters (mineral content, volume fraction, histological architecture, and osteonal trajectories) from microradiographs...

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  • Velocity profiles in the wake of two prosthetic heart valves using a new cardiovascular simulator.

    abstract::In this paper we present a study of the post valvular flow field on a new cardiovascular simulator including an elastic model of the aortic arch. Transverse and vertical two-dimensional velocity measurements are performed with an ultrasonic velocimeter. Two prosthetic heart valves are tested in the aortic position. Th...

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  • Cross sectional area measurement of tendon and ligament in vitro: a simple, rapid, non-destructive technique.

    abstract::The structural properties of tendons and ligaments are integral to their ability to function effectively in vivo and are determined from both the geometrical form and material properties. Many studies of tendon and ligament include a mechanical assessment of the structure in vitro. However, to determine the material p...

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