The effect of instrumentation with two different file types, each with 2.5% NaOCl irrigation on the microhardness of root dentin.


:The aim of this study was to measure root-dentin microhardness after instrumentation with two types of files and using irrigation with 2.5% sodium hypochlorite. Thirty roots were instrumented with irrigation: 10 roots had the pulp extirpated only; 10 roots were instrumented with stainless steel files, and 10 roots were instrumented with rotary nickel-titanium (NiTi) files. Additionally, five roots were extirpated only without irrigation and served as a control. The roots were sliced and root-dentin microhardness was determined at depths of 500 microm and 1000 microm from the pulp-dentin interface. Significant differences were found between the microhardness at 500 microm and 1000 microm (p < 0.001) in all groups. Instrumentation with NiTi rotary files affected dentin microhardness significantly to a lesser extent.


J Endod


Journal of endodontics


Slutzky-Goldberg I,Liberman R,Heling I





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2002-04-01 00:00:00














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    abstract::Twenty volunteers with first molars free of restorations and caries were recruited. One molar from each arch was selected, and rubber dam was applied. Seven sites on each crown were electric pulp tested 4 times with an Elements Diagnostic Unit, and lowest threshold responses were recorded. Data were analyzed with one-...

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