"Real world" atypical antipsychotic prescribing practices in public child and adolescent inpatient settings.


:This article examines the factors that influence antipsychotic use among youth treated in public inpatient facilities. By combining data from 11 focus groups, a survey of 43 researchers and clinicians, and a chart review of 100 closed patient charts, we investigated the interplay between physicians' and staff members' perceptions of problems related to antipsychotic prescribing, their beliefs concerning optimal approaches, their actual recorded prescribing behaviors, and the discrepancies between their beliefs and their recorded practices. We discovered that antipsychotics are prescribed broadly to treat a variety of conditions, including nonpsychotic disorders among children in public inpatient facilities. Despite overall expert consensus regarding "best practices," physicians described systemic obstacles that prevent the application of these practices, and our data confirmed that best practices are not always followed. Future research should be done with this patient population and should investigate the factors that influence antipsychotic use among inpatient youth.


Schizophr Bull


Schizophrenia bulletin


Pappadopulos E,Jensen PS,Schur SB,MacIntyre JC 2nd,Ketner S,Van Orden K,Sverd J,Sardana S,Woodlock D,Schweitzer R,Rube D





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    abstract::The original CHoice of Outcome In Cbt for psychosEs (CHOICE) measure was designed in collaboration with experts by experience as a patient-reported "Psychological Recovery" outcome measure for cognitive-behavioral therapy for psychosis (CBTp). A short version (CHOICE-SF) was developed to use as a brief outcome measure...

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    abstract::Thalamus abnormalities are common in neurological and psychiatric illnesses. Therefore, it is essential to understand the properties of the thalamus-related networks. The thalamic reticular nucleus (TRN) is a thin GABAergic layer interface strategically located between the thalamus and the neocortex. It is, at the ver...

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