Importance of lymph node metastases in follicular thyroid cancer.


:There are many concepts of risk and prognostic factor analysis for differentiated thyroid cancer. The prognostic role of lymph node metastases in follicular thyroid cancer (FTC), however, is still controversial. We performed a retrospective trial in 186 patients with FTC (124 women, 62 men; mean follow-up 5.5 years) questioning whether lymph node metastases and radical thyroid surgery with neck dissection contribute to the prognosis of FTC. Univariate analysis demonstrated that lymph node metastasesp <0.005), tumor size (p <0.005), tumor stage (p <0.005), distant metastases p = 0.0063), and gender (p = 0.003) are significant prognostic factors for recurrence (Kaplan-Meier). Tumor size (p = 0.004), lymph node metastases p = 0.0478), and distant metastases p = 0.0064) influenced mortality. Age and extent of surgery were not significant for recurrence nor was gender for mortality. Multivariate analysis (Cox regression test) characterized tumor size (p <0.005) and lymph node metastases p = 0.004) as prognostic factors for recurrence of FTC. No significant difference was detected between patients being treated by thyroidectomy when compared to patients treated by thyroidectomy plus neck dissection in relation to recurrence. Our data demonstrate lymph node metastases to be a significant prognostic factor for recurrence of FTC and the patient's survival. We advocate thyroidectomy plus central lymph node dissection as the basic surgical strategy. For T3 and T4 tumors, unilateral modified neck dissection is an all but optional procedure. Whether radical surgery with thyroidectomy plus neck dissection has an impact on survival remains questionable.


World J Surg


World journal of surgery


Witte J,Goretzki PE,Dieken J,Simon D,Röher HD





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2002-08-01 00:00:00












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