Parental smoking: asthma and wheezing illnesses in infants and children.


:Parental smoking has an important impact on asthma and wheezing illnesses in infants and children. In utero exposure is associated with impaired lung growth and wheezing illnesses, particularly in preschool children. Exposure to environmental tobacco smoke is associated with increased wheezing illnesses and increased symptoms in asthmatics. There are no consistent data to confirm an effect of in utero or postnatal cigarette smoke exposure on the prevalence of asthma but there is evidence of increased severity of symptoms. The detrimental effects of parental smoking on lung growth will have an impact on respiratory health throughout life.


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  • Pulmonary complications of endocrine and metabolic disorders.

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  • Newer treatment modalities for pediatric obstructive sleep apnea.

    abstract::The obstructive sleep apnea syndrome is common and its prevalence is expected to increase with the current obesity epidemic. If left untreated, it is associated with important morbidity such as growth failure, neurocognitive impairment, systemic and pulmonary hypertension, and endothelial dysfunction. Recent research ...

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  • Fertility issues in cystic fibrosis.

    abstract::With increasing survival in cystic fibrosis (CF) there is an increasing need to deal with the desires of CF patients to become parents. In the context of 98% male infertility in CF, new techniques offer the prospect of successful parenthood. For females, successful pregnancy is possible but careful planning is require...

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  • Chest wall abnormalities and their clinical significance in childhood.

    abstract::The thorax consists of the rib cage and the respiratory muscles. It houses and protects the various intrathoracic organs such as the lungs, heart, vessels, esophagus, nerves etc. It also serves as the so-called "respiratory pump" that generates the movement of air into the lungs while it prevents their total collapse ...

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  • The burden of asthma in children: an Australian perspective.

    abstract::The burden of asthma among children is high in Australia compared with many other countries. Recent data show that 14-16% of children report a diagnosis of asthma that remains a problem. Boys, children under the age of 5 years and urban indigenous children experience a greater burden of asthma than other children. Mor...

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  • Stem cells of the respiratory tract.

    abstract::Childhood respiratory diseases are accompanied by various forms of epithelial repair and remodelling. Respiratory stem cells are likely to be of great importance in these processes but their identification remains uncertain. By contrast, an enormous effort has been made to identify specific markers of stem cells of ot...

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  • Congenital upper airway obstruction.

    abstract::Most causes of upper airway obstruction are rare in the neonatal period and during infancy. They may, however, cause major respiratory problems either initially or during the first few weeks of life. It is important to recognise these problems at an early stage so that appropriate measures to overcome airway obstructi...

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  • Tracheostomy care in the home.

    abstract::There are hardly any controlled studies in paediatric tracheostomy care; instead, most established standards, procedures and details have been elaborated at the bedside by trial and error. Once the appropriate tube is chosen, tube care consists of tube change, fixation, management of secretions, humidification of insp...

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  • Biomarkers of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection: specific neutrophil and cytokine levels provide increased accuracy in predicting disease severity.

    abstract::Despite fundamental advances in the research on respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) since its initial identification almost 60 years ago, recurring failures in developing vaccines and pharmacologic strategies effective in controlling the infection have allowed RSV to become a leading cause of global infant morbidity and...

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