Dynamic simulation of the natural and replaced human ankle joint.


:Disappointing results for total ankle replacement have been explained by poor knowledge of the mechanics of the intact and replaced joints. Dynamic simulation tools have the capacity to simulate dynamic conditions that occur in human joints. The Working Model 2D tool was used to simulate the mechanics of the intact and replaced ankle joints, based on previously validated mathematical models. Elementary objects were used to model ligaments, articular surfaces, retinacula and muscle-tendon units. The performance of several pairs of prosthetic articular surfaces was also analysed. According to the results of these simulations, rolling as well as sliding motion occurs in the natural ankle, governed by a ligamentous linkage. Elongation of the tibiocalcaneal and calcaneofibular ligaments was found to be 1.5% and 4.8%, respectively. A 13% change in lever arm length occurred for both the tibialis anterior and gastrocnemius muscles during ankle flexion. Unlike the currently available three-component designs, the newly proposed convex-tibial ligament-compatible prosthesis was found to be able to restore the original mobility and physiological function of the ligaments. This prosthesis combines freedom from restraint with congruity of the components throughout the range of flexion.


Med Biol Eng Comput


Leardini A,Moschella D





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2002-03-01 00:00:00












  • Radial strain assessment of the interventricular septum wall by a new technique in healthy subjects.

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  • Fully coupled fluid-structure interaction model of congenital bicuspid aortic valves: effect of asymmetry on hemodynamics.

    abstract::A bicuspid aortic valve (BAV) is a congenital cardiac disorder where the valve consists of only two cusps instead of three, as in a normal tricuspid valve (TAV). Although 97 % of BAVs include asymmetric cusps, little or no prior studies have investigated the blood flow through a three-dimensional BAV and root. The aim...

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  • Prototype algorithm for automated determination of gastric slow wave characteristics.

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  • Analysis and decision based on specialist self-assessment for prognosis factors of acute leukemia integrating data-driven Bayesian network and fuzzy cognitive map.

    abstract::The purpose of the present study is to analyze the prognostic factors of acute leukemia and to construct a decision model based on a causal relationship between the factors of this disease to assist medical specialists. In medical decisions, to reach effective, quick, and reliable results, there is a need for a simple...

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  • A comparison of two Hilbert spectral analyses of heart rate variability.

    abstract::The present paper compares the performance of two Hilbert spectral analyses when applied to a synthetic RR series from a nonstationary integral pulse frequency modulation model and to real RR series from a dataset of normal sinus arrhythmia. The Hilbert-Huang transformation based on empirical mode decomposition is com...

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  • Matching between theoretical and experimental data for ELF ion transport effects.

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  • Design, construction and evaluation of an ambulatory device for screening of sleep apnea.

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  • ECG signal analysis for the assessment of sleep-disordered breathing and sleep pattern.

    abstract::The diagnosis of sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) usually relies on the analysis of complex polysomnographic measurements performed in specialized sleep centers. Automatic signal analysis is a promising approach to reduce the diagnostic effort. This paper addresses SDB and sleep assessment solely based on the analysis...

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  • Uncertainty assessment of gamma-aminobutyric acid concentration of different brain regions in individual and group using residual bootstrap analysis.

    abstract::The aim of this work is to quantify individual and regional differences in the relative concentration of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in human brain with in vivo magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Spectral editing Mescher-Garwood point resolved spectroscopy (MEGA-PRESS) sequence and GABA analysis toolkit (Gannet) were...

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  • Automatic interpretation of hyperventilation-induced electroencephalogram constructed in the way of qualified electroencephalographer's visual inspection.

    abstract::Quantitative analysis and detection of electroencephalogram (EEG) recordings during evoked activities is essential for clinical diagnosis on neurological disorders. However, the process of interpreting EEG is time consuming for electroencephalographers (EEGers). In this study, an automatic EEG interpretation system co...

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  • Dynamics of magnetic particles in cylindrical Halbach array: implications for magnetic cell separation and drug targeting.

