A newly developed socket design for a knee disarticulation amputee who is an active athlete.


:This case report describes a newly developed socket design for a world class knee disarticulation athlete. To meet the demands concerning especially the suspension of the prosthesis a new type of socket was developed. The socket is made from carbon fibres and polyaramid fibres and is designed with a slit in the socket creating a flexible flap. This allows the amputee to both increase and decrease the inner circumference of the socket, thereby allowing the amputee to adjust the socket to stump variations. According to the amputee the new design offers an excellent fit and enables him to concentrate fully on the technical aspects of the different disciplines.


Prosthet Orthot Int


Tingleff H,Jensen L





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  • A mechanically-actuated wave mattress.

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  • Interface pressures and shear stresses: sagittal plane angular alignment effects in three trans-tibial amputee case studies.

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  • The importance of being earnest about shank and thigh kinematics especially when using ankle-foot orthoses.

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  • Bondgraph modelling and simulation of the dynamic behaviour of above-knee prostheses.

    abstract::A mathematical model was used to investigate the dynamic behaviour of an above-knee (AK) prosthesis in the swing phase and to analyse the influence of mass and mass distribution on the maximal stump load and the required energy. The model consists of a bondgraph model of the prosthesis and a "walking" model which pred...

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  • The DEKA Arm: its features, functionality, and evolution during the Veterans Affairs Study to optimize the DEKA Arm.

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND AIM:DEKA Integrated Solutions Corp. (DEKA) was charged by the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency to design a prosthetic arm system that would be a dramatic improvement compared with the existing state of the art. The purpose of this article is to describe the two DEKA Arm prototypes (Gen 2 and Gen ...

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  • Evaluation of the psychophysical detection threshold level for vibrotactile and pressure stimulation of prosthetic limbs using bone anchorage or soft tissue support.

    abstract::In the present study the psychophysical detection threshold levels mechanical stimulation of 32 prosthetic limbs were determined. Prosthetic limbs were anchored to the bone by means of an implant (n=17) or supported by a socket enclosing the amputation stump (n=15). Detection threshold levels were assessed for pressur...

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  • Measurement of maximal end-weight-bearing in lower limb amputees.

    abstract::Modern sockets for lower limb amputees utilize total contact and distribute some weight on the stump end. Its tolerance to bear weight varies but is better after joint disarticulation, however, systematic measures have been missing. Different levels, indications, shapes etc. were analysed with 102 measurements in 69 p...

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  • Corrigendum.

    abstract::The benefits of using a vacuum-assisted socket system to improve balance and gait in elderly transtibial amputees by C Beatriz Samitier, Lluis Guirao, Maria Costea, Josep M Camós, and Eulogio Pleguezuelos. Prosthetics and Orthotics International 2016; 40: 83-88, DOI: 10.1177/0309364614546927. ...

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  • Effect of custom-made and prefabricated orthoses on grip strength in persons with carpal tunnel syndrome.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Based on the literature, patients with carpal tunnel syndrome are suggested to wear a custom-made wrist orthosis immobilizing the wrist in a neutral position. Many prefabricated orthoses are available on the market, but the majority of those do not assure neutral wrist position. OBJECTIVES:We hypothesized t...

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  • Significance of recumbent curvature in prediction of in-orthosis correction for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis.

    abstract:BACKGROUND::Prediction of in-orthosis curvature at pre-orthosis stage is valuable for the treatment planning for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, while the position of spinal curvature assessment that is effective for this prediction is still unknown. OBJECTIVES::To compare the spinal curvatures in different body posi...

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  • Function after through-knee compared with below-knee and above-knee amputation.

    abstract::Fifty-nine amputees, 24 below-knee (BK), 17 through-knee (TK) and 18 above-knee (AK) who had prosthetic replacements, were evaluated using a questionnaire which provided a quantitative and qualitative assessment scale for the prosthetic function. The ability to apply or don the prosthesis was noted in 100% of the BK, ...

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