RNase E and polyadenyl polymerase I are involved in maturation of CI RNA, the P4 phage immunity factor.


:Bacteriophage P4 immunity is controlled by a small stable RNA (CI RNA) that derives from the processing of primary transcripts. In previous works, we observed that the endonuclease RNase P is required for the maturation of CI RNA 5'-end; moreover, we found that polynucleotide phosphorylase (PNPase), a 3' to 5' RNA-degrading enzyme, is required for efficient 5'-end processing of CI RNA, suggesting that 3'-end degradation of the primary transcript might be involved in the production of proper RNase P substrates. Here, we demonstrate that another Escherichia coli nuclease, RNase E, would appear to be involved in this process. We found that transcripts of the P4 immunity region are modified by the post-transcriptional addition of short poly(A) tails and heteropolymeric tails with prevalence of A residues. Most oligoadenylated transcripts encompass the whole cI locus and are thus compatible as intermediates in the CI RNA maturation pathway. On the contrary, in a polynucleotide phosphorylase (PNPase)-defective host, adenylation occurred most frequently within cI, implying that such transcripts are targeted for degradation. We did not find polyadenylation in a pcnB mutant, suggesting that the pcnB-encoded polyadenyl polymerase I (PAP I) is the only enzyme responsible for modification of P4 immunity transcripts. Maturation of CI RNA 5'-end in such a mutant was impaired, further supporting the idea that processing of the 3'-end of primary transcripts is an important step for efficient maturation of CI RNA by RNase P.


J Mol Biol


Briani F,Del Vecchio E,Migliorini D,Hajnsdorf E,Régnier P,Ghisotti D,Dehò G





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