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  • Haemodynamic model of a unilateral iliac stenosis with an aortoiliac bypass.

    abstract::A hydrodynamic model for the part of the human arterial network below the renal arteries has been constructed using specially fabricated distensible tubes and a pulsatile pump to simulate an aortoiliac bypass. The experiments and the computer model indicated that no 'steal' occurred due to the insertion of the bypass ...

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  • Biphasic model of the trabecular meshwork in the eye.

    abstract::A biphasic continuum model for the flow of intraocular fluid, the aqueous humour, in the trabecular meshwork is proposed in the paper. The model considers the meshwork as a circular ring with uniform thickness of homogeneous, isotropic, viscoelastic material swollen with continuously percolating aqueous humour. The mo...

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  • Measurement of the local aortic stiffness by a non-invasive bioelectrical impedance technique.

    abstract::Aortic stiffness measurement is well recognized as an independent predictor of cardiovascular mortality and morbidity. Recently, a simple method has been proposed for the evaluation of the local aortic stiffness (AoStiff) using a non-invasive bioelectrical impedance (BI) technique. This approach relies on a novel inte...

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  • Computer-assisted quantification of lung tumors in respiratory gated PET/CT images: phantom study.

    abstract::A computer-aided method was developed to automatically localize tumors in lung PET images of discrete bins within the breathing cycle, followed by an algorithm that registers all the information of a complete respiratory cycle into a single reference bin. Four registration/integration algorithms: Centroid Based, Inten...

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  • Hip implant performance prediction by acoustic emission techniques: a review.

    abstract::Nowadays, acoustic emission (AE) has its applications in various areas, including mechanical, civil, underwater acoustics, and biomedical engineering. It is a non-destructive evaluation (NDE) and a non-intrusive method to detect active damage mechanisms such as crack growth, delamination, and processes such as frictio...

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  • Improved performance of intravascular pO2 sensor incorporating poly(MPC-co-BMA) membrane.

    abstract::The first in vivo evaluation of a pO2 sensor constructed with a novel copolymer is described. The performance of the sensor is assessed under dynamic conditions in vitro and in vivo. This sensor is more stable and reliable than the control sensor with a heparin-treated polyethylene membrane. ...

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  • Opportunities for the cellular approach in biomedical engineering.

    abstract::This review is a commentary on recent, altered perspectives about biomedical engineering and its role in medicine. It is argued that, rather than being a peripheral specialty, medical engineering and engineering principles in general have a direct application to biochemical medicine and cell biology. A brief descripti...

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  • Fluorescence microscopy image classification of 2D HeLa cells based on the CapsNet neural network.

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  • Pressures generated by rib cage and abdominal compressions during cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

    abstract::When the rib cage and abdomen are compressed during cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), the effect on intrathoracic pressure, and therefore on haemodynamics, cannot be quantitatively predicted without a physiologically based mathematical model of chest wall dynamics. Using such a model, we compared model simulations ...

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  • Registration and geometric modelling of the spine during scoliosis surgery: a comparison study of different pre-operative reconstruction techniques and intra-operative tracking systems.

    abstract::During scoliosis instrumentation surgery, it is difficult for surgeons fully to track vertebral motion in 3D, because only the posterior elements of the spine are exposed. Different intra-operative modelling approaches are evaluated using a registration technique that matches intra-operative measurements with a 3D pre...

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  • Parametric recursive system identification and self-adaptive modeling of the human energy metabolism for adaptive control of fat weight.

    abstract::A mathematical model has been developed to facilitate indirect measurements of difficult to measure variables of the human energy metabolism on a daily basis. The model performs recursive system identification of the parameters of the metabolic model of the human energy metabolism using the law of conservation of ener...

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    authors: Őri ZP

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  • A method for detecting myocardial abnormality by using a current-ratio map calculated from an exercise-induced magnetocardiogram.

    abstract::A method for making a current-ratio map to determine the ischaemic area of angina pectoris (AP) patients has been developed. This method uses a current-arrow map calculated using a ORS wave from 64-channel magnetocardiogram (MCG) signals. The current-ratio map can be calculated from the ratio of an exercise-induced cu...

    journal_title:Medical & biological engineering & computing

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    authors: Kandori A,Kanzaki H,Miyatake K,Hashimoto S,Itoh S,Tanaka N,Miyashita T,Tsukada K

